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New Moon of Scorpio - A Flood of Light

Chodesh Tov every one! That means "good month" in Hebrew. It is a common salutation we use between those of us who study and practice Kabbalah. Through wishing each other a good month we not only inject the energy of positivity into the months of those whom we have greeted, but we also draw that goodness upon ourselves. Becoming a channel of Light is a principal goal for those who study and practice the ancient wisdom Kabbalah. And this process requires that we enter into a spiritual dialogue with our soul and the Creator. We must face our darkness and learn to transform it, and through that transformation, we clear out the pathways in our consciousness through which the Light can be revealed by us in our world. This work is a constant effort we must make year round, but as many of you know, we had to kick it up a notch in the month of Libra. We were not just setting the pattern for the month of the scales, but we were also setting the pattern for the entire year to come. In the month of Libra, we drew down a tremendous amount of Light through our spiritual efforts to be kind when we wanted to be cruel, to be patient when we wanted to rush, to be loving when we wanted to be resentful. This Light remains in a potential state all throughout the month of Libra. However, when we get to the month of Scorpio, that Light comes rushing into our lives and into our world, giving us the opportunity to make it manifest. Scorpios are known for their intensity, and that is simply because the intense positive energy that we created in the month of Libra comes rushing in. In the Bible, the flood of Noah occurred in the month of Scorpio, and this gives us a clue as to what we could potentially experience in the month to come. Let's take a look at this story a little more closely.

In Kabbalah, water represents the energy of mercy since it is water that sustains all of the life on earth and helps it maintain balance. It is also one of but a few material substances that has the closest affinity with the Light of the Creator. In the story of Noah, the energy of water became corrupt through the intensely negative actions of human beings at that time, and instead of expressing the energy of mercy, water expressed the energy of judgment. Through the flood, almost every living thing was annihilated, everything save Noah, his family, and the pairs of animals he brought with him into the ark. This event is indicative of the choice we have in the month of Scorpio. Much in the way the water began to flood the world, the Light that was generated but remained in a potential state in Libra, floods our world in Scorpio. For many, this month can look like utter chaos, pain, and suffering, and yet for others it is filled with elevation, blessing, and transformation. What exactly is the determining factor as to which side a person will find themselves on? The answer is simple: their consciousness. If a person remains in the consciousness of self-centered, ego-driven impulses, then the Light that comes in will feel like overwhelming pressure that they cannot manage. However, if a person is in a consciousness of sharing, loving others, and taking responsibility to be the cause and the creator in their lives, then they will have the capacity to manage this energy and transform that pressure into success and joy. That was the consciousness of Noah, and that is why he was saved from the flood. As we move forward in this month, the choice is ours as to which consciousness we will choose and which side of Scorpio we will experience.

Let's take a look at the chart of the month to understand its energy more deeply.

When I first saw this chart I got very excited! Since this is a month of manifestation, we need assistance in creating an action plan so that we have everything in order. That is exactly what this month is offering us in terms of support. With the Ascendant in Gemini and its ruler, Mercury, in Scorpio in the sixth house, we can see organizing our thoughts and ideas into a clear, outlined action plan is going to allow us to bring into manifestation all the things we asked for during the month of Libra. Not only is Mercury, the ruler of the chart, in Scorpio, but he is joined by the Sun, Moon, and Venus. This intense collection of planets in the passionate sign of the Scorpion can be very beneficial if we commit ourselves to doing the physical work that is necessary to make those ideas a reality. However, there are going to be three major challenges that we will need to overcome if we want to make sure these action plans actually move forward.

The first is to make sure that we narrow down our ideas into single focused effort. With the Ascendant being in Gemini, we run the risk of wanting to work on every single idea that we have all at the same time. This not a recommended approach as it can scatter our energy and spread us too thin. We must look inside and determine which of our goals is the most important, which of our goals is most aligned with our true desire, and which of our goals will push us to grow the most. The best way to take advantage of the energy this month is to be sure we are focused on one thing at a time rather than too many things at once.

The second is the placement of Mars, the ruling planet over this month, in Libra. Mars's energy is not very well placed in Libra, and he is making an exact square to Saturn in Capricorn. Mars represents our energy and where and how we direct it. When he is in Libra and square to Saturn in Capricorn, he spends too much time mired in doubts about his ability to execute his plan and too much time asking others what they think he should do. This month, we must learn to overcome this doubt and, instead, own our power. In moments where we find ourselves doubting our abilities, we must remind ourselves that without risk, there is never reward. Without risk, there is no growth. We asked for new things to come to us this year during the month of Libra, and that means taking action in ways that we have never done before. No matter what the outcome, we must always know that there is something to be gained, learned, and understood from our efforts. So in those moments where you fear moving forward because you doubt your capabilities, don't run to others to tell you what they think you should do. Look within and feel your own power that already rests within you. Then, take the next step forward with certainty that you are moving toward something greater for yourself. It might feel uncomfortable, but you would be very surprised what opportunities and relationships await you outside of your comfort zone.

