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New Moon of Taurus 2020 - Tapping the Light of Healing

The Month of Taurus is known kabbalistically as the month of healing. It is in this month that we can tap into and manifest the Light of healing not just for ourselves, but for the entire world. However, we must proceed with caution. The only way to tap this Light is through commitment to spiritual transformation. Taurus is a time where we can fall into our comfort zones and be distracted with the soft, fluffy energy Taurus can blind us with. Check out this month's video to learn more!

Check out this month's chart below!

Now let's dig into the horoscopes for each sign! Always remember to start with your rising sign and then move to your sun sign.

Aries - The Month of Taurus will have you restless and yearning to get out and be with the world again, Aries. You're not very good when it comes to feeling limited and stuck in one place, and the last month has either been painfully eyeopening, or profoundly transformative. Much of what you've been asked to let go of over the last year or so is a singular focus on your goals, and instead, reconnect with house, home, and family. The more you've been able to reconnect with this part of your life, the deeper you've gotten to know yourself and what it is you really want out of life. This month, reexamine how and from where you draw your self esteem and security. Is it from within, or is it from external sources?

Taurus - The Month of Taurus is all about you, and you are going to experience quite the shift. You have been feeling a rumbling within yourself that some part of you must evolve and transform into a new level. You yearn for reliability and predictability becuase this is a source from which you draw your sense of security. But when things are too reliable and too predicable, you begin to lose sight of what you're really meant to share with our world. Basically, you become complacent and stop growing. This month, do not fall into the doubts or fears that these changes are your downfall. Instead, embrace them and allow yourself to move into uncharted waters. You will be surprised at how much you are able to accomplish and what new parts of yourself become expressed.

Gemini - The Month of Taurus will put each of your twins wanting to move in different directions, Gemini. On the one hand, you are social and in much need of interaction with people and the sharing of ideas. In fact, this past month of isolation probably got your mind going into places that it never would have, allowing you to tap into new and interesting ideas. On the other hand, there is also a part of you that enjoys the solitude and quietness you can experience. This month, embrace more of those quite moments where you can have a conversation with your soul. Ask it questions that help you understand your purpose and what message you're meant to deliver to your friends and family during this time. Once you hear the answer, use technology to share that with them. A whole new perspective on life is starting to take shape for you.

Cancer - The Month of Taurus is usually a time where you get a moment to breathe and enjoy calmer waters, but this month will throw some surprises in the mix that if handled properly can help you let go of relationship baggage. You're always there for your friends to lend support when needed, but lately you've felt more isolated than others because you don't feel a sense of reciprocation. It's important for you, this month, to consider in what ways are you sharing with others and expecting things in return. This is a theme that probably has followed you over the last year or so and that has pushed you let go of certain relationships. This month, if a friend is not able to be there for you, don't immediately jump to cut them off. Instead, look deeper to see why these themes keep repeating. What part of your own agenda can you release, in order to allow space for more free yet connected friendships.

Leo - The Month of Taurus will highlight some important and necessary changes in your career and personal goals, Leo. You have been quite the workaholic over the last few years, and with a sudden change in your job, you may be left feeling unsupported and left out. Aggressiveness with your romantic or work partner has also added to some of the stress. This month, you will need to embrace your creativity to find ways to be of service to those around you. This will open up a window that can help you network or make connections with people who can help you get your goals back on track. Just know that it will require you to be flexible and a little less controlling. Embracing the unfamiliar will help you embrace your new path.

Virgo - The Month of Taurus will bring your focus onto your home and family combined with themes of learning and teaching. If you have small children, this is most likely your main area of focus these days. If you don't have children, then creative pursuits have a strong focus for you. These parts of your life are starting bring into your consciousness new ideas and realizations about how the world should work vs how it actually does work. Your mind will expand this month to teach you new ways of brining a sense of stability into the lives of other people. Do not allow your fear surrounding your health and the health of others to pull you out of this higher purpose. We rely on you to help us stay grounded and level headed. You may even come to a profound realization surrounding data and information that others will need to hear.

