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New Moon of Taurus 2019 - Conquering the Winds of Change

There's a really old adage out there that says, "the only constant in life is change." In fact, if you could sum up at least a portion of what true spiritual work is, you would arrive at just that word: change. One of the greatest gifts we were given as human being is the gift of free will. We were allowed the opportunity to come into physical bodies so that we could change ourselves from beings of passive receiving into active creators. The entirety of our spiritual process is rooted in this shift, and in its essence, relates to our capacity to change our thinking and our actions. More often than not, we say we want change, but what we really want is to receive something different, not necessarily create or share something greater with the world. As we move through our lives, we etch out grooves and roads that soon become comfortable and secure. And it is in these spaces of comfort that we begin to lose touch with the work we came to accomplish. Obviously, it would be far more preferable to remain in a space of familiarity, comfort, and security, and to a point they are necessary. But it is when these spaces of comfort begin lulling us to sleep and turning our focus away from the spiritual work we were put here to do that we open up pathways for problems and chaos to enter our lives.

In Kabbalah, the month of Taurus is called "chodesh ziv," which translates to "the month of light" or "the month of brightness." The kabbalists have taught for thousands of years that each month brings us a special type of energy that relates to a unique part of our spiritual work. As we saw in the last month, the month of Aries, our work was to set our intention for the entire twelve months to come, and to work as hard as we could to overcome our negative, reactive behavior that corresponded to each day. When we are on a spiritual path, our work will always revolve around this idea of overcoming our negative characteristics and transforming them into something positive. Now that we have left Aries, the father of months, we now have the opportunity to dial in and focus on specific aspects of that transformation. The month of Taurus is the month that falls in the middle of spring. The sun is shining. Plants have been fully revived from the winter exposure and are fully blossoming. Animals have come out of hibernation and are beginning to mate and bring a renewal of life. It is quite often one of the most pleasant times of the year. We feel happier, more jubilant, and more illuminated. This revival of new growth is indicative of an influx of spiritual Light into our universe that shines brilliantly and warmly, and while it appears to be pleasant and easy going, it falls right in the middle of a period where we need to be more conscious of the spiritual work we are meant to do.

Let's dig deeper and take a look at the chart!

Normally, when looking at a chart, I start with the ascendant, but in this case, I want to begin by looking at where the new moon is actually falling. The Sun and Moon are conjunct with Uranus. As many of you have heard me talk about on my social media and email messages, Uranus in Taurus indicates major changes for all of us in the area of our lives where Taurus has its influence (aka the house it falls in our natal charts). This new moon is not strikingly important just because it is conjunct with Uranus, but it is even more powerful because it is the first new moon we have in the sign of Taurus now that Uranus has moved there. Remember that Uranus hasn't been in Taurus for 84 years, so this new moon is going to be a major catalyst in activating and invigorating the changes that Uranus is bringing to us. The biggest issue we run into when it comes to the negative side of Taurus is the unwillingness to change. It is in this sign that we find a person's most stubborn attitudes and behaviors. If you read my Astral Article on Uranus in Taurus (read here if you didn't), you'll remember that the most important thing to remember is that we must start being flexible and moving with the changes if we do not want these changes to break us. Uranus doesn't give us a choice when it comes to change, so it will be up to us to allow ourselves to evolve in the area of our lives that Uranus is impacting. If we look to the ascendant, we see it in Virgo, which indicates our focus must be towards completing our daily tasks, staying or getting organized, and being of service to others while all of these changes are taking place.

All of this sounds great, but we run into a problem when we look to the ruler of Taurus (the placement of the Sun, Moon, and Uranus) and Virgo (the ascendant). Venus, who rules Taurus, and Mercury, who rules Virgo, are both placed in Aries, a sign that is as obstinate as they come. Not only are they in a sign that oftentimes willfully refuses to follow instructions, such as those laid out by the universe this month, but they are also in the 8th house: a house of challenges and obstacles. What does this all really come down to? Basically, if we are refusing to bend and flow with the changes that are happening in our lives, if we remain obstinate and dig our heels in even deeper, we are all but guaranteed to fail and fall under immense pressure. So, what's the secret? How do we overcome this energy? The answer lies in the house placement of the Sun, Moon, and Uranus: the 9th house. This is a house of elevated consciousness, a house that says, "open your mind and see the bigger picture." If we come to understand the reason as to why we do not want to change, then we can work to develop that flexibility within ourselves. Just as the bull in the pasture feels comfortable and happy where is he, we begin to feel a sense of comfort and complacency when we have etched out those familiar grooves and roads. But what the bull in the pasture may not know, is that there is a river just a mile and half away from him that is rising, and very soon his pasture will flood and be no more. The farmer comes and tries to pull the bull away, but he refuses to move. As the farmer sees the water rushing towards the farm, he leaves the bull to drown in his own stubbornness. There is an area of our lives that we are like the bull, and this month will show us what that area is. Fortunately, we have a farmer, the Creator, who is coming to warn us of the impending flood, Uranus. If we listen to him, we can get out of the way and avoid the perils that would befall us if we remained in our comfort zones. We must not allow the illusionary brightness of this month's energy to blind us to the work we must do. If we stay comfortable, we are bound for difficulty. If we push ourselves to move and change, we are bound for new horizons and greater opportunities.

Let's check out the horoscopes for each sign to see where each of us will be feeling the effects of these changes. Remember to always start with your rising sign and then go to your sun sign.