The third and final challenge is an opposition between the Sun and Moon in Scorpio to Uranus in Taurus. You may or may not know that the sign of Scorpio can be quite controlling. This is due to the intense desire that Scorpio possesses. With Uranus in opposition, we may find ourselves faced with situations where our attempts to control them will proof extremely difficult. If anything, we must learn to let go and allow the situation to evolve organically rather than through our control over it. If we can manage to relinquish control and surrender to the process by allowing ourselves to be flexible, we can find liberation and elevation into something totally unexpected yet pleasantly surprising.

Let's look at the horoscopes for each sign to see how this month will affect them. Don't forget to read for your rising sign / ascendant first, and then read for your sun sign.

Aries - This month of Scorpio, you'll find yourself working with someone who can help you make long awaited goals that have been set for months into a manifest reality. You've been longing for support from others for quite some time, and this month, you're finally going to receive and feel it. You'll need to work one-on-one with a partner, so make sure you allow space for their ideas to blend with yours rather than simply holding on to what you think is right. Flexibility and compromise will be your best friends this month. If you manage to make this partnership work, you'll find that you have accomplished so much more than you thought you would.

Taurus - This month of Scorpio will push you to reexamine the root of your core values and the source of where you draw your self worth from. Sometimes you can tend to value yourself and things based on superficialities: Is it pretty? Does it smell nice? Does it make you look good? All of these questions are pushing you deeper into this personal revolution that you're experiencing. Listen to the messages you receive from your partner or a close friend. Observe how their self confidence and self esteem are rooted in a much deeper connection to their inner power. If you can connect to this idea, you will receive an entirely new understanding of what self worth really means and how you will evolve as a result of it.

Gemini - This month of Scorpio will flood your mind with so many ideas you may not know where to begin. You will find yourself obsessively planning and listing out all the steps needed to get everything done, but one thing you must know this month: you can do everything you want to do; you just can't do it all at once. Select one or two important ideas that bring you closer to expressing your truest potential. As you begin to pull back and analyze what is most important to you and what utilizes your talents the best, you'll begin to feel support coming from the universe to make these new ideas real. The light at the end of the past two-year long tunnel is starting to reveal itself. All you have to do is focus and stay committed to what matters most to you.

Cancer - The month of Scorpio will present you with some much needed alone time in order to process all that has happened over the last several months. You have a lot of thoughts running in your mind that you may not have had time to really process. This necessary time to yourself will give you the opportunity to discover an new creative talent you have. It could also give you more time to spend with your children if you have them. You may find yourself under new demands from a colleague or spouse, which can cause tension. As long as you maintain your conviction in the new person you have become and respectfully uphold your boundaries, you can accomplish quite a lot this month!

Leo - This month of Scorpio you will find yourself aiming higher and dreaming of the many big things you want to accomplish. You will need to go in deep and reconnect yourself with your true desire if you want to accomplish the varying aspirations you see for yourself in the coming months. Ask yourself: what is it that I truly want? What is the best version of myself? The biggest question is, are you ready to truly make a real change in your life from the inside out. What this month is asking of you is a deeper level transformation and change than you may feel you are ready for. Let go of your fears of what others might think of you, and embrace the process that is going to unfold. If you can pinpoint where you are most unwilling to change, then you will come closer to knowing what you must transform about yourself in order to make those high hopes a reality.

Virgo - This month of Scorpio is going to bring your career and the recent change in your immediate surroundings into focus. You tend to be very well equipped and flexible when applying yourself to just about any undertaking, but this time you're going to be asked to examine the ways in which the rigid aspects of your thinking no longer serve you. You have a sharp mind and sharp tongue, and there is very little in the way of planning and organizing that challenges you. However, this month will throw some unexpected things your way, and you'll need to learn to find the balance between what is expected of you and what you know you can handle. Allow yourself the opportunity to grow, but do not take on more than you manage just to prove something to someone. Flexibility with boundaries is your mantra this month.

