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The Great Conjunction of 2020

The great conjunction has been seen by astrologers throughout the ages as a signal for great change in the areas of human thought and consciousness. These two giants represent two halves of the same important coin: our ability to grow, learn, and ascribe meaning (Jupiter) and our ability to limit, manifest, and give form (Saturn). These conjunctions herald the changing of kings, rulers, world powers, religious majority, scientific discovery and innovation, as well as the appearance of prophets and messianic figures. Jupiter and Saturn conjunct at 0° Aquarius represents the ending of two major cycles. Jupiter/Saturn conjunctions occur in sets of 200 year as well as 20-year increments. For 200 years, the conjunctions occur in signs of the same element. That means in a 200-year span Jupiter and Saturn will conjunct 8-10 consecutive times in signs of the same element. The upcoming conjunction ends not only the previous 20-year period, but also the previous 200-year period. For the last 200 years, the conjunctions have been occurring in earth signs. In this period, humanity mastered the physical world in a way that was unparalleled in previous times. We had the industrial revolution, the invention of metal electric wires, the use of crude oil extracted from the earth to fuel our modern world, and the triumph, however grotesque, of mass food production. As we leave the earth element, we enter a new cycle of 200 years of air conjunctions. Air is the element of communication, invention, intellect, thought, social interaction, consciousness, and balance. Additionally, the air element represents a departure from the physical and an entry into the world of thought and connection. Air will help us make a quantum leap in technological advancement: A.I., quantum computing, digital currency, virtual reality, holograms, organ regeneration, and even the prospect of real immortality. However, it is important to note that an element is neither superior nor inferior to another. All elements have their fortunate and unfortunate attributes. Air will help us to go beyond the pull of gravity as we enter fully into long distance space travel, but how far from home will it take us physically, mentally, and emotionally?

This brings us to the spiritual ramifications of this monumental event. According to Rabbi Abraham Ibn Ezra, the great medieval Kabbalistic Astrologer, the great conjunction will happen just before the coming of the messiah. This had led many other kabbalistic astrologers to note the astonishing location of this conjunction both in terms of sign as well as its degree. According to the writings of Kabbalist Rav Berg, the sign of Aquarius represents B’viat HaMashiach, the coming of the messianic era and the universal expansion of consciousness beyond the limits of physicality. It is the essence of this sign that allow us access to the evolution of our species and the greatest gift that we were given: our mind. Aquarius is a sign that relates directly to thought beyond the limits of what is currently achievable, perceived, or even fathomed. That is why Aquarians are seen as quirky, weird, and even a little “out there.” They can see and perceive things that most of us cannot comprehend. It is this access to the level of unlimited consciousness that should make one take notice of the conjunction. Not only that, but when a planet is located at 0° of any sign, all of the power of that sign is concentrated into the planet. Just as the entire tree is contained in a single seed, all of the sign is contained in its first degree. This means, that when the conjunction occurs, it will not only happen in a sign that relates to the coming of Mashiach consciousness, but it is located at its most concentrated degree.

But what really is Mashiach consciousness anyway? To put it simply, it is the ability to be completely in control of our thoughts, words, and actions independent of what is happening outside of ourselves. It is the ability to clearly see the connection between cause and effect without the interference of our selfish desires and ego. It is our capacity to love and connect with others at any moment, particularly when we are at odds with them or when we are not getting what we want. It is our ability be behave like a Creator at every moment of every day and feel the presence of the Light-force of God infinitely and permanently. Basically, it is a never-ending consciousness of Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself. As we enter into this new era that begins with the great conjunction of 2020, more and more pressure from the universe will come to make the Messianic Age a reality. This means that humanity will be faced with either intense elevation and abundance, or agonizing pain and suffering. The Zohar describes this pre-messiah period as Oy v’Ashrie: Woe unto those who live in that time, and praiseworthy are those who live in that time. The Zohar never minces words when it comes to the importance and dedication that needs to be given to our spiritual work of personal transformation from beings of ego to beings of sharing. During this time, the space between cause and effect are miniscule. We will be pressed harder and harder like olives until the pure oil of our soul is revealed and ignites the flame of love and sharing. There will be no middle ground. Either you are on the path of the Light and are growing in your consciousness of love and sharing, or you are not. While this prophecy from the Zohar and confirmation from the alignment of our planetary giants may sound distressing, the choice is yours to take now. Embrace love, sharing, and elevation and the Light of Mashiach will shine within you and spread to every soul you touch. This will hasten the final transition of humanity from our lower, ego-driven consciousness into the higher, Aquarian consciousness that we are destined to achieve.

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