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Saturn in Capricorn - The Essence of True Responsibility

As of December 19th, Saturn entered his home sign of Capricorn where he will remain until the end of 2020.  I was a little unsure of the feeling of this transit so I held off writing about it until I felt I had a firm grasp on what the stern planet of responsibility wanted to teach us.  Over the last several weeks, we have seen some powerful manifestations of this transit.  Saturn is the planet of responsibility, austerity, tests, restrictions, fear, isolation, and all things uncomfortable.  Saturn pushes us into places that we do not want to go, and he does so by looking at who we are meant to become and comparing it with where we are now.  He makes us do the things we simply do no want to and forces us to face those things we have been putting off.  He also represents our most perfected state, the idealized version of ourselves, and our most light-like manifestation.  Capricorn is the sign that has the most affinity with Saturn.  The sign of the goat is sturdy, steadfast, reliable, and goal-oriented.  When Saturn enters his home sign, it is as if he is returning from a long trek out in the world and has come back to see what the kids have done while he was away.  Saturn and Capricorn represent rules, boundaries, and responsibility.  So, as Saturn comes home to clean house, we are going to find ourselves faced with how well or how poorly we have respected both mundane and spiritual laws and boundaries.  For those of us who have made the effort to respect those laws and boundaries, this time may turn out to be quite fortuitous.  For those who have not, this time can be astonishingly difficult.  

Kabbalistically speaking, we came into this world in order to transform and become like the Creator, to be the cause of our own fulfillment.  According to the Zohar, before our souls came down into our bodies, we had everything freely given to us.  We were essentially the effect of the Creator's desire to give.  Think of a child who receives everything from his parents and never works for anything.  They take on a sense of shame and emptiness because they are not contributing to their own happiness or their own growth.  They're not earning it.  Spiritually, we were that child, and the Creator the parent.  We came here to change that.  We came into this world to transform from a passive recipient to an active creator.  In order to achieve this transformation, there is an earning process that must take place.  That process involves learning to share when we don't want to, to be kind when we want to be cruel, to be patient when we want to rush.  We came here to change from a selfish level of consciousness to a selfless level of consciousness, which means we must be challenged with obstacles that push our buttons and incite us to act selfishly.  Throughout our incarnations, each time we acted in selfishness we put up blockages between us and the Light force that feeds our soul.  Each time we went against our selfish desires, we removed a blockage and received the fulfilling joy the Creator desires to give us.  Saturn is the planet that brings our blockages full circle.  In moments when we face challenges and hardship, mostly governed by Saturn, we are actually seeing the energy of selfishness we put out into the universe boomeranging back to us.  This boomerang effect provides us the opportunity to change and behave differently.  It challenges us to act with love when we want to hate and to surrender to the process when we want to control.  The key factor in our transformation is taking responsibility, the key signification of Saturn and Capricorn.  Let's understand the word "responsibility" a little deeper. 

I have had many clients go through some indescribably difficult situations.  Many have been betrayed by partners, abused by their supervisors, lied to, stolen from, the list goes on.  Often times, these difficult situations can leave us feeling victimized, and sometimes, rightfully so.  These experiences leave us with feelings that are painful and scary to come face to face with, but as with all things Saturnian, we must take these situations and learn to use them rather than be used by them.  There are countless stories of those who have faced great hardship and from it, blossomed into channels of support and love for others.  What is their secret?  They never allowed themselves to feel victimized even if they truly and honestly were.  They took their feelings of weakness, powerlessness, and fear and transformed them by taking upon themselves the responsibility to be the creators of their own story.  In essence, they deliberately and consciously took their power back.  It is important to understand that when we face pain, we often tend to point our finger outward and blame the person who caused it.  However, the energy of Saturn in Capricorn does not allow us to place blame anywhere, neither upon the person who hurt us, nor upon ourselves.  Saturn in Capricorn requires that we take personal responsibility to grab hold of our power and understand that we are the masters of our own happiness.  Blame has no place in our consciousness anymore, and the more we struggle to blame rather than assume responsibility, the more painful and difficult our lives will be come.  When we take this responsibility, we remove one of the barriers we created in past lives or in this one.  We bring ourselves closer to the Light force as well as to our higher selves.  

We can see many instances in the world today where this is playing out.  The #metoo movement is a great example of those who have faced the ugly visage of sexual assault and harassment to take their power back and speak out against deplorable behavior.  They are no longer fearful in speaking their truth.  They are honestly and bravely taking responsibility and becoming the cause of their own empowerment.  Notice they are not blaming themselves, or at least if they did, they're not anymore.  Remember, blame has no place, but there is a fine line between accepting responsibility for our own lives and blaming ourselves or others.  The key is to act out of fullness and love rather than emptiness and lack.  When we can get ourselves to a place where we feel whole and complete within and stop looking outward for our validation and power, we begin to truly understand what personal responsibility actually means.  

On a more mundane level, Capricorn and Saturn govern infrastructure, savings, and management systems.  We will see those who have abused or neglected their responsibilities to others and themselves be ousted and fresh faces take hold of the reigns to prove that they can handle the burden.  A focus on national and commercial infrastructure will take form, and investments will be made to improve them.  Saturn and Capricorn also rule boundaries and limitations.  During the next three years we will see a shaking out of outdated regulations and limits that no longer serve the current economic and social atmosphere.   We will also see an emphasis on austerity and saving rather than on spending.  Money will go where it is needed and nowhere else.  Be prepared to be given new duties to manage and oversee.  Where Saturn and Capricorn appear in your chart will indicate where these new obligations will be given to you.   Saturn and Capricorn are also slow and steady energies, so do not rush into anything.  Keep your head level and be ready to take your time when handling these new duties in your life.  We are working towards building something new and lasting, which takes a tremendous amount of time and effort.  Be ready to pull up your sleeves and dig in the trenches.  Comfort is not something Capricorn or Saturn are interested in.  They value hard work and accomplishment.  

Lastly, for those who have spent the last few years working hard and following the rules but have not seen any fruits from those labors, you will see yourselves rewarded and acknowledged for your accomplishments and contributions.  Those who have not will see tremendous pressure to improve, or they may even see themselves losing what they neglected.  The moral of the story is that when we have worked hard, eventually we will receive the goodness that is meant for us, and when we don't we lose it.  Saturn asks us two direct questions: who are you meant to be, and are you working to manifest that potential?  And when he is at home, we have nowhere to hide and no excuses to turn to.  When we flow with the energy of Saturn and embrace the responsibility he levies upon us, we will receive tremendous abundance and reward once the work has been put in, and when we don't, we will feel the crushing pain that comes with not living up to our potential.  Our potential is one where we are the cause of our own happiness.  It is us embracing our spiritual and mundane work to reveal the highest levels of our soul: love, kindness, acceptance, care for others, and humility.   

If you are wondering what responsibilities Saturn will ask of you while he makes his transit through Capricorn, check out my Natal Chart Consultation.  We can pinpoint those new duties and help you get to that place where you are revealing the best parts of you, and subsequently, receiving all that the universe wishes to give you.  

With all my Love,


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