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New Moon of Gemini 2019 - Face Your Feelings

Welcome to the New Moon of Gemini! I know that title image looks ominous, but worry not! The month of Gemini is a month of lightness, curiosity, and socializing. During this month we actually are gifted with the opportunity to let go of anything that is holding us down and achieve a lighter heart and a lighter consciousness. Historically, this is the month where the ancient Israelites received the first five books of Moses on Mount Sinai. It was in this moment, according to the Kabbalists, that they achieved a state of heaven on earth. Literally, they had eradicated the angel of death from the world, and were on the verge of achieving everlasting life for all humanity. Of course, if you know how the story ends, you'll remember that almost fifty days later the Israelites fell into the illusionary promise that the golden calf seemed to offer. It was in that moment, that all humanity lost that connection to everlasting life on earth and the angel of death regained his power. Ever since that moment, all of us have walked through different lifetimes trying to regain that connection to the Light force (the energy that feeds our happiness, peace, love, joy, etc) that we once had.

In the incident with the golden calf, we are warned of the dangers of idol worship, but today, there are very few people who worship statues. And even if they do, most modern societies see this as freedom of religion, so, no harm no foul. But there is a deeper secret to the story of the golden calf and the concept of idol worship. According to the Kabbalists, idolatry is any time we give something other than the Creator power over us. Did you just get angry at something? Then you gave your power over to that person or situation. Are you constantly checking your Instagram notifications hoping for likes? Then you are giving your power over to an application. Are you ecstatically overjoyed that you just received a great gift? Then even here, you've given your power over to something other than the Creator. Now, wait a second. Am I telling you that you can't feel anger, enjoy social media, or be happy about a gift? Absolutely, not. But what I am saying is that if you do not recognize that it is the Creator who put those things there for you, and either overcome the challenge because He put it there for you to grow, or appreciate that the good things come from Him, then this is considered idol worship. Keep in mind that this has nothing to do with religious dogma that aims to tell us what we should or should not do. Simply put, idol worship as defined by the Kabbalists doesn't pay off. It's a waste of our time an energy. Getting angry doesn't make us happier in the long run. Feeding our addition to social media won't bring us any closer to a real human connection. And that intense happiness you felt over that gift will eventually fade away. So what is it that this month wants to bring to us? In a word, connection.

To understand what this connection means, let's look at the chart:

This month presents us with an aspect in the sky that astrologers have been waiting for all year: the opposition between Mars in Cancer, which is conjunct the North Node, to Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, which are conjunct the South Node. Mars is particularly important this month, because he rules the Aries Ascendant. We also have the Sun and Moon in Gemini, with the month's ruler, Mercury, also there in his home sign of the twins. So, what does it all mean? When Mars is in Cancer, we can find ourselves overly sensitive, easily angered, and hyper defensive. Mars is our assertive energy and the things that turn up our fire. Put him in the super sensitive sign of the crab, and there is a recipe for strife, anger, and hurt feelings.

The key to really understanding this month is the role the nodes of the moon play. These two key points represent the things we have to deal with karmically. These are aspects of our spiritual transformation that appear as the nodes move through the zodiac and pair up with planets. Mars, Saturn, Pluto, Cancer, and Capricorn are all channeling energies that are difficult to process. Over the last six months or so, the Nodes have been asking us to leave behind the attitude that being devoted, stern, and hardworking automatically equals strength and connection to our purpose. Rather, we've been asked to go deeper into our hearts and feelings to dig up and deal with emotional blockages that have built up over this lifetime, and even past lifetimes. And while normally Gemini helps us to fly above our feelings, this month we won't be able to escape them, no matter how hard we try. Though we will be tempted.