Libra - The month of Scorpio is going to have you feeling excited and fired up to take the initiative on many projects. Much of what you will want to manifest this month will revolve around money and property, especially as it applies to schooling or spiritual/religious observances. Much of what you want out of life has been shifting over the last few months and this month of Scorpio will give you the push you need to make these new parts of yourself actualized and fully expressed. You may worry too much about what your family may think of this new you, but be patient and speak up when necessary. Your natural diplomacy will serve you well as long as you are willing to hold strong to you whom you know you want to become.

Scorpio - This month is all about you, Scorpio, and if you want to ride the waves, you'll need to come to terms with some of the more obscure and possibly even suppressed parts of your psyche. Being the passionate water sign that you are, you very often have difficulty verbalizing what you feel and what you need. The thoughts are always there, but the right way to say it is somewhat absent. This month will challenge you to face the part of yourself that stays quite when your martian temperature starts to boil over. You are gifted with the power to transform darkness into Light. If you can transform anger into empathy and over sensitivity into objectivity, then you can liberate yourself from many internal blockages that hold you back from seeing and manifesting your higher self.

Sagittarius - This month of Scorpio, you, Sagittarius, will find yourself in somewhat of a paradox. For the last year you have been called upon to step forward and take center stage in many situations. You have made great strides in your personal development, but this month you'll feel the need to take a step back and have some time to yourself. The only issue is that there will still be many people around you who rely on you and need one-on-one time with you. Rest and recuperation are just as important as being active and social. If you ignore either one of these this month, you'll drive yourself crazy drop the ball. Make the commitment not to over promise so that you can take advantage of your much needed alone time. Yet, at the same time, do not reject or neglect the projects you have on your plate. You can actually have the best of both worlds if you find the balance and assert healthy boundaries.

Capricorn - The month of Scorpio is going to put you back to work, not that you ever left it! But this month will be so much more productive because you will feel like you're getting your groove back. You will feel inspired with new initiatives at work, renewed aspirations and involvement with your community or social groups, and an overall sense that your creative juices are starting to flow. Don't be surprised if you get a sudden burst of inspiration that you begin to obsess over. Follow it, and see where it leads you! Just be careful not to start arguments or get frustrated with colleagues. Everyone is feeling this month differently. Your job is to help them get it the job done by practicing patience and understanding.

Aquarius - This month of Scorpio, you will be called upon in your work place to apply your famously unique point of view to a creative endeavor. Your ideas have always been out of the box, but usually people don't understand them or take the time to hear you out. This month, you'll get a fantastic opportunity to be heard and even encouraged to put that powerful Aquarian mind to creative use! Just be careful with letting it go to your head. You sometimes have a know-it-all approach that can turn people off and cause discord between you and others in your group. Have patience for those who need a little more time to get it. If you can translate your ideas into a more digestible message, you'll bring more people onto your side than you would have otherwise.

Pisces - This month of Scorpio, you will find yourself digging deeper into your family history and home life, possibly even wanting to look into your ancestry or just asking questions about where you come from and what your lineage is. You may not get the kind of support you were hoping for, but don't let that discourage you. Also, don't be surprised if some family secrets come to light that shock you. Your way of thinking is rapidly starting to evolve and you find yourself thinking and speaking differently. This familial revelation can help you in freeing yourself from certain outdated paradigms that were illusionary and simply keeping you stagnant. Embrace the revelations and allow them to open your mind to new possibilities of understanding who you are and where you come from.

Just as wising others "Chodesh Tov" in Hebrew channels positive energy into our month, the Hebrew letters of the month allow us the ability to transform the negative aspects of the prevailing sign and ruling planet into positive ones. This month, the Kabbalists teach that we can use the Hebrew letter "Dalet" to control the planet Mars and the Hebrew letter "Nun" to control the sign of Scorpio. When we feel ourselves falling into negative thoughts, feelings, or fears, meditate on these letters by gazing upon them. As the image enters through your eyes, the windows of the soul, their vibrations activate the Light of your soul and support you in acting with your Creator essence. Save the picture below so you can carry it with you throughout the entire month! If you want a more in-depth explanation on the power of the Hebrew letters, check out this video I did for the month of Aires here.

If we are able to overcome our doubts and instead look within to find our own power, we can find that one single idea that best expresses our true potential. We can bring that new movie we asked for in Libra into full manifestation and find ourselves living a life we had not known we could live. It will require work, and it will require a little bit of risk. Yet, if we have our sights set on goals that make the world a brighter place, then the Light will be there to support us.

Wishing you an amazing and transformative month!

With Light,


PS. If you're interested in seeing how this month will impact you directly or you want clarity on what your potential actually is, sign up for a natal chart consult here.

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