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New Moon of Aries 2020 - Conquering the Opponent

The New Moon of Aries is known Kabbalistically as Chodesh Aviv, which when decoded means the father of months. This month is the start of the astrological year and gives us the opportunity to take control over not just the month of Aries, but all twelve months to come. The first day, we are given the chance to take control over the month of Aires. The second day, we are given the chance to take control over the month of Taurus. The third day, we control Gemini, and so on and so forth for twelve days. This is an enormous opportunity to inject tremendous light into our lives. Check out this video to learn all about it!

Check out this month's chart below!

The Kabbalists provided us with the two letters of this month in order to give us the ability to control our consciousness so that we can therefore control our world. The letter "Dalet" controls the planet Mars, and the letter "Hei" controls the sign of Aries. Meditate on these letters any time you feel yourself falling into anger, hatred, impulsivity, or aggression. They will help you balance your energy and approach the situation proactively and in a Light-like manner.

The Kabbalists have taught for millennia that if we control our reaction to external forces, such as those we can see in the astrology chart, we can control our universe and our lives. It is this month that is the seed of this possibility. If we take it seriously, we can completely change the course of our lives.

Sending you much love and light.


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