Aries - For much of your life you have linked your self-esteem and self-worth to the money you make and the things you own. It is now time to evolve your idea of self worth outside of the possessions you surround yourself with, and instead, begin to understand it from what you are able to give and provide to the people around you. Your service to the world is far more valuable than anything you could ever own. This is your opportunity to see yourself as valuable not based on what you have, but based whom you help.

Taurus - Of all the signs in the zodiac, yours will feel the coming changes most directly. Your tendency to seek out the great pleasures and comforts of this world are only as good as the degree to which you share them with others. This month, you will be asked to create something new, and that something is you. Consider this your era of reinvention. Your hardened clay is being placed in the kiln so that you can mold yourself into brand new person. Take the opportunity to rebuild yourself as the creator of your new destiny, a creator who seeks to share their talents for the sake of helping others.

Gemini - A set of changing desires and motivations has been building up within you for quite some time now, but it has been difficult to understand their meaning and how you can make them a reality. This month you will finally have the chance to grasp and understand what exactly those things are and how you can put them to practical use. A new and deeper connection to the earth, your roots, and home will assist you in molding these new desires into something that feels authentic and substantial rather than superficial and fruitless.

Cancer - Your aspirations and hopes for the future have undergone a rather radical shift in the last year, but the practical understanding of how to turn them into a real future has not been a direct priority for you. This month, you will be given the opportunity to learn the basic tools and ideas you will need in order to make these dreams a reality. Consider consulting with relatives, siblings, or a mentor, and communicate your ideas to them to see how their understanding can refocus your own.

Leo - We all know a change in your career has been on your mind for quite some time now, but your apprehensions about money have had you worried about the shift. Maybe you did not feel worthy of something more fulfilling. If you are able to move your focus from receiving recognition on to whom you are helping and to what degree are they growing from your efforts, then you will begin to see what your true worth, and that will give you the confidence you need to embrace something new.

Virgo - It may come a surprise to people that lately you have been questioning the things you were taught to believe all your life, but that is exactly what has been happening for the last year. You were taught that the world worked a certain way, and that was all there was to it. But this month, you have the opportunity to truly experience and feel life from a different perspective. This experience will broaden your outlook on the world and your place in it. Throw out the fear of alienation and isolation, this is a time for you to experience something higher and more expansive. Embrace it!

Libra - A new focus on how you share resources with your partner (romantic or professional) is showing you the ways in which you may avoid conflict or seek to please others for the sake of maintaining order and harmony. These changes for you are difficult because they require that you proactively confront others so that you can assert and respect your own rights in the relationship. Seek to find the balance between softening your own judgmental attitudes and standing up to disrespect. A deep inner look at yourself from your own perspective, rather than the perspective of others, will help you find this balance and grow with the changes that are to come.

Scorpio - Your partner (romantic or professional) has been going through some powerful changes and evolutions, and you are now seeing those changes come to life. They are shifting your own aspirations and hopes for the future in ways that may or may not make you comfortable. You are known for you capacity to make your dreams a reality, but what happens when they involve another person who is so closely connected to you? Learning to negotiate in a way that is balanced, rather than manipulate the situation to your favor will greatly benefit you.

Sagittarius - As much as you love and embrace change, your methods of working are quit fixed in their ways. You've been getting many messages over the last year that you need to change your schedule, work habits, eating habits, exercise habits, and how you work with people under you. Your headstrong, defiant nature does you a great disservice in this area of life, because the universe is telling you that if you allow these parts of yourself to evolve, you will see great success in your career and even receive recognition for it.

Capricorn - Your sign is not usually known for its creative abilities, but that's because people define creativity in a narrow field. You've been bitten by the creative bug and are seeking to build something new and a little radical. While you may not have a complete understanding of what that actually looks like, or maybe you do, you know that you have a lot to learn before you can get your hands dirty and start creating something impressive. This month, invest your time in learning more about the greater impact you want to make and what you need to learn to make it happen. Then, go and learn it!

Aquarius - You've always felt very confident in the solidity of your roots and where you come from. You are, after all, one of the most self assured signs, but surprising shifts are happening in the area of family, home, and parents, and they are shaking the foundations of who you feel you are and what you feel connects you to sense of self. Do not fear these changes because they are helping you evolve into something greater that will allow you to truly help and support others. The key will be tapping into the care you and support you provide to other people.

Pisces - When you were growing up you were taught that you needed to speak in a way that is pleasant and peaceful, but over the years that tendency has not always helped you when confronting others and asserting yourself or expressing your needs. A new wave of ideas and thoughts is pushing you to speak your mind to others even if it means you have to rock the boat. Do not be afraid to speaking your truth or asking for what you need. The more you do so, the closer you get the manifesting those aspirations you've been so hard at work on.

As with every month, I have provided the Hebrew letters that help us take control over the ruling sign and planet: Taurus and Venus. If you are not familiar with these powerful tools and how to use them, check out this video. Download and save this to your phone so that you can use them throughout the month and embrace the changes that are on their way.

Like I said at the beginning of this article, the only contestant in life is change, and this change comes not to crush us or hurt us, but rather, to open up new possibilities and channels for blessings that we didn't even realize were there. It is part of the spiritual commitment we made when we came into this world, so embrace it and make it your own!

If you are interested in learning how Uranus will directly affect you and how you can move with these changes, register for a natal chart consultation with me here.

Wishing you all the best this month. Chodesh Tov!


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