New Moon of Pisces 2 - Unconditional Joy

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

Alright guys, here we are! The full energy of the month of Pisces. How did you do based on last month's work? Were you able to realign yourself with your spiritual essence? Did you make time for spiritual meditation, prayer, and connection? If so, kudos to you! If not, don't worry. This second month of Pisces, which happens to contain the full impact of Pisces energy will give us an even greater opportunity. If you think back to what we talked about in my last article on Pisces 1 (read here if you missed it), you'll remember that we said those born under the influence of the fish are gifted with powerful empathic abilities which allow them to practice unconditional love. They came into this life knowing full well that humility and surrender to the power of the Light force of the Creator is the only way to elevate in consciousness and, as a result, elevate our experiences in life. It is in this month that we tap into this capacity to practice and engage in acts of not only unconditional love but forgiveness and surrender as well. In the Talmud, a compendium of discourse on Israelite spiritual law, it says "Mishenichnas Adar marbim b'simcha," which translates to, "When the month of Pisces enters, we increase our joy." This gives us an indication that in this month, we have the capacity, through the practice of forgiveness, unconditional love, and surrender, to tap into and manifest a pure and truly elevated level of joy that can follow us for an entire year. So today, on this New Moon, do what you can to release all that inhibits you from acting with joy. Allow your heart to surrender to all the painful and difficult processes that you have gone through this year and work to find the ways in which those processes assisted you in becoming a higher version of yourself. Meditate to connect with your soul and search to find the ways in which your challenges served your highest good and elevated your consciousness. As you tap into these aspects of elevation, you can come to a place of surrender and forgiveness for anyone and anything that hurt you leading you into a space of unconditional joy.

I'll give you an example from my personal life. I grew up in a small town in Alabama, USA. In my childhood, I was not like most kids. I looked different, liked different things, thought differently, and acted differently. Because of these differences, I experienced a tremendous amount of bullying and ostracization from kids at school. It was a dark chapter in my life where I felt isolated, hated, outcast, and completely unworthy of love or friendship. Overtime, my family and I ended up moving out of Alabama and down to Florida. It was here that I learned how to start over and become, not someone new, but my most authentic self. Over the years of my personal growth and evolution, I finally came to a point where I felt confident. I had a fabulous support group, many friends, a community I felt loved and accepted me, but deep down inside I still felt this pain and anger towards those kids in Alabama who rejected me. Through my spiritual work, I finally came to understand that it was exactly that process that has allowed me to appreciate what I have now. I can now take all that I have learned through that pain and appreciate it for helping to mold me into a strong and confident individual. The moment I accepted and embraced that process as crucial and integral to my growth, I was able to forgive all those people who hurt me so long ago. And with that forgiveness, I discovered a profound sense of joy and connection that I had never felt before. The more I meditate on releasing these feelings when they arise, the greater capacity I have for feeling joy no matter where I am or what is going on around me. This is the process that, if undertaken during this month, can bring you the same sense of release and unconditional joy that I found.

Now that we understand the bigger picture of what this month has to offer, let's look at the chart and horoscopes for each sign!

What is most striking about this chart is the stellium we find in Pisces. We have the Sun, Moon, Neptune, Mid-heaven, and Mercury (retrograde) all in Pisces. The Sun, Moon, and Neptune are all conjunct, and Mercury is conjunct the Mid-heaven. Not only that, the Moon is making a beautiful, exact trine to the Ascendant in Cancer, the sign which she rules. With all those planets in Pisces being situated in the ninth house, the message becomes very clear. Our mission this month is go on an internal, spiritual quest. We are being asked to search, explore, and travel into the outermost (or innermost) reaches of our soul to find the space where we and the Creator connect. The boundaries between what we think is possible and what can actually be achieved will begin to blur. Our soul constantly yearns to return to its place in the upper worlds, but it cannot because we have specific spiritual work to accomplish. As we seek to gain that connection with our spiritual purpose through spiritual study and learning, we will be given opportunities to do that work. Jupiter, Pisces's ruling planet, is in his home sign of Sagittarius and is in the sixth house of practical work and service. He will assist us in not only clarifying what that work is, but also give us tools to put it into action. The Moon and her trine to the Ascendant allows us access to powerful intuitive perceptions that otherwise would be out of our reach. This lends itself perfectly to tapping into those messages our soul, the angels, and the Creator wish to send us. This work, however, will not come with out challenge. Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn are at an opposition to the Ascendant, meaning that we will be forced to confront the parts of ourselves that are resistant or even lazy to take on the responsibility that spiritual exploration and transformation require of us. We will have people in our lives come to us and hold us accountable if we do not proactively seek to shift ourselves out of reactive, selfish consciousness, and into a higher, selfless, loving consciousness. Just exactly where and how this will manifest will depend on where these planets fall in your chart. Let's take a look at all the signs. As regularly recommended, please be sure to read from the perspective of your Ascendant and then your sun sign. Your ascendant will be more accurate as it is the Ascendant that determines where those planets sit in your personal natal chart.

