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New Moon of Pisces 2020 - Joyfully Confronting

Happy New Moon everyone! Now that we have made it through the month of Aquarius, hopefully with a renewed sense of spiritual freedom, we come to what the Kabbalists refer to as the month of happiness, or in astrological terms, the New Moon of Pisces! Personally, this is one of my favorite months of the year since it opens up a window in time where we gain access to the source of happiness so that we can not only tap into it, but take it with us for the entire year. In the video below, I go through all the ins and outs of this powerful month so that we all can easily connect to it and make use of it. Once you have the consciousness of the month in mind, keep reading to find your horoscopes as well as the letters of the month. Enjoy!

For those of you who are nerdy for astrology like I am, I have posted the chart of the month below:

And as always, I have provide horoscopes for each of the signs below. I know I say this all the time, but it's important! Read your rising sign FIRST, and then continue on to read your sun sign.

Aries - The Month of Pisces is going to highlight the relationship area of your life, Aries, and being the embodiment of Martial energy, you might find yourself instigating arguments and maybe even a fight or two. This could be with your romantic partner if you have one, but it will most likely be with someone you work with. A need for rest and recharging could have you pushed to the brink, and if you're not careful you could run yourself ragged. This will be the catalyst for your outburst, so rather than lashing out this month, let people know that you need to take a moment and rest. If you can express these needs proactively, you can avoid unnecessary conflict and everyone can have their needs met.

Taurus - The Month of Pisces will have you feeling mentally restless, Taurus. Being the beautiful Venusian that you are, you detest getting to a place where conflict causes that inner volcano you so masterfully keep dormant to erupt, but something has been eating at you lately when it comes to your friends. Maybe you're starting to be fed up with the superficiality of certain people, or maybe you just feel that others aren't walking the talk. Ultimately, the changes that you have been going through are now starting to cause uneasiness with those who are thinking in the old way. Even though you are always the reliable one, do not be afraid to say no if something does not sit with your newly found outlook. Just be sure you do so respectfully and with love.

Gemini - The Month of Pisces is now placing an interesting focus on your creativity and its audience. You have been working on creating something special for yourself, and many times you worry that people will reject the idea or the final product. With all the heavy hits your self-esteem has taken over the last two years, it's no surprise that you'd second guess your ability to create something special that people would appreciate. The question is, are you creating just to hear people tell you how great it is, or are you creating it because it brings real value to the world and to the lives of others? If your heart is in the right place, and you want your project to make a difference, then you're already on the right track. Keep pushing, and you'll be pleasantly surprised at how well it is received and how it helps to clarify the direction you need to start moving towards.

Cancer - The Month of Pisces is going to make you feel pulled between work and home, Cancer! I know it's not something you like to feel stuck between, but this tug of war will give you a very special opportunity to stand up for what you believe in as well as to face things head on. Your famous crab walk sometimes, if not most times, makes it hard for you to confront things directly, but if you can't confront directly you end up wallowing in resentment and anger. This month, muster up the courage to put your foot down if you're asked to do something that makes you feel spiritually or morally uncomfortable. You will be shocked at how productive the conversation can be if you're able to communicate it with respect and human dignity rather than with harsh words.

Leo - The Month of Pisces will ask you to take some really big ideas you have and bring them down to earth, Leo You've happened upon a new opportunity to either travel, study, learn, or you may have just had your mind opened to something new. While this opportunity is very exciting, it can cause a little conflict with your daily life that needs to be balanced out. The key for you will be communicating what you need from others in order to maintain this balance. They can help you keep your opportunity open as well as your daily life in order. We all know how difficult it can be for your to ask for help, but this is a perfect opportunity to allow yourself to be helped by others. You're so giving and loving with others, why not let them return the favor for you? It will certainly help releive some of the pressure from your huge task list!

Virgo - The Month of Pisces is going to bring money and assets to the forefront for you, Virgo. You are a stickler for keeping your own finances balanced and in order, but when it comes to those of others, they're never really on point enough for you, especially if it involves your partner (romantic or business). You're pretty good at being clear with what you need from other people, but sometimes you don't give them enough time catch up with you. You want your needs met here and now, which is only bad if you become too demanding. Have some extra patience and forgiveness this week if your partner trips up in the areas of money, and have certainty that not all will be lost if there's a bit of disorder. Use it as an opportunity to let go and relax a little, as well as to teach them a better way of doing things.

