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New Moon of Capricorn 2017 - Climbing the Mountain Together

As the shining light of Sagittarius comes to close, we are now ready to dim the lights and enter the chilly winter month of Capricorn. This sign is always marked by the Winter Solstice that initiates the winter season in the northern hemisphere. Days are at their shortest. Nights are at their longest, and winter weather is well upon us. Capricorn is the sign of determination, ambition, and goals. These are people who are constantly working towards climbing the mountain of success. Steadfast and grounded, our sea goat friends are some of the most reliable and loyal people around. Capricorns are tied to honor and tradition, and have a powerful sense of responsibility and unwavering commitment to excellence. Not so many years ago, these traits were required in order to make it through the bone chilling temperatures of winter. Without it, people would starve. Capricorns are experts at delaying their immediate gratification for long term gain. They revel in the opportunity to put their nose to the grindstone and work hard for a big payoff. Being an earth sign, Capricorns are not so concerned with philosophy, superficial chatter, or grand displays. They are much more down to earth in both their outlook and their approach. To them, hard work equals security. Risk taking is not something these folks consider within their realm of possibilities. For them, calculated and well thought out planning is what will reap the greatest rewards. While this approach is certainly a necessity, Capricorns can sometimes miss out on big opportunities simply because they do not like to take a big leap of faith into something uncertain. Over-planning can kill spontaneity and give a lean towards pessimism. They can overly rely on their need to work within the physical world, and completely ignore if not outright deny spiritual concepts. Capricorns need to develop their connection to their divine essence. The sea goat is their symbol because as the goat scales the mountain, if they have not injected a consciousness of sharing and compassion for other people, they risk losing traction and backsliding down the mountain back into the depths of the sea. Capricorns must learn to develop and then trust in a connection to the Light force. In fact, Capricorns have the capacity to be the most elevated of all the signs. Once they turn their goal-oriented nature towards revealing goodness and light, there is nothing that can stop them from achieving their goals.

We have a fascinating situation in the chart this month: an impressive pile up of planets in Sagittarius. In fact, we have FIVE planets in the sign of the centaur. Even though the Capricorn energy has taken the lead, we are still inspired with the energy of abundance, good will, expansion, and learning from Sagittarius. Combined with the Capricorn method of hard work and discipline, there is nothing we cannot achieve this month. In fact, Saturn and the moon are conjunct on the last degree of Sagittarius, which means that this month will bring us the final manifestations of our endeavors and actions from the last three years. It is like a period at the end of a sentence. This will be a key time in order to close the chapter of Saturn in Sagittarius in order to make way for Saturn in Capricorn. The five Sagittarius planets are located in the eighth house, which is the house of support (monetary, emotional, etc) that we give to others, as well as the support we receive from them. By focusing our expansive energy in a practical and defined way towards the support of other people on our team, we are all but guaranteed success. With Taurus on the ascendent, we find that a steady and deliberate approach will take us where we want to go. Be focused on how you can direct the goals you set towards the emotional, educational, or financial support of those around you. There are a few things to beware, however. With so much Sagittarius in the air, we run the risk of thinking things will just work out on their own and that we will not need to work as hard. This will not be tolerated by the Capricorn energy, so dedicate yourself to putting in the work. Also, Jupiter and Mars are in Scorpio at an opposition to the ascendent. This brings the danger of creating enemies and falling into fits of anger and rage. The level of Sagittarius energy can create an overflow that if not properly channeled, can cause burnout, which in turn, can make us irritable and overwhelmed. You may feel like you have too much on your plate. Use the earth energy of Taurus and Capricorn to write things down and make schedules of when, where, and how you are going to complete all your work. Remember, things will not just work out on their own. Hard work and planning is required. Also, keep your focus more on the goal rather than sinking into emotional dramas. This will help to counteract the potential for angry altercations.

Going back to Saturn, after three long years in the sign of Sagittarius, the ruling planet of Capricorn, is moving into his home sign on December 21. And there he will stay for a new three year cycle. That's right! Sagittarians rejoice! Your are now free to roam about and take the lessons you've learned forward and live your life. Capricorns, it's your turn. The rest of the signs will be cheering you on as Saturn comes home to rebuild new structures and draw new boundaries. Of course, all of us will be affected by Saturn in Capricorn, but our sea goat friends will feel it the strongest. I will write another post on Saturn in Capricorn, but here I just want to give us a taste of what this will bring. Saturn is the planet of responsibility, boundaries, and conservation. He urges us to do the things we really don't want to do. He pushes us to be stronger, more reliable, and more conscious in our actions. As he comes home to the sign of Capricorn, he will be empowered to help us create new systems, set new goals, and take on higher levels of responsibility that will help us to achieve all that we are meant to become. More on Saturn in Capricorn in my next article ;)

Lastly, the month of Sagittarius and the month of Capricorn share one particularly special energy: the holiday of Hanukkah. This holiday, which we are right in the middle of, spans between the two signs. The Kabbalists explain that the candles we light on Hanukkah connect us to the light of miracles. Therefore, by participating in the holiday, we draw upon ourselves the energy of miracles that will then follow us for the next year until the following Hanukkah. According to the Zohar, what we do within becomes a reflection of what is expressed without. As we seek to overcome our selfish nature and transform into more sharing and caring people, we shine the light of transformation into the world, which then elevates everyone around us making the world a brighter and more fulfilled place. As above so below, and as within so without. If we are able to transform our selfishness into kindness, tolerance, compassion, and love, that will then be reflected in our surroundings. This, my friends, is the secret to creating miracles. As we move forward this month in planning and setting our sights on new mountains to climb, we should do so with a consciousness of loving and caring for others more than serving our own selfish agenda. Once we do, all of those great things we see for ourselves can become a reality without the negative side effects.

Wishing you all much success in all you do this month!

With all my love,


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