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New Moon of Pisces 2018 - The True Light of Happiness

Here we are.  Exactly one year ago, I posted my very first Astral Article on and about the New Moon of Pisces.  It is a very interesting feeling looking back at all that has happened and all that I have accomplished in this short time, a very fitting sentiment for this gushy and squishy water new moon.  I have been pondering the chart of this lunar cycle for a few days, and as I sit here in my bedroom writing this to you, I can't help but consider my closest Piscean friends and the insane amount of support they have given me throughout this entire process.  I personally have a hard time truly grasping the vastness of a Pisces's ability to love and give.  I am regularly in awe of how effortlessly they are able to put themselves aside just to help someone in need.  It is an attribute I am continually inspired and humbled by.  I can say from personal experience, that Pisces truly are what the astrologers of old have said them to be: compassionate, loving, keenly intuitive, forgiving, patient, and unconditionally giving.  The operative word when looking to understand a pisces is emotional intelligence.  They have the gift to look inside a person and see exactly what they need, and then, without being asked, provide it to them.  Their hypersensitive, empathic senses allow them to access this unspoken part of a person's psyche.  Just like any sign, it does have its drawbacks.  The hypersensitivity can translate into oversensitivity.  They also have a hard time creating psychic boundaries between themselves and others, and subsequently, soak up the emotional energies of people and places they come into contact with.  One of their greatest challenges is learning how to set healthy boundaries and a healthy way of saying "no". Returning to the concept of needs, this month has some very powerful placements that indicate we must reassess our personal needs in order to properly provide for the needs of those around us.  This month also connects us to the true essence of happiness and the means by which we can connect ourselves to this joyful Light. 

When we examine the chart of this new moon, we find the Ascendant at 29 degrees Cancer.  Any astrologer will tell you that when you see a placement on the last degree of any sign it can indicate two important things.  The first is that there is some sort of ending that will take place, and the second is that all of the sign's cumulative energy is expressed on that degree.  This means that this month, we will be seeing another story come to a stark and door-slamming close.  Cancer's ruling body, the Moon, will be eclipsing the Sun in Aquarius on the South Node.  This solar eclipse signals the shedding and releasing of mental and emotional energy that no longer serves us.  When considering the 29 Cancer Ascendant with the Aquarian South Node solar eclipse, we find ourselves letting go of emotional and mental baggage that has tied us to an unhealthy need of approval and support from our communities and friends. With the North Node in Leo, we are being given a hint that we must continue on our quest to rediscover our own personal Light and learn to shine on our own.  We must learn to move ourselves forward into a space where we can express and fulfill our own needs.  Only once we have filled ourselves through our own connection to our divine essence, can we possibly support the needs of others.  

To understand this fully, we need to understand the Leo/Aquarius axis.  Aquarius is the collective mind (our community) and Leo is the individual heart.  As we release ourselves from the burden of what we think the collective mind expects of us, as well as our need for their approval and validation, we can begin to follow the guidance of our heart and divine essence.  A good example of this is a young girl letting go of her addiction to her clique's approval, and instead, following her heart to do what makes her happy.  When we are following the guidance of our heart, we begin to fill ourselves with the Light.  From there, we can connect to our own intuitive spirit that lets us feel and serve the true needs of those around us.  It is important to note that this particular alignment has the potential be quite volatile and unpredictable.  We have to be aware that if we are not actively seeking to let this baggage go, and we allow it to build up, we could experience unexpected and explosive emotional outbursts that can bring about a nasty ending.  

Luckily, we have some really stellar aspects between the outer and personal planets that can help us funnel all this energy in a constructive way.  The mutual reception of Jupiter in Scorpio and Mars in Sagittarius that began last month will continue to inspire us.  Jupiter will be in the fifth house of creativity, and Mars is in the house of hard work.  These two together will give us the strength and drive to plow forward fearlessly and take our creative ventures to new heights that we had previously felt were impossible.  Jupiter gives us the vision and passion, while Mars delivers the power, devotion, and a sense of limitlessness.  Simultaneously, we have Venus in Pisces sextile Saturn in Capricorn.  This is another extremely powerful placement that allows us the ability to realize our dreams and fantasies.  Venus in Pisces will inspire us spiritually while Saturn in Capricorn assists to ground and crystalize it into something achievable.  It is crucial that we listen to our intuition during this time, particularly those flashes of intuitive inspiration. Our minds are like antennae receiving powerful messages that can lead us to revealing our truest, creative desires.  If we heed them, we can channel the eclipse energy properly and not be burned by it.  

Lastly, and most importantly, the Kabbalists say that this is the month of happiness, but they say it with one caveat.  We were put on this earth the learn what it means to be the creators and cause of our own happiness.  Therefore, if we relate our happiness to something external, we are not the cause of that happiness.  Rather, our happiness is the effect of something external.  This means that in this month, we will be faced with situations in which we must actively choose happiness.  Relating to what we spoke about above, we may find it is time to let go of that external need for approval, and instead begin to generate joy from our own creative efforts.  As we reconnect and then reveal more and more of our divine essence and creator nature, we no longer need anything outside of us to make us feel happy.  And from there, our happiness will shine forth and be available to share with others.  The Kabbalists teach that when we are happy from this holy place, we receive protection and divine inspiration.  This energy will allow us to tap into that hypersensitive intuition that will then help us see what others need and the ways in which we can properly support their needs.  Who knows? You may help your friend launch their new website ;)  

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Wishing you every ounce of happiness you deserve with month. 

With Light,


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