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New Moon of Sagittarius 2019 - Beyond Limits

Happy New Moon everyone! Now that we have finally exited the incredibly challenging month of Scorpio, we can now breath a sigh relief because we are now entering one of the most positive months of the year! The month of Sagittarius!

In celebration of this incredibly powerful month, I am going to start doing something a little different in my articles. What I normally write out, I going to try doing video. So enjoy the below video and then continue on for the horoscopes and the letters of the month!

The chart for this month:

Now let's see what this month has in store for all the signs! Always remember to read the sign for you rising sign (ascendant) first!

Aries - The Month of Sagittarius will highlight the importance of broadening your horizons and expanding your knowledge base. Being the sign of the ram, you are strongly connected to your individuality and proudly assert your point of view, and while this can be a tremendous asset for you in terms of self-assurance and confidence, it can close you off to other ideas and points of view that could open up greater levels of understanding about who you are and were you fit into the bigger picture of your life. If you've had opportunities to travel, take classes, or learn something on a higher level, this is the month to take advantage of that new knowledge and begin to put it into practice. Never limit yourself by only following what you already know. An open mind creates an opening for experiencing and receiving even more from the universe!

Taurus - The Month of Sagittarius will shine a light on the way in which other people support you and how you support them. If you have been looking to grow past disappointment and let down in the areas of money and property, then this month offers the opportunity to push beyond it. Your sign is very good at establishing sturdy foundations from which you can grow and prosper, but often times you end up outgrowing these foundations without ever realizing it. When you outgrow what you've built, it ceases to serve you and in the long run, limits you. This month, don't be afraid to take a little risk and go out of your comfort zone and ask for help. You will be blessed with smart and visionary people, who can give you just the right amount of insight to push you out of the rut and into the next level of financial prosperity.

Gemini - The Month of Sagittarius highlights the way in which you relate to people one-on-one as well as your most intimate and close relationships. This includes longterm relationships, marriage, business partnerships, and even very close friendships. You have always tended to attract very lucky people into your life, and through them, you find great benefit for yourself. As a result, you tend have built up some rather hefty expectations that your partners will deliver on every one of their promises. When you see partners in a larger-than-life way, you can lose focus of their humanity and be disappointed when they don't live up to your expectations. If you can learn to see the people in your close relationships as human beings with human failings, then you can release yourself from these expectations and find a much higher level of connection, respect, and love between the two of you.

Cancer - The Month of Sagittarius places a larger-than-life focus on your daily routines and work, as well as your self/health care regimen and your need to be of service to others. You approach these parts of your life with lots of enthusiasm and high hopes, but often times when projects fall flat, diets fall apart, and people don't appreciate your advice, you can fall into disappointment and hurt feelings. It is at this point, that you retreat into your canceran shell. But this month, if you can approach these areas of life with a level head and a realistic expectation, you can pull off that impossible project, lose those extra pounds, and really help someone who needs it. When you push yourself beyond the limitation of, "what if I'm disappointed yet again?" then you can make a lasting impact in this area of life.

Leo - This Month of Sagittarius was made for you more than this past Month of Leo! With the New Moon falling in your fifth house of creativity and merry making, you can live your best life this month! One thing you'll have to let go of, however, is the fear you have of people not liking it. There are so many creative ideas you have to make the world a brighter place, but if you limit them by worrying about what people will say, then you can never express those ideas and pursuits to their highest potential. This month, go out on a limb and turn that creative or entrepreneurial project into a real reality, but let go of your fear of rejection. You create so that your light can shine, not so that people will love you. Because when your light shines at its full brightness, others will naturally take notice and become inspired to do the same.

Virgo - This Month of Sagittarius places a tremendous emphasis on your home, family, and strangely enough, your own desires. You are very fortunate to have the blessing of a generous family and/or home life. Your natural tendency to see what needs to be improved or fixed can often times place your focus away from how much good truly comes from this part of your life and instead on what's wrong. So much so, that it's possible people in your home and family life have not taken your advice or helpfulness very constructively. The people in your family need space and freedom to be who they are, just as they are. In fact, space and freedom is what you truly want for yourself, isn't it? The question is, why not give it to them as well? If you can let go of the limiting belief that you have to fix and improve these people, and then give them the same freedom you so deeply yearn for yourself, you can find a much deeper appreciation for them and strangely enough a clearer understanding of what your heart truly desires.

