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New Moon of Libra 2017 - On the Verge of a New Beginning

The New Moon of Libra is by far my favorite new moon, and it's not just because my moon and sun are in Libra ;) Kabbalistically, the new moon of Libra corresponds with Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year. According to the Kabbalists, Rosh Hashanah is not something invented by ancient Jewish sages to commemorate a new solar cycle. It is actually a two day cosmic event where all of humanity is essentially walking to a supernal courtroom. Hence the scales of justice representing the sign of Libra. On these two days, the upper worlds decide how much money we will make, if we will have children, and how long we will live. We are judged based on our actions from the previous year, and the events that will occur for us for the coming year will be determined. In short, this new moon is not only what to expect in the month to come, it is also a look into the year to come. This annual cycle lasts from the new moon of Libra all the way to the next new moon of Libra. To understand the energy of this new moon, let's look at our Libran friends.

Libras are people that are most well known for their easy going attitude, kind character, and diplomatic approach to conflict. Venus is the ruling planet of Libra and as such lends a sense of beauty, balance, and harmony to the personality of those born under the scales. Libras are incredible at analytics, crisis management, design, science, and math. They are masters of diplomacy and tact as well as purveyors of all things tasteful and elegant. These scales represent the idea of balancing good with bad, light with dark, and mercy with judgement. Libras as such live their lives in a constant balancing act, vacillating between overly merciful pushovers to insufferable warriors of justice. Most people are familiar with the Libra who is so concerned with keeping the peace that he or she will sacrifice their own rights and needs just to maintain harmony. However, the opposite can be just as strong. Anytime a Libra feels they or someone else has been treated unjustly, they will unleash a powerful rage that would frighten even the fiercest of Scorpios and Aries. They are tasked with discovering what finding and maintaining true inner and outer balance really means. The swinging and swaying between the two extremes can be as exhausting for those around Libras as it is for Libras themselves. The air energy of Libra points to their tendency to see things from a purely analytical point of view. They examine every given situation from every possible angle. This is where the infamous Libra indecision comes into play. It isn't necessarily that Libras are indecisive, so much as it is that they want to view the situation from a wholistic point of view. Once a Libra has fully examined all options and POVs and arrived at a conclusion/decision, that idea is solidified and nearly impossible to change. After all, who wants to go back and review after taking so much time to look at it in the first place?!

This is the same kind of weighing and analyzing that the cosmic court practices when examining our behavior over the past year. This means that on the first two days of the month of Libra, we must be on our best behavior. Only speak kindness of others, do as many kind acts of sharing as you can. Love unconditionally and go out of your way to do for others. Sharing draws the energy of mercy, which will then translate into our year to come. The Kabbalists would attend Rosh Hashanah services, and if you are able to attend a kabbalistic Rosh Hashanah, I highly recommend it. These services allow access to tools that draw mercy and harness the energy so that it doesn't burn us. One last thing about these two days, be sure not to utter one negative word about yourself. Just as you would not incriminate yourself in court, be sure you don't incriminate yourself on those two days. This year, the two days fall on sundown Sept 20th until sundown Sept 22nd.

Now let's dive into some of the aspects that we will see this month. Remember, these aspects not only affect this month, they also affect the next twelve lunar months that follow. The most notable characteristic of the chart we find is a stellium in Virgo. We have the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars all in the sign of Virgo. This gives us a hint that we are looking towards a month and year of getting back to basics by reorganizing our lives, our thoughts, and our relationships. We will be pushed to clean out everything that no longer serves our day to day. New routines will need to be developed to adapt to changes that will start to take effect. For example, if you have a closet filled with junk that you have been meaning to clean out and just haven't found the energy, you'll find it, and if you don't find it, it will find you. It can also go much deeper. There are many aspects of our behavior and habits that have suited our daily lives, but this year marks a turning point. There will be major planetary shifts of the outer planets. Jupiter will move into Scorpio on October 11th. Saturn will end its two and half year journey through Sagittarius and enter Capricorn on December 21st. And Uranus will make its long awaiting ingress from Aries into Taurus on May 16th, 2018. The Virgo energy gives us the chance to clear out all of those old negative spaces. If the last few years have made you fearful of certain things, be prepared to face those fears and over come them. If they have made you angry at certain people, be prepared to let that anger go and forgive. If they have made you numb to certain feelings, be prepared to open you heart. Changes are coming, and we must be open to the new experiences they will bring. Most of these changes will be seen in our domestic and home life.

All of these planets in Virgo will have made, are making, or will soon make an opposition to Neptune in Pisces. Have you noticed lately that it is really hard to tell fact from fantasy? Just look at the news. Is this fake news, or is that fake news? Is this person lying or are they telling the truth. What in fact is actually going on?? This is all a result of Neptune in Pisces blurring the lines between the real world and the world of our illusions. The Virgo energy is solely rooted in the physical world and shows us that we will have to get to the bottom of things that seem fuzzy and unclear. Be prepared to have a lot of your preconceived notions challenged. What you thought was real may turn out to be a complete illusion. Or maybe that crazy idea you've been having could turn out to actually be true! Just be open to what the truth really is. Let go of your need to be right, and allow the truth to be told. It won't be an easy ride, but in the end, the truth must prevail, and fantasy must be separated from fact.

One last notable component of this chart: the ascendent is Cancer, and we have the Moon and Jupiter placed in the fourth house in the sign of Libra. Think back to my post on the month of Cancer. Remember how we talked about nurturing others and being that mother figure for other people? This is how we will get through this transition. Cancer and the Moon are nurturers, and Libra and Jupiter want to form alliances through relationships. Our mission this month and year will be to reach out to those on a face to face level and have an honest nurturing conversation. These conversations will need to be with people we have felt at odds with if we want to truly move forward. Some of these conversations will bring the relationship to the next level, and some will signal their end. We will also feel more of a focus on our families, children, and relatives. We will feel a push to go back to what is truly important, rather than rolling around in ideologies and insignificant differences of opinion. We will also get back to nurturing ourselves and what is truly important to us. We should seek to enliven and enrich the love we have for our soul and our deepest self. Simply put, practicing honest and simple love with ourselves and with others is the way to go. This way, as we move forward into a new kind of energy, we will feel renewed and reconnected with what is truly important and who we truly are. Keep in mind that with Virgo, there really is no room for error. So we will need to get back to this place, whether we like it or not. Trying to go against it and maintaining a selfish separateness within our consciousness will become unbearable.

If you are interested in how this incredible energy will show up specifically for you and what kind of changes you will see, click here for a chart consult :)

This new energy is very exciting, and I cannot wait to see what kind of changes come into our lives. There is more to come on those big planetary transitions in future articles, so keep your eyes peeled!

Wishing you all an amazing month and an amazing year!

With all my love,


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