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The New Moon of Virgo 2017 - Let the Light Lead You

Wow! That eclipse was absolutely spectacular! I have experienced a lot of powerful things in my life, and that one was certainly one of the coolest and unreal experiences ever. If you read my last post on the eclipse, I gave you a glimpse into the mechanics of how an eclipse works, and how we as astrologers use it to see who and where will receive the strongest surge of energy. I also mentioned that I was going to save the spiritual lessons of the eclipse and the New Moon of Virgo for my next post, and here we are! Kabbalisitcally, the month of Virgo is probably the most powerful month of the year. The kabbalists explain that with this energy we can actually go back in time and fix our past misdeeds from the previous year. In the Kabbalistic calendar, the new year for humanity (each spiritual kingdom has its own new year) is on the New Moon of Libra. On that day, all of humanity is judged in the upper worlds based on their consciousness and behavior in the year prior. The Kabbalists also explain that, much to our good fortune, our world was created with the energy of mercy, and as such, the universe gives us a chance to fix our mistakes in the month of Virgo, which falls just before the month of Libra.

This is why the sign of Virgo is so detail oriented. If you have ever met a virgo, you know how meticulous and organized they are. Always in a constant state of clean up, Virgos are gifted with the ability to see every single detail in everything they deal with. They are practical, sharp witted (and sharp tongued), careful, and efficient. Their goal in life is to bring things to their perfected state. If a virgo walked into a perfectly painted white room, but in the far top corner, just next to the ceiling, there was a tiny grey dot one millimeter in diameter, the Virgo would see it, and be completely annoyed and distraught that this perfectly painted room was ruined by that giant grey dot! They are the quintessential perfectionists. They also love to help others and be of service. This is where their greatest strength lies. Many Virgos are caretakers, nurses, veterinarians, and accountants. Their purpose is to bring order and perfection to those areas that do not have them. Often times they are misunderstood as critical and fussy, but in truth it comes from a sincere desire to help and make things better. However, they can get to a point where they go overboard and become unbearably critical not just with other people, but also with themselves. The point of the Virgo energy is not to judge for the sake of judging but to judge with an eye to genuinely bring improvement. With this energy, we can harness this razor sharp vision to review our actions and consciousness over the past year and bring them and ourselves back to our perfected state.

The Zohar explains that when we were created, we were created perfect, flawless, and completely whole. After the big bang, we were thrust into this world in order to perfect our selfishness and become like a creator, but this is a discussion for another time. The point is that in this month, we have the ability to go back to that perfected state. This is where the eclipse comes into play. Throughout our year, we gave power to things outside of ourselves. We acted in anger towards someone who upset us. We judged a person for making a different choice than we would have made. We held grudges and spoke behind people's backs. We allowed our selfish and egocentric desires to lead us. We gave power to things outside of ourselves and allowed them to take us wherever they saw fit. In essence, this selfishness became our leader. Sometimes, we can take it to such an extreme, that we actually give this power to other people, thinking that they will lead us to some form of happiness, peace, or prosperity. However, anything outside ourselves should never be given so much power that we completely relinquish autonomy to it. The biggest blessing of this eclipse being at the tail end of Leo, the sign of leaders, is that we are given the opportunity to realign ourselves back to our true guiding force: the Light of the Creator.

This Light is the energy that fills us when we are happy, laughing, joyful, peaceful, and loving. Through the circumstances we face in our lives, we lose sight that the Light is the only true force we should be following. When we want to get angry, the Light tells us to be kind. When we want push ourselves ahead of others, the Light tells us to put others before ourselves. When we want to hate another person, the Light begs us to love. In the moment when we react negatively, we think we have won, but over time that negative behavior only serves to distance us from the Light leaving us in darkness. In the short term we feel amazing, but in the long term we lose. With the energy of the eclipse in Leo combined with the new moon in Virgo, we can go back to our source and reconnect to our true leader. Rest assured that if you make an effort to place the Light as your leader this month, your year to come will look far different.

There are a few notable transits happening this month that will support us in the realignment. Mercury, the ruling planet of Virgo, is currently retrograde in his home sign, Virgo. At first glance, this might seem like a nuisance, but it actually gives us even greater power to look back at our past and see where we can be better. Venus will move from Cancer into Leo giving us the power to reconnect to our heart's truest desire. And Mars will move into Virgo, supporting our endeavors with precision and efficient action.

Some of this may sound borderline religious, but I assure you the last thing on any Kabbalists mind is religion. Kabbalah allows us insight into the cosmic windows that help to reconnect to the DNA of our soul. The lunar months are these cosmic windows, and the signs hold the secrets of how to get the best out of that energy. The only thing Kabbalists are interested in is helping people live a happier life. When we have affinity with the Light, we are simply happier.

Wishing you all an amazing month to come!

With all my love,


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