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New Moon of Virgo 2019 - The Bigger Picture of Change

Let's face it. This last year has been tough. And when I say last year, I am referring to the Kabbalistic year, meaning from the last New Moon of Libra (Sept 10, 2018) to the upcoming New Moon of Libra (Sept 30, 2019). In the Kabbalistic calendar we see the New Moon of Libra as a time in which we determine many things for ourselves, including how much money we make, if we'll have children, and even the length of our lives. So when we want to understand how the cosmic year will look, we immediately go to the New Moon of Libra. Now, I'm sure you went back to reread the title and are now wondering why on earth am I talking about the New Moon of Libra when we are now in the New Moon of Virgo. There's actually a very good reason for it. The New Moon of Virgo comes just before the New Moon of Libra, and it is considered the time frame within which we can prepare ourselves for the coming cosmic New Year. The better prepared we are, the better year we can create for ourselves when the New Moon of Libra comes in. Virgo is a month in which we can look back on the last eleven months to see where we made mistakes in our spiritual work and then make the effort to correct them. This month is considered the month of teshuva, or repentance. But the Kabbalists don't see the idea of repentance as going back to the people we may have hurt and asking for their forgiveness. It is a time in which we can actually close the openings for negativity that we created when took a negative, selfish action. Let's examine this idea more closely before we jump into the chart.

According the Kabbalisits, we were put on this earth to make a spiritual transformation from people who constantly seek to selfishly take for themselves alone into people who are constantly sharing and creating goodness for others and therefore themselves. Within the cosmic framework of our universe, there exists a system that assists us in this transformation, and this system is commonly known as "cause and effect." Essentially, we made a deal with the Creator that we would come into this world and do the work of transforming ourselves, and in order to achieve that, we needed a system that would guarantee this deep, inner change. Many people see the concept of negative behavior as "sinful" and that every time we do something that is considered a "sin," we transgress the Creator and are deserving of punishment. The Kabbalists are fervently opposed to this viewpoint, because it ascribes human characteristics to the Creator such as vengeful, controlling, and unloving. But if we look at the universe a cosmic computer that interacts with and responds to us, we can come to understand that negative behavior results in negative consequences because if it didn't, we would never be pushed away from selfishness and into a Creator consciousness. We need there to be negative effects for selfish actions and positive effects for sharing actions. The universe is simply a mirror of our behavior: behave like a Creator and you receive more from life, behave selfishly and you receive less. It is simply the mirror effect in our cosmos. Each time we behave in a selfish way, we create an opening through which chaos can enter, however, because the Creator is truly merciful, He injected the aspect of time which separates cause and effect. So, we can do a negative action today and receive the negative effect tomorrow, next week, next year, or even next lifetime. But if we can manage to close the opening before the negativity enters, the chaos cannot manifest. This is how the Kabbalists see teshuva: repentance.

What does teshuva actually look like? This month we will be provided with similar situations that presented themselves throughout this year, and we'll be given the opportunity to fall into the same negative behavior patterns or to rise above them. For example, let's say that at some point last December, you became incredibly angry at someone and in a fit of rage, lashed out at them causing damage to your relationship. This month, you'll find yourself in that same mindset again. It may be with the same person, and it may not. But the point is not to fix the action to you took. This point is to fix the way you think about situations that trigger your anger and the actions that result from your anger. Your anger is actually what you need to transform, not the other person, because if you did not have issues with anger, you wouldn't have gotten angry in the first place. You can even go deeper and ask yourself, what is it that causes me to get so angry? Am I scared? Do I seek approval form others and not receive it? Do I have control issues? There is always a deeper seed connected to how our negative behavior manifests, and this month gives us the opportunity to connect the dots between our negative actions and our negative thinking. The moment you pin point the negative consciousness that results in negative actions, then you can uproot that thinking and close the door to negative consequences. If fear is the root of the anger, then resolve yourself to be brave and trust in the Creator. If the root is control, then commit to allowing the universe to flow in it's own rhythm and not just yours. Once we change our thinking, our actions and reactions change in tandem. This is the transformation we can make this month, and once we do, we clear out all the buildup that we could potentially carry with us into the New Year.

Now let's take a look at the chart:

This chart is quite striking for two main reasons. The first is that the Ascendant is on the last degree of Capricorn with its ruler, Saturn, conjunct the South Node. The second is a massive stellium of planets in Virgo: Mercury, the Sun, Mars, the Moon, and Venus. This is BIG, because it is indicating the opportunity for a major breakthrough if we're willing do the spiritual work.

