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During my reading, I felt an incredible connection with Josh. He said the perfect words and used the best examples to help me understand my natal chart. After he finished, I had an incredible feeling of clarity. He verbalized so many things I hadn't been able to say or admit to myself before. It helped me see clearly the areas in my life where I have blockages.  Now I know where to place my focus and energy, so I become the best version of myself.  I would recommend anyone who is interested in knowing more about themselves to make an appointment with him. I promise you it's worth it!

Maria Camila

I had the pleasure of having a reading with Josh a few of months ago, and it was amazing to learn more about my astrology chart.  It is so much more than just your sign.   He helps you answer that one question most of us are constantly asking: Why I am here?  Josh helped me understand the steps I need to undertake to feel fulfilled in my life, as well as the lessons that I need to learn so I can grow. But most importantly,  he helped me see what challenges I need to overcome to start feeling that my life has a purpose and meaning.  I highly recommend this service!

Manuela Moncayo

I didn't have much of an expectation for the session I scheduled with Josh as I had never had my chart read previously, and I didn't know much about it generally. Astrology is important to my spouse so by association, it was important that I have a session. I was glad that Josh made me comfortable with the subject and helped me to understand the appeal of astrology and what it could mean for me. I very much enjoyed my session with Josh and found it therapeutic to be able to reflect on my life in a new way. Of course, it helps that he is so easy to talk to and incredibly knowledgable. I learned more than I thought I would about myself, my relationships, and my place in the world. Thank you Josh, and I look forward to future sessions.

Max Wemyss

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