Aries - A conflict between work and home life could leave you feeling anxious. You're in a period of rest after all the tremendous work you've been doing, and the last thing you're interested in is having to move from your comfy place of tranquility. Do not give into the desire run away or hide your feelings. If you are capable of proactively expressing how you feel deep inside with kindness and respect for others, you'll find a solution that works for everyone. The warrior can actually become a peace maker.

Taurus - New responsibilities have had you taking on new roles that require you to utilize your higher knowledge in a way that is both practical and sensible. This is something that doesn't usually ruffle your feathers, but lately the mounting pressure may have gotten the best of you. This month as you put your mind to work, you begin to see the fruits of those labors and receive an opportunity to manifest a special aspiration you've always wanted. Your patience is paying off.

Gemini - The ongoing changes in your financial life have been a source of discomfort and uncertainty for the last few months. You may have felt trapped in a never-ending story of someone else's money or property problems that have deeply affected you. Luckily this month brings a welcomed opportunity for you take action and begin to draw money from your own, independent actions. You may have begun this a while back, but fell off track. Expect those opportunities to present themselves once again. Take them and follow through on them. Your bank account will thank you!

Cancer - The opportunity for a spiritual experience with your significant other will make itself available to you this month. If you're single, you have a window open to meet someone new in a space of spiritual exploration. This connection may even involve long distance travel. Beware, however, of not being drawn into the romanticized images that play through your mind. This opportunity is for you confront the parts of you that inhibit true emotional connection and intimacy. Search inside to see where you trip yourself up, and then get out of the way. The Light is there. So, let go, and let it in.

Leo - Of all the signs eligible this month, you Leo, have the greatest opportunity for deep internal transformation. Not only will you be given access to feel, see, and connect with your deepest inner essence, you will also be able to confront all of the ways in which your emotions get the best of you. While the feelings may be intense, do not fear them and do not run from them. You are being given a spectacular opportunity to shift out of one movie and into another. All it takes is courage to admit when things aren't perfect and that you need support.

Virgo - All of that creative work that you have so steadfastly been committed to will be given the opportunity to be showcased this month, Virgo. You'll even be able to work in tandem with a partner who will assist you in elevating your work so that you will receive recognition and applause. The key to ensuring success is getting out of your own way. You may want things to happen in a logical manner, but this month you must go with your intuition or the intuition of your partner. Your project doesn't have to be perfect, rather, it has to make a connection with the hearts of those receiving it.

Libra - Much of the responsibilities you have taken on from your home or within your family life are beginning to transform into something that has now become more of a personal goal than you expected. In fact, you may even find yourself enjoying this new set of obligations and find that it is pointing you in a new direction professionally. Dig deep inside and see where this path takes you. You could discover an entirely new dimension of possibility for you and your career. Allow yourself to think outside of your own box and see your profession from a totally new perspective.

Scorpio - For a while now, you have been forced to find new and more effective ways of communicating with those around you. You have been receiving a lot of push back from people when you do not clearly communicate your thoughts and feelings in a way that is constructive and objective. This month, you'll receive an opportunity to creatively elevate your words and thoughts so that they serve a special project that will seek to educate others. The greatest part is that not only will they be learning, but you will be gaining even more knowledge and mental growth to take you forward to a new level.

Sagittarius - This month is all about working together with others in order to combine resources and make something greater than you had before. While you may be apprehensive to invest the money you have so meticulously worked to save, this opportunity could prove to be quite fortuitous if it does requires monetary investment. It could alternatively be your resources of knowledge, possessions, work space, ect. If you fearlessly allow yourself to work with others, you'll find it brings you a great return that can benefit your family and home life. It will also help you gain more self-confidence in what you have to offer the world.

Capricorn - Sometimes people mistake you for being cold, but really, you just feel much deeper than you care to let on. You don't like people worrying about you. This month, you get the opportunity to connect with your inner emotions and learn to communicate them with someone close to you: either your partner or a very close friend. Allow yourself to be vulnerable, because it's through this opening that you can release the intense pressure you have been feeling over the last year. A deep and powerful release valve is within your reach. All you have to do is open up and allow yourself to lean on the shoulder of someone who loves you.

