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New Moon of Cancer 2017 - The Power in Nurturing Others

Wow, that last month went by fast! I just got back from vacation, and let me tell you, Venus in Taurus did not disappoint. I had an amazing vacation with my family. I enjoyed time by the pool, drinking a cold beer, and enjoying their company. Normally I have been taking my vacations during the winter to see them during Christmas, but this year I decided to take a summer vacation, and it was a completely different experience. Without all the holiday hustle and bustle, I got some true quality time with my parents and my sister. I had almost forgotten what it was like to just be still and relax with them. Of course, it is the perfect segue into this mushy, gushy, lovey, dovey month of Cancer. This month is known, Kabbalistically, to be one of the more challenging months. I, personally, find it to be a powerful and rewarding month. The sign of Cancer is the most emotional of the three water signs. Ruled by the moon, the emotions of the cancer can be happy and joyful one moment, raging and angry another moment, and then weeping and sobbing the next. Just as the Moon's gravity affects the shifting tides, so too does it affect the waxing and waning emotions of the Cancerean. When Cancers are loving you, there really is nothing like it. You feel like your with someone who will keep you safe, feed you, and tuck you into bed. They are deeply caring, deeply loving, and intensely loyal. Their powerful intuition knows exactly what you need and how to fulfill it. They know exactly what you fear, and how to put you at ease. They know exactly where you hurt, and how to heal you. The key word for these amazing people is nurture. It is, in fact, the entire goal of this month: learning what it means to truly nurture those around you.

This month is never an easy ride. The twisting and turning of our emotions makes us vulnerable to reactive moments and strained relationships. There are going to be a few major aspects and shifts this month that will throw us off kilter, but knowing how to transform those moments into opportunities is what will make this month powerfully positive instead of deeply disappointing.

The biggest set of aspects this month will be that of Mars, Mercury and the Sun all making squares to Jupiter, oppositions to Pluto, and squares to Uranus. The three outer planets, Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto have been locked in a tense set of aspects for the last year. This month, Mars, Mercury, and the Sun will activate these tensions. The main result of this set of activations is a feeling of increasing vulnerability joined with decreasing security. We can fall into feelings of loneliness, isolation, and depression. Giving into these feelings will lead to aggressive possessiveness, clinginess to those we love, and, simultaneously, rebellion against them.

The root of this insecurity is that we do not actively seek to make those around us feel secure. We will fall into our fears and begin to think that we have nobody to love us. The slightest inconsiderate act by someone can hurl us into the depths of victimhood. The trick is to transform it and turn it on its head. Think back to when you were a child, and you fell and hurt yourself. Do you remember how you called out to your mom, and she came running to you? She wrapped her arms around you, picked you up, and comforted you. She put a Sesame Street bandage over your knee, gave you a kiss, and all was right in the world. This month, everyone around you is that hurt child, and you are the mom. Just like your mom selflessly cared for you, you must now selflessly care for others. Nurture the world, and you will instantly find security, peace, and illumination. This is a powerful secret to this month, and one that must not go unheeded. Love the world, and you will feel love.

One last crucial piece of information about this month: the Kabbalists explain that the month of Cancer and the disease of cancer do not share the same name by coincidence. They teach that if anyone is meant, God forbid, to receive a cancer diagnosis, the illness will start to take root this month. Normally, throughout the year, we are surrounded by a protection shield that guards us from the onslaught of negative forces. There are only three months of the year when this shield is not present, and this month is one of them. It is up to us to create that protection shield ourselves by surrounding ourselves in the Light of love and compassion. Giving love and nurturing others is not just a good way to stay happy, it is the key to protecting ourselves from disease. Love the world, and you will be healed.

That is what I learned when I was with my family last week. I felt their unconditional love and support for me, and I was able to taste what it means to care for someone without expecting anything in return. For me, I will take that lesson and move forward in this month with the awareness that it is up to me to generate that love and care in my life. Join me this month in actively spreading this energy with everyone around us. With our collective effort, we can bring not only joy and warmth to our neighbors, but also protection and healing to ourselves.

With all my love,


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