Libra - The Month of Sagittarius will bring your focus into how you have been trying to integrate a spiritual, religious, or philosophical concept into your daily life. You have been learning a lot over the last year and expanding your mind in many ways. What you need to do now is solidify it as a more simple, down to earth understanding so that you then turn around and begin to share it with others in a way that they can understand. You have always been incredibly smart, but sometimes that intellect can go too high and fly right over other people's heads, which then leads you wonder if you really can teach or share these ideas with everyone. You being the people person that you are, do, in fact, have the ability to translate these big ideas into simple teachings. All you have to do is believe in yourself and make the commitment to learn how. You'll have people close to you who can help you. Ask for their assistance, and they'll be happy to oblige.

Scorpio - The Month of Sagittarius will highlight your intense and fiery need for financial independence and freedom. You more than any other sign know the value of taking care of your money. So much so that you even have to gift to help others with theirs. Your deep and penetrating insight helps you to intuit just how and where to invest your money. However, that very need for financial freedom can quickly turn in to a fear of loss if you're not careful. This month will present you a fantastic opportunity to make a wise investment, but you'll need to let go of your fear if you really want to take the leap and allow the opportunity to turn into blessing. Don't be impulsive but at the same time don't be too slow to act. Do the proper investigating, but don't let your fear hold you back from next level financial abundance.

Sagittarius - This Month of Sagittarius is putting you in the spotlight. With so much emphasis on your sign, your light will shine brighter than anyone else's this month. You'll feel empowered, confident, and invincible. You have gone through a lot of personal change over the last few years: taking on new responsibilities, embracing the power of a down to earth approach, and owning your decisions. This month marks a point where much of who you have become will make itself known on a new level. The only question is, are you ready to let go of that mentality that new or more responsibility is a prison that inhibits your free spirit? You have so much to offer the world, and if you're not willing to invest in sharing it with people in a practical way, you'll never be able to truly shine that light. This month, embrace the new you and be willing to embrace the responsibility that comes with it.

Capricorn - The Month of Sagittarius will highlight the inner workings of your subconscious and shine a bright light into some of the ways in which you can get out of your own way and allow true goodness and growth the come your way. As a committed and responsible person, you have always lived your life with the mentality that hard work and dedication always pay off. You will work tirelessly to get the job done, and you subconsciously work today so that you can enjoy yourself later in life and retire to a life of leisure and freedom, and maybe even travel and exploration. The only problem is that it can hinder you from truly living in the present and enjoying yourself today and now. You can actually have that same freedom if you let go of the belief that it will come to you "some day down the road." Create it now and allow yourself to enjoy and explore the world while you can. There is no such thing as past or future, there is only the present.

Aquarius - This Month of Sagittarius will help you finally turn that long awaited dream and aspiration into a reality. You have always been somewhat of visionary when it comes to your unique ideas. And for most of your life many people have had a hard time really understanding you and what you're trying to build or create. Your gift is to see far off into the future and bring those posibilites into the present. Don't let your stubborn mind stop you from connecting to people who can help you make this dream a reality. Just because someone may not understand your idea, doesn't mean you can't bring it down to a level where they can. Your ideas are big and so is your burning desire to make them real. If you can get past your own rigid thinking and need to control the situation by allowing others a place to participate, you'll turn that dream into a reality.

Pisces - This Month of Sagittarius will bring a very big and prominent focus onto your career and goals! If there is something that you have been trying to achieve, this is the month where you can achieve it. But much like your planetary sibling, Sagittarius, you'll need to be willing to embrace the responsibility that comes with this achievement. One of your greatest aversions is dealing with the humdrum of the physical world. A life of tasks, deadlines, and expectations is something that really deflates your excitement, but if you want to stand on the top of that mountain, you'll have to do the work to get there. Let go of your limited belief that there is little inspiriation in daily work. It is only by embracing these steps that you can inject your Piscean spiritual magic into the physical world. You're not meant to escape the world and find the spiritual. You're meant to confront the world and achieve great heights!

During this month we can use powerful kabbalistic tools in order go beyond our limited nature. The Hebrew letters are more than just letters. They are the physical manifestation of spiritual vibrations of the Creator's light force. When we gaze upon their shape, their spiritual vibrations activate the Light in our soul, and give us the strength and support to do transformative spiritual work we are meant to do. This month we can use the Hebrew letter "Samech" to control the sign of Sagittarius, and the Hebrew letter "Gimel" to control the planet Jupiter. Save the image below to your device and use them throughout the month when you hear the voice of limitation shouting in your consciousness.

One of the most difficult things we have to do in spirituality is maintain our certainty that once we step outside of that comfort zone and push that limit, we'll have the support we need from the universe to move towards our highest good. As you push yourself beyond what you think you can't do, always remember that no matter what happens, the ultimate outcome will be for this highest good and that the universe has your back.

Wishing you an amazing month of miracles!

With Light,


PS. If you're interested in learning what those limiting thoughts are and how you can overcome them, sign up for a natal chart reading here.

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