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New Moon of Pisces 2017 - Happiness is a Decision

The month of Pisces is one of my favorite times of the year. Not just because we get to enjoy the holiday of Purim, but also because it is said to be the month of happiness. It is kind of a strange thought, though. Pisces people are notorious for falling into the depths of despair and depression, hiding away in their beds sleeping the challenges away, but while sleeping may be something they excel at, they are capable of so much more. Pisces is a water sign, and as such seeks to understand the world through how it makes him or her feel. Their intuition and empathic abilities are their guide. They are so empathic that they have a tendency to absorb the emotions and energies of other people and environments, which makes it difficult for them to distinguish between their own energy and the energy of their surroundings. Unapologetically compassionate, their ability to look inside the soul of a person they've never met and have true unconditional love for them, is unmatched by any other sign. They embody the principles of compassion, kindness, and mercy.

In Kabbalah Pisces is ruled by the planet Jupiter, the planet connected to the energy intelligence called chesed (giving & kindness), but it is also intimately connected to the planet Neptune. According to Rav Berg, Neptune directs the flow of the energy intelligence called binah. This is the store house of energy we access when we receive blessings. This level of consciousness is so elevated and full, that all desire disappears. This gives the mind of the Piscean access to a world of perfection that is totally opposite our physical world. In the world of physicality, we experience lack and emptiness, but in binah, that does not exist. Pisces prefer that world, the world of the metaphysical, imagination, and dreams. They can live forever in it and, unfortunately, sometimes find themselves at the end of their life with nothing to show for it. When things get too real, they run away into their fantasies and wallow in sadness, but surprisingly, this very low level is exactly where we find the most potential for happiness.

The Kabbalists explain that in the month of Pisces, we have the potential to access happiness beyond comprehension, but this happiness comes with a price. In order to gain access, we must sacrifice our selfishness, pride, and ego. Just like the Pisces who is able to sacrifice his or her own needs for the sake of another, we must learn to sacrifice our ego and let go of the selfishness that chains us to the lowest levels of consciousness. In essence, happiness is a choice this month more so than any other month. When we make the conscious choice to let go of our selfish need to be right, to be justified, to speak gossip, or hate, we will create a space where this happiness can dwell.

In 2017, this month presents several challenges. We get a triple whammy that will provide plenty of opportunity to let go of our ego. The first is the solar eclipse in Pisces that kicks off our month, and the lunar eclipse in Leo that comes just two weeks after. Eclipses act as catalysts that propel us into uncharted territory. They wake us up and make us aware of what we need to change. This will be the last solar eclipse in Pisces in a series that has been occurring over the last two years. These eclipses have been opening our eyes to how we can strike a balance between our imagination and our practicality. Wherever we were lost in an illusion, we were awakened to the stark reality. Wherever we were too rigid in what we thought was possible, our eyes were opened to new and imaginative ways of doing things. This month, be open to the understanding that if what you thought was real turns out to be an illusion, it was never meant for you from the start. Not only that, but if you had received it, it would bring chaos to your life. Push yourself to face the truth by knowing that the Light of the Creator has your best interest at heart. The location of these eclipses in your chart can give you a good indication of where these revelations have been taking place. This final eclipse marks the end of a movie that has been playing over the last two years. The lunar eclipse in Leo will signal the beginning of a new period of awakening, one that will teach us how to open our hearts and become united with our community. But we'll talk more about that once we reach the year's biggest solar eclipse this summer.

The second is the presence of Mars, Venus, and Uranus in Aries. Aries is a fire sign and the sign of aggression. These planets in this super heated sign can bring short fuses and irritability. We must work to be patient and not jump to conclusions. Short fuses combined with Piscean sensitivity can be a recipe for arguments, conflict, and all out war. Try restricting and redirecting your anger by finding unorthodox and creative ways to channel the active energy. Join a new gym. Learn a new sport, or just walk out to an open field, and scream until you're not angry anymore. Either way, try to do something active. And no matter what, DO NOT give in to your anger. This combination of planets is explosive, and if we light the match, we may cause irreparable damage. Fall back on Piscean compassion and forgiveness rather than Arien aggression and anger.

The third challenge we will face is the coming retrograde cycle of Venus that starts on March 4th. Venus represents our pleasure center, what makes us feel good. From clothes, to money, to love making, to relationships, she rules all that pleases us. Luckily her retrograde is not as difficult as others. This will begin a six week period were we reevaluate our financial situation as well as our relationships. Look to find what value you provide to those around you rather than seeking value in material possessions or what you can take from your relationships. Focus on what you can contribute, and nurture those qualities in yourself. If you get angry and need to let off steam, retail therapy is not, I REPEAT NOT the right answer. When Venus is retrograde we see the world of pleasure differently than when she is direct. Do you like that hat when Venus is retro? You probably will be scratching your head wondering why you bought such an awful thing when she turns direct. It is also not recommended to start a new relationship for the same reason. Sorry singles :/ Luckily, mercury's ingress into Pisces means our imagination can be a good place to look to when searching for inventive ways to blow off steam that don't involve materiality.

The good news is that Jupiter in Libra is still sextile to Saturn in Sagittarius. These two are working cooperatively to keep some semblance of order and harmony in the cosmos. Seeking unity and compassion with those around us, rather than making enemies, is another key to success this month.

All in all, this month is rife with opportunities to let go of selfishness and tap into the selflessness that creates the opening for true happiness. This happiness is not dependent on the approval of others, material possessions, or fantasies. This happiness is true, and it is real. Though it may take real spiritual work, if we accomplish it, we will find ourselves feeling a sense of joy that we may not have the opportunity to tap into again for a very long time.

With all my love,


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