Aquarius - This month is somewhat of an oxymoron for you, Aquarius. Yours is the sign of fighting for the underdog and wanting to affect change in humanity. During this month, you will be given the opportunity to be of service, but it will require that you serve with your heart rather than with your head. Open your heart and allow yourself to be a shoulder for those to lean on. Often times you find it difficult to pinpoint your self worth, and in many ways, you seek to serve in order to feel valued. If you constantly close your heart for fear of being hurt, you'll never be able to truly help those that truly need you. As you begin to show care with your heart instead of your intellect, you'll open up a well of self-love that you never knew existed.

Pisces - You are notorious for your vivid imagination and capacity to love deeply and without limits. This month is your time to shine. A surge of creative energy will lead you into a sea of ideas, visions, and dreams that can give you access to powerful spiritual awareness. Your challenge, however, will be to bring it down into a space that can be useful to others. This month, do not stay in the beautiful fantasies you begin to envision, but rather, take them as inspiration to create something for others so that they can benefit and grow from it. You may fear sharing it, but as long as you are focused on helping others, it will serve its purpose.

The Kabbalists gave us tools we can use to control the energy of each month. These tools are the Hebrew letters that control the sign and planet that rule each month. According the Zohar, the Hebrew alphabet is not just any normal set of letters. It is the physical manifestation of spiritual vibrations of energy. When we gaze upon the letters, their vibrations activate the Light of our soul. Once this Light is activated, we are given the power to overcome any negative influence, thereby taking our power back. This month, the Kabbalists teach we can use the Hebrew letter "Kuf" to control the sign of Pisces and the Hebrew letter "Gimel" to control Jupiter. Any time we find ourselves running away from our spiritual quest for personal growth, meditate on these letters simply by looking at them. Allow their Light to enter your consciousness and activate the Light of your soul. From there, you can clear your mind and move forward acting with your divine essence. Save and use the image below throughout this month to take your power pack, and reconnect with your true, inner Light.

This month is a month of spiritual elevation and connection to a higher source of spiritual joy. If we take advantage to do the work that is being asked of us by the universe, we can access this joy that the Kabbalists speak of, which is a joy and transcends all limitation and will be with us for the entire year to come.

Wishing you all the best this month,


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La Luna Nueva de Piscis 2 - Alegría Incondicional

¡Muy bien chicos, aquí estamos! La energía plena del mes de Piscis. ¿Cómo te fue en base al trabajo del mes pasado? ¿Pudiste realinearte con tu esencia espiritual? ¿Hiciste tiempo para la meditación espiritual, la oración y la conexión? Si es así ¡felicitaciones! Si no, no te preocupes tienes otra oportunidad. Este segundo mes de Piscis, que contiene el impacto total de la energía de Piscis, nos dará una oportunidad aún mayor. Si recuerdas lo que hablamos en mi último artículo sobre Piscis 1 (lee aquí si te lo perdiste), recordarás que dijimos que los nacidos bajo la influencia de los peces están dotados de poderosas habilidades empáticas que les permiten practicar el amor incondicional. Llegaron a esta vida sabiendo muy bien que la humildad y la entrega al poder de la Fuerza de Luz del Creador es la única forma de elevar la conciencia y, como resultado, elevar nuestras experiencias en la vida. Es en este mes que aprovechamos esta capacidad para practicar y participar en actos no solo de amor incondicional sino también de perdón y entrega. En el Talmud, un compendio de discursos sobre la ley espiritual israelita, dice "Mishenichnas Adar marbin b'simcha", que se traduce como "Cuando entra el mes de Piscis, aumentamos nuestra alegría". Esto nos da una indicación de que en este mes tenemos la capacidad a través de la práctica del perdón, el amor incondicional y la entrega, para aprovechar y manifestar un nivel de alegría puro y verdaderamente elevado que puede acompañarnos durante todo un año. Así que hoy, en esta Luna Nueva haz lo que puedas para liberar todo lo que te impide actuar con alegría. Permita que tu corazón se rinda a todos los procesos dolorosos y difíciles que ha atravesado este año y trabaje para encontrar las formas en que esos procesos lo ayudaron a convertirse en una versión superior de ti mismo. Medita para conectarte con tu alma y busca las formas en que tus desafíos sirvieron para tu mayor bien y elevaron tu conciencia. Al aprovechar estos aspectos de la elevación, puedes llegar a un lugar de entrega y perdón para cualquier persona y cualquier cosa que lo lastime y lo guíe a un espacio de alegría incondicional.

Te daré un ejemplo de mi vida personal. Crecí en una pequeña ciudad en Alabama, Estados Unidos. En mi infancia, no era como la mayoría de los niños. Me veía diferente, me gustaban las cosas di