Many times the pain from the past goes unhealed and unacknowledged. This month, the pain has its roots in childhood trauma, family upheavals, or parental strife. And while, we may want to continue to ignore its influence over us and continue to be social, analytical and flighty in the truest of Gemini forms, we must confront these feelings and begin to work through them. Unhealed emotional wounds and painful baggage hinder us from attaining a greater connection to the Light of the Creator. As we push them down and ignore their signs, we put more and more distance between what we think will fulfill us and what actually does. In a way, by not dealing with our feelings, we become fooled by our egos into believing that the wrong things are right for us. The more honest we are about our feelings, and the more active we are in processing and working through them, the more aligned we will be with what actually makes us happy.

For example, let's say someone grew up feeling so ostracized and separated from people in his or her childhood, that they built up a tremendous amount of fear and anxiety surrounding social interaction. Each time they tried to be social when they were young, they were met with ridicule, alienation, and cruelty from their peers. In this particular instance, let's say that as they grow up, these painful feelings surrounding social interactions manifest as social anxiety and self destructive behavior. The Kabbalists teach that the things that seem to bring us the most pain and the things that will bring us the most Light are always linked. In this instance, this person actually has a tremendous capacity to connect with people, open their minds, and expand their capacity to love, but he/she will never reach that potential if they do not first deal with the painful feelings of the past and begin the process of healing them. Only then, will they be able to move beyond those blockages and tap into their true potential. How many times have you seen someone who is horrified by public speaking later go on to be a fantastic speaker? It is only through confronting and healing these difficult emotions that we can gain a true connection to our purpose and as a result find the lightness and freedom that the month of Gemini comes to offer us.

Let's dive in to see how each sign will experience this energy:

Aries - Over the last couple of weeks or so, you have found yourself feeling more sensitive and easily angered. There is a soft spot inside of you that many people don't see because you try so hard to prove your bravery and fearlessness. This month you are asked to open up and talk about those deeper pains that you hid away years ago. The more you are able to talk honestly about how you feel, the closer you will be to healing those wounds that continue to haunt you and hold you back. Talk to a sibling or family member. They may just have the right advice or thoughts to point you in the right direction.

Taurus - You usually have the best way of sensitively and honestly communicating how you feel with the people around you, but this month you may find yourself breathing fire instead of whispering softly. The anger that sometimes overflows from you will find its way out this month, but it does not have to explode the way it typically does. If you avoid running away from honest and proactive confrontation and seek to communicate and express your self-worth to others with human dignity towards them, you'll find yourself pleasantly surprised at how quickly the rage subsides and the fire is calmed.

Gemini - You attach a tremendous level of emotional security to the amount of money you have in the bank, and while this may be a great source of ambition that pushes you to achieve your aspirations, it can send you into a tailspin when you find the account balance has dropped much lower than you like. Much of the last year has been about the way you drive your own income rather than relying on the work and support from others. The paradox is that the more you root your self-worth to the money you have in the bank, the more enslaved you are to money. This month, work to connect your self-worth to what you can create and provide to the people of the world. The more you do this, the less money will control you, and, paradoxically, the more you will end up earning.

Cancer - Aggression and anger are not things that you like to see come out of you, but sometimes you can lose it and let other people have it. This month is one of those times when losing it is more likely than keeping it together, especially when it comes to a romantic or work partner. You've been feeling a lot of pressure from them lately, and are ready to break free from it, but that might be a mistake. The pressure is there to keep you accountable and committed to something. A subconscious aversion to long term promises can sabotage you from holding on to something solid. This month, don't let your anger get the best of you. Remind yourself that you can do this and that in the end, it will all be worth it.

Leo - You've always had the belief system that bravery and heroism are spiritual and philosophical ideals that you should strive for. And as a result, you tend towards the side of strength of character when faced with challenges rather than allowing yourself to show vulnerability. As a result, you can end up walling off your feelings and not adequately dealing with them. This month, you will need to be honest with yourself about how you feel and how not properly dealing with emotions negatively affects the achievement of your aspirations. The sooner you learn that you are safe when you are vulnerable, the closer you will be to meeting the right people who will help you make your dreams a reality.