Libra - The Month of Taurus will ask you to speak your truth to your family, Libra. With all this time spent at home you have probably found yourself dealing with a lot of emotions and baggage that you have been avoiding, especially as it relates to your family. This rapid slowdown has been hard for a light air sign that seeks balance in all things. The truth is that you are going through a period of deep transformation that reaches all the way into your core. Your truth about what you want from life is starting to push on your psyche and is begging to be revealed. But sharing this truth with others, especially family who may disapprove is a tough pill for you to swallow. The radical transformation that you are making is one that gives you the freedom from needing others' approval. Go deep to find your truth, and once you do, don't be afraid to share it.

Scorpio - The Month of Taurus always highlights your relationship sector, Scorpio. The sector relates to either romantic or business partners. You seek partners that are stable and can help you feel a sense of security. You've noticed a slow evolution in your partner(s) and this month that evolution will become more fully expressed, or at the very least, you will become more aware of it. There is nothing to fear in this evolution, because it will ultimately benefit you. Give support and uplift them in this time of change. They will appreciate your words of encouragement, and you will learn something about yourself that can boost your self-esteem.

Sagittarius - This Month of Taurus a change and shake up of your daily routines is on its way to you, Sagittarius. This is a welcomed shift from the monotonous limitations you've felt over the last month. Having just a little more mobility is enough to help you feel back to being you. Right now is a time where you must continue to exercise restraint and not go all out. Follow the rules and guidelines set before so you that you don't end up sabotaging yourself or risking more than you need to. Also, be aware of your words and how you use them. Defiant behavior is something your sign struggles with, and this month it can cost you more than its worth. Focus on how you can help others and be of service in a way that is outside of the norm for you. This will help you regain your footing and express your Light.

Capricorn - The Month of Taurus will have you feeling cabin fever, Capricorn, but there is a deeper purpose to this time. Though you've been through a lot over the last few years, you've learned quite a lot about yourself and about what you can achieve. You may be too worried about finances at the moment, and this worry can blind you to creative solutions that are right in front of you. Step out of your comfort zone and look at things differently. Your creative persuits (and your kids if you have them) can open your eyes to solutions that may seem too out of the box right now, but later on will prove to be fortunate and supportive.

Aquarius - The Month of Taurus is going to be giving you hints about the new you that is starting to take shape. You may be dealing with the time of transition in a way that is not so productive. Irritability, anger, and forcefulness can come out since these are the ways in which you are reacting to the sudden changes this time is forcing upon all of us. Your family and home life will begin to evolve in a new direction, and this direction can be exciting if you allow yourself to be flexible and to let go of old patterns. Your sign is generally one that embraces the new and exciting, but that is only when it's on your terms. This time, have certainty that the universe is pushing you towards something greater and something more fulfilling. What you want out of life has already begun to change, and as a result it will change you.

Pisces - The Month of Taurus will bring a focus onto your career and goals and how they relate to your over all aspirations in life. You've been working very hard over the last several months, and you're starting to wonder if it's worth the hassle. Sudden changes in communication methods can throw your mind off balance, but these changes can help you to open your mind to new possibilities. You also are entering into a time where you'll be asked to go deep into your psyche to unearth then discard old patterns of behavior that no longer serve you, particularly those that relate to rebelliousness. Your sign is flexible and doesn't mind going with the flow, so embrace this new time and allow it to show you what parts of yourself can be transformed.

The Kabbalists provided us with the two letters of this month in order to give us the ability to control our consciousness so that we can therefore control our world. The letter "Pei" controls the planet Venus, and the letter "Vav" controls the sign of Taurus. Meditate on these letters any time you feel yourself falling into laziness, overindulgence, avoidance, or anger. They will help you balance your energy and approach the situation proactively and in a Light-like manner.

This month will be full of unexpected twists and turns, but if we allow ourselves to be flexible, we can mold ourselves into something new, something reborn and someone who has been healed.

Wishing you all the best this month,


PS. If you want to know how this month will affect you personally and what areas of life you can expect changes in, sign up for session with me here.

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