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New Moon of Scorpio 2017 - Achieving Internal Revolution

This sign gets a really bad rap. My boyfriend is a Scorpio, and he always says how he can never find anything good written about his sign. And I have to admit; he's right. Scorpios do have a very dark side. They can be vengeful, overbearing, obsessive, possessive, fearful, and dangerous when wronged. When most people think of Scorpio they think of all these negative attributes, but there's actually a fair reason for that. Scorpio is a sign of extremes. There is no middle ground when it comes to this sign. All or nothing is their motto, so to the degree that they can be negative is the same degree they can be positive. They are intensely loyal, loving beyond imagination, protective, acutely intuitive, geniuses with investments and property, and amazing in bed! This dichotomy is due to the one gift they possess that no other sign possesses. Scorpio is the only sign that can go deep down into the depths of darkness and extract the Light that is hidden there. Their piercing intuition allows them to see every conceivable outcome to any given choice, and when they see one of those potential outcomes that scares them, they overreact and become controlling. To them, if they are not the ones commanding the situation, they are putting everything they love and know in jeopardy. Because in their mind, nobody can see the potential dangers like they can. Ruled by the planet Mars, Scorpios are warriors. But unlike Aries who will use their Martian energy to punch someone in the face, Scorpio will dig a tunnel underneath them and bury them when they least expect it. This is obviously a misuse of their Martian gifts. The true gift is when Scorpio is able to turn the warrior mentality onto their ego and their fear. When they are able to corageously face their darkness (i.e. fears, anxieties, anger, vengeance) and transform them into Light, they, themselves, go through a personal transformation and reveal that Light for others. This month, our mission is go through this transformation so that by the time we get to the end of it, we are a totally new person freed from the pitfalls of fear and control that held us back.

As I said in my last article (Jupiter in Scorpio), there are three permutations to this sign: the scorpion, the eagle, and the dove. The first level, the scorpion, is the reactive, angry Scorpio that is most well-known. At this level, the person has no control over their emotional and psychic energies. The are slaves to their anger, anxiety, and hurt feelings, and will go to great lengths to gain revenge against anyone who has wronged them, even if it means destroying themselves. This level is the most dangerous to cross. The second level, the eagle, is a Scorpio who understands and knows how to wield his or her power. They no longer succumb to the reactive whims of their emotions and can focus that energy towards achieving their goals. This level can still be quite manipulative, but will not destroy themselves for the sake of destroying another. The final level is the dove. At this level, the Scorpio has released themselves from the shackles of their pain and fear. They have successfully transformed themselves from a being of destruction into a beacon of healing and love for others around them. This is the most elevated level.

This month, we will be going through these levels of transformation. When we look at the chart for this new moon, there is a heavy amount of Scorpio energy. We have Jupiter, the Moon, and Mercury all conjunct in the first four degrees. This is an indication that we will not just feel the intensity of Scorpio, but Jupiter will put it on steroids. Mercury will help us be more discerning about our feelings since he is in mutual reception with Mars in Virgo. As the ruler of Scorpio, Mars will not only be directing Mercury, but he will also be directing the Moon and Jupiter. The Virgo energy makes us more critical and capable of seeing imperfections. This means that if we are open and brave enough to face our fears, we have the ability to see them, challenge them, and rip them out from their root. For example, let's say that in someone's childhood they were relentlessly teased for having big teeth, and throughout the rest of their life up to this point, they carry a subconscious insecurity surrounding their teeth and smile. They don't like to take pictures, and they cover their mouth when they laugh. They have a terrible difficulty expressing joy openly since it would expose their vulnerability and open them up to more pain (scorpion level). This energy gives that person the opportunity to bravely smile when the camera is on them, and laugh out loud when their coworker cracks a big joke. If this person takes the opportunity to face the fear in the moments when they are at their most insecure, they can actually liberate themselves from it entirely (eagle level). In this instance, this person's open expression of joy and happiness turns into light and healing for others. Their laugh becomes contagious, and their smile a shining ray of peace for people who behold it (dove level). Obviously, it goes much deeper than this simple example and requires a lot of strength and bravery, but this is the power of transformation Scorpio holds. It can give us the power to completely revolutionize who we are internally and build a space where the blessings can rest.

We will also have the final trine between Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries. This transit has been passing on and off since December of last year, and is the force that has been pushing us to revolutionize our belief systems. We have been given many opportunities to become the person we believe ourselves to be. Although, many in the world have used it to become more entrenched in their religiosity and dogma, many others have used it to stand up and fight for their highest good against the screams of their own ego and selfishness. This has been a year of practicing what we preach and bravely facing the tests of what we believe to be true. As this final aspect passes and Saturn ends his stay in Sagittarius, use this energy to courageously dive into your deepest fears to discover where you real power lies. If you believe in your own power to uproot and eliminate your fear, you will be rewarded with an internal revolution and rebirth of consiousness that will serve you well in the new era that is nearing.

If you are interested in seeing what fears you need to face and how this energy can serve you directly, click here to book a consultation with me :)

Wishing you the most powerful and transformative month!

With all my love,


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