Virgo - The seriously dense amount of time and effort you have been putting into your creative efforts may need to be put on hold for a brief moment so that you can connect to the emotional needs that you are not feeding. Your current aspirations are deeply connected to your emotional security, and you will do anything to ensure that they are made a reality. However, in your fervent efforts to make them manifest you may have forgotten about the needs of others closest to you. When they come to you for help, do not get frustrated. Step away from your project just long enough to give them your famously astute advice but with sensitivity and patience. You'll be quite surprised at how much it inspires you!

Libra - Conflict between your responsibilities with home and family and the goals you and your partner (romantic or work) have set will come to a head this month. You want so badly to keep peace and harmony that you sacrifice what you believe to be true just to keep from rocking the boat. This does you a terrible disservice and oftentimes leaves both you and everyone else feeling betrayed. This month, you'll need focus on speaking up about what it is you need even if it ruffles feathers. What most people do not see about you is how strong your will actually is when you truly believe in something. The question this month is do you believe in yourself as much as you believe in others?

Scorpio - You more than anyone else understand the value of protecting and fighting for what you believe in, and this month, you may find yourself defending your beliefs against those who might seek to make you think more rationally about your philosophy or spiritual outlook. The fight should not be to prove to others that your beliefs are valid, but rather, to prove to yourself that you can walk to the talk and do the work that your heart says rings true. Putting your beliefs into action may be easy when you feel protected, but how committed can you be when you do not feel that security? It takes bravery to openly practice what you preach, and this month, that bravery is yours to ignite.

Sagittarius - Your partner (romantic or work) will call on you this month to provide them with support so that they can take steps to make money. At this point, if you have taken the responsible steps in your own finances and seen the positive results, then you will know exactly how to help them. If you have not, then you may find yourself at a loss and end up becoming frustrated and even angry at them for putting you in that position. This will be a good gauge at how far you have come in your own financial life. If you are able to help someone else with theirs, you have come a long way. If you are not, then there is much more work to be done.

Capricorn - Your work over the last couple of years has been to shed the negative layers that accumulated upon you through difficult circumstances throughout your life. The tough and stern approach has been forced out to make way for a softer and more sensitive touch with those around you, especially in close relationships. This month, you will need to face certain emotional wounds that were inflicted either by a close family member, spouse, or parent so that you can begin the work of healing them. Your family life has tended towards strife, but healing is possible if you are willing to take one step and at time and begin the process.

Aquarius - For some time you have been learning to transform a somewhat isolationist personality trait you have into one that is more open to stepping out into the world so that you can help others. You always had your mind made up that helping humanity is a calling you were born to do, and you'd be right. But you must learn to communicate not just with your mind and words, but also with your heart and actions. This month, you'll be asked to confront that fear of vulnerability so that you help someone on a much deeper and emotional level. Do not give into the voice that advises to you communicate aggressively, but rather, listen to the softer voice that tells you speak supportively and kindly.

Pisces - The time has come for you to freely and fearlessly express your creative power in the face of possible rejection. You set very high standards for yourself when it comes to your aspirations, but conversely, you closely guard your creative potential. This month, take all that you are feeling inside and creatively channel your feelings into something that is raw and real. Then, put it on display. Even if people don't give it the acknowledgement it deserves, you'll have taken a great leap forward in tapping into the very essence if your inner creator, which you'll need if you want to take those dreams to the next level.

The Hebrew letters that we can use to gain control over the energy of this month are the letters "Reish" to control Mercury and "Zayin" to control Gemini. Any time you find yourself falling into a negative consiousness this month, mediate on them and take back control so that you can overcome it. If you are not familiar with the power of the Hebrew letters, check out this video.

The lighthearted energy of Gemini is meant to be ours, but in order to get there we must first do the work of clearing out the emotional heaviness that ties us down. If we are willing to go to those places and face them fearlessly, then the support to uproot and heal them is there. Connection to our truest and highest Light can be ours...again.

Wishing you all the best this month.



PS. If you are interested in diving deeper into your emotional depths, check out my natal chart reading here.

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