If you read my previous Astral Article on the New Moon of Cancer two months ago, or if you follow me on Instagram, you'll remember that the nodes indicate major shifts in human consciousness. This placement of the North Node in Cancer and the South Node in Capricorn tells that our work is to let go of our physical attachments such as old possessions, documents, keepsakes, and clutter that no longer serve us. It also means that we need to let go of outdated ways of thinking and approaches to situations and people. The North Node in Cancer means that we need to work towards building deeper connections with others, focusing our efforts on caring for and nurturing the people around us, treating everyone like family rather than a stranger. This last year we were presented with many intense moments where we were asked to let go of things that were difficult to release. These moments may have induced anxiety, anger, fear, isolationism, and stress. Now that we are in the month of Virgo, we may be faced with those negative feelings once again if we did not do the work of transforming them in the moment. Luckily, we have a lot of support from all those planets in Virgo, to help see the benefit of embracing change and letting go of the past. We will be able to connect to a bigger picture of how this change can benefit us in the long run and how it can be put into practical action. If we come face to face with our negative thinking, and allow ourselves to embrace a higher path, we'll close the openings we created this last year by wanting to hold on to the past, and instead, we'll move into a new movie where positive change can take place. This is the power of this month.

Let's check out the horoscopes for the month of Virgo. As always, don't forget to start with your Ascendant and the move to your Sun sign.

Aries - Your career and home/family life have been quite a source of conflict for you this year, and your typical warrior approach has more or less fallen flat in brining you closer to what you actually want. These last eleven months have tested your capacity to lower your guard and open your heart in a way that while uncomfortable at first, can truly bring you a deeper sense of connection with others and overall feeling of happiness. This month you are asked to bring your focus towards how you can better be of service to those around you. As you align your efforts in this way, you will come to have a greater understanding of the lessons the Light has been trying to teach you. Opening your heart is more effective than unsheathing your sword.

Taurus - It seems like the last eleven months have turned your mind inside out, upside down, and twisted it into a pretzel. The sometimes overwhelming challenges in your day to day life have had a tremendous impact on your beliefs. You may have found yourself questioning your philosophy, religion, or overall world view due to the fact that all that what you have been taught to believe no longer seems to serve you. For some, this has been earth shattering and rage inducing. The truth is that you are undergoing an evolution that is starting at the core of your being, and the person you are going to become is lightyears ahead of whom you are now. Do not fear change and do not resist it. As you place your efforts towards creating and building a new paradigm, you will find yourself making quantum leaps in your personal evolution.

Gemini - Your money has been the source of intense stress and anxiety for the last eleven months, and whether you choose to believe it or not, it is actually serving a tremendous purpose in your life. Much of your security is rooted in the amount of money you make or possessions you own, and while we all need to enjoy the fruits of our labor, you can no longer use it as a security blanket. This month you have the opportunity to completely release yourself from this seemingly never ending story by reconnecting to your roots and understanding what it is that you truly desire. As you begin to come closer to connecting with what what you really want, you'll discover a higher sense of self worth that is connected to what you create. Are you finally ready to move forward?

Cancer - You have shown the world that you are capable of incredible growth and self-assertion even in the face of overwhelming doubt. We all know how your sensitive nature can lead you into being overprotective of yourself, but these last eleven months have propelled you out of your shell and demanded that you deal with things directly and head-on rather than side stepping every issue. Your power and strength lie in your capacity to nurture and care for others, and if you constantly avoid direct confrontation, you’ll never have the chance to transform frustration into patience or hatred into love, or fear into bravery. Take that next step towards being as true to yourself as you can while simultaneously allowing that old shell to fall away so that you can build one that is softer.

Leo - Much of these last eleven months has been a balancing act between tireless work and functionally tired. You’ve had to take care of so many different things at once that you probably have found your self burnt out and ready for something new. Yet oddly enough, you have found quite a bit of success in your work if you took it seriously and didn’t give up. They key for you is to learn when and how to take time for yourself and slow down. Self care is your mantra for this month. Make time to meditate, rest, and nurture yourself in privacy. Alone time is where you’ll discover a tremendous sense of reprieve and even inspiration for where you’ll want to go next.

Virgo - This month the spotlight falls on you Virgo, and as such, many people may be seeking your assistance and guidance on how to accomplish the seemingly endless amount of tasks ahead of them. You yourself have a very long list of things you must do if you want to keep your creative efforts and/or care for your kids going. Remember that much of the frustration you’ve felt this year is due to a need to creatively express yourself while simultaneously being involved with your community. Your work is to find the balance between your duty to yourself and your emotional need to feel connected to others. You can have it all if you realize that your creative endeavors or care for your children must involve your community. They are not and need not be separate. As you integrate these two worlds, you discover that you’re edging ever closer to making your aspirations a reality.

Libra - You have been dealing with quite a bit of change this year, Libra, and your balancing act has been put to the test. Your career is a huge focal point for you and simultaneously, so is your home and family life. This month, all of the disruptions that occurred from your home/family that have slowed down your goals may come back to give you one last opportunity to balance the scales. It is not an either/or situation for you. Each can serve the other if you stop trying to please everyone and just be true to yourself. Take some time this month and do some deep soul searching. Ask yourself, how can you be of service to both your family and to those you wish to work with. This shift in perspective will help you see exactly how to balance your scales and how you can be the creator of equilibrium in your life.

Scorpio - If we were to sum up this year we could probably describe it as an expansion of your horizons. Often times you think in terms of practical absolutes and extremes of black and white. The past eleven months have asked you to go beyond simplistic thinking and to embrace a higher meaning and a deeper connection to the universe. You have probably asked yourself many times, “what am I doing here? Why am I doing what I’m doing? What is my place in the world and how can I make a greater contribution to it?” This month, you’ll find yourself seeking to understand not just where you fit into the world, but where you fit into your community, or what community you fit into. Opportunity knocks in the places you are fearful of venturing into. Just how far beyond your fear you’re willing to travel will determine how much growth you experience. Take the leap.

Sagittarius - Everything you have been preparing for over the last year can be yours this month Sag. All you have to do is maintain your focus and let go of your fear of commitment. We know how much effort you've put into getting your finances in order and even though it might feel like it's too much to handle, it's actually everything you've been asking for. Very often you crave freedom to move and explore at any moment, and the shackles of responsibility have always felt heavy on you. But this year, if you have put in the right work, you've discovered the true freedom that comes from embracing responsibility rather than running away from it. Your goals are just within your reach, and if they include making an impact on the world, you'll reap great rewards.

Capricorn - We can't say it has been an easy ride for you over the last year, but we can say that you have shed layer upon layer of unnecessary baggage. Your heart hung heavy a while back, and while that dark space was uncomfortable and maybe even a little scary, you have come out the other side a totally different person. You still keep your promises and maintain your focus on your goals, but there has been a shift in your understanding of what aspects of yourself serve you and those that don't. This month may throw one more curveball your way to give you the opportunity to exemplify the new person you've come to be: supportive and even a little nurturing. When you have the opportunity to put your love for someone close to you, maybe a family member, ahead of your own ambition, do it. You'll have proven to the cosmos that you're ready for the next step.

Aquarius - Much of these last several months have involved you making a greater effort to open your heart to those around you in service to them. One of the many ways you sabotage yourself is by giving in to your fear of vulnerability with others, yet ironically, we both know that you secretly yearn to be a part of society so that you can make it better for all humanity. Throughout much of your life you may have felt you were different and misunderstood, and this has caused you to have an aversion to deeper, and more meaningful relationships. This month, you'll be given the opportunity to prove that you are ready to give more meaningful support to someone. It might feel arduous and time consuming, but it's worth it. Because the moment you open your heart and support another person, is the moment you change their world. And we don't change the world all at once; we change the world one person at a time.

Pisces - By this point I'm sure you have figured out that when you put your mind to something and openly chase your dreams, you end up getting what you want. So many times over the last year, you've felt that having it all wasn't possible, or not even worth it. You questioned why you would even worthy of pursuing such ambitious ideals. But in the moment that you made the decision to ask the universe for what you wanted, and made the commitment to do the work necessary to make it happen, you discover that it is not as far out of reach as you may have thought. You're on a creative streak right now, Pisces, and this Creator inside you can you express itself in many ways. The key is to fearlessly put yourself out there. Show those who make the decisions that you're ready fore more by keeping your feet on the ground and your work ethic sharp.

One of the most powerful Kabbalistic tools, we have been given are the letters of the month. These conduits of spiritual energy help us to control the negative aspects of this month, which are crtiticsm and judgement of others and ourselves, rather than looking for the seed of our negative behavior. The Kabbalists teach that we can meditate on the Hebrew letter "Reish" to control the ruling planet of this month, Mercury, and the Hebrew letter "Yud" to control the sign of Virgo. Anytime we find ourselves falling into judgement of others rather than seeking our deeper internal transformation, simply connect to the energy of these letters by looking at them. Their vibrations will enter through your eyes and activate the Light of your soul, giving you the ability clear your mind and move forward with a Creator consciousness.

This month gives us the opportunity to go back in time and redo any negative action or thought pattern we gave into. The moment we embrace our higher selves and act in accordance with our Creator nature, essentially sharing when we want to receive selfishly, we can not only close those openings for chaos, but we can uproot the cause of them to begin with.

Drop your questions about this process in the comments below, and we can go deeper into this subject. It is a profound and sometimes confusing process, and I am here to help make sure we all understand it.

Wishing you an incredible month!

With Light,


PS. If you are interested in diving deeper into your spiritual work and process of transformation, sign up for a chart consultation here.

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