Libra - The Month of Pisces will ask you to be upfront and direct about your ever evolving needs, Libra. You've been dealing with a lot of changes both in your home life as well as your career, and it has changed you as a person. This means you are entering a new area of life where you have new needs that must be met by others, and if you let your Libran fear of confrontation get the best of you, you run the risk of bottling up your feelings and then seeing them overflow in anger. As you move forward, do not fear directly expressing what you need when someone asks you help them out. If you need to set a boundary, then go for it. Better to give a little and still have time to care for yourself than to give everything you have and be left with no time at all.

Scorpio - The Month of Pisces is going to ask you to slow down a bit and take some time to bring yourself back into balance. You've been quite the workhorse lately, and even though you are being extremely productive and successfully making strides, you have to allow yourself time to recharge and recoup. Rest and relaxation doesn't necessarily mean laying in bed and watching TV all day. Try doing something leisurely that brings out your creative streak. Even playing with kids could be just the boost you need to recharge your batteries. Your intensity can oftentimes know no limits, so if you're not careful you could burn yourself out and get to a place were that famous scorpion stinger makes itself felt. But as long as you schedule time to rest, there will be no need to worry about that at all.

Sagittarius - The Month of Pisces is going to bring the theme of boundaries front and center for you, Sag. But these boundaries are not the ones you set with others; they're the ones you set for yourself. Your sign is one that knows no boundaries, and while this is fantastic when it comes to making the impossible possible, it can be a double edged sword when it comes to partying with your friends. This month, be careful with how far take it when you go out to have fun. Not staying within reasonable boundaries this month can not only cause a whole world of problems for your wallet, but it can also cause a rift in relationships with your friends. As long as you hold yourself accountable and don't let yourself get out of control, you'll have the best time and the best month!

Capricorn - The Month of Pisces could find you at odds with family members and your job. You have been feeling more energized lately and this month you're ready to push ahead and climb a new mountain! Your family may or may not be very supportive, but this is a fantastic opportunity to open your heart and express how much they mean to you while at the same time remaining true to yourself and what you need to do. Communicating with love and compassion will be the key to alleviating the conflict in a way that is calming and helps everyone feel good about your decision. The new you is finally coming into full manifestation, and you must not allow any doubt to sabotage a decision to make your life better.

Aquarius - The Month of Pisces will bring your focus to your personal beliefs and how you stand up for them. Your sign, out of all the others, is the most headstrong when it comes to what you believe. You have often found yourself justifying and defending what you believe to others because your points of view are outside of what makes people comfortable. This month, you may find yourself defending your beliefs to relatives, neighbors, or coworkers, but this time you'll need to excercise restraint when communicating your thoughts. Your mind works quickly, and that's why you're able to see things that others can't. If you slow down and give people the chance to wrap their minds around it, you may be surprised how persuasive you are. If they're not, then do not allow their doubt or lack of understanding to make you feel lesser or devalued. Your ideas are important, and your vision is needed in this world. Never forget that.

Pisces - The Month of Pisces is your time to shine my finny friend! Much of your energy has been spent chasing dreams and trying to bring them down to earth. You've been learning new ways of communicating, new technology, and your mind has been opening. And all of this is meant to help you grow your sense of self worth and value. Lately, however, you may have found yourself a bit agitated with people who aren't recognizing you for what you're doing and how you contribute. This month brings your focus into how you directly ask for your needs to be met. Confrontation isn't your strong suit, but this month you're feeling more empowered. Don't let that fire of confidence burn over and turn into anger. Temper it with patience and respect for the other person. If you're able to ask for what you want in a way that is both self assured and kind, you'll be shocked at how quickly you get compensated for it,

If you were wondering what that Hebrew letter Kuf looks like, here it is! Below are the letters of the month that the Kabbalists gave us. With these powerful tools, we can channel their energy by meditating on them and activating the light of our soul so that we can overcome any negative aspect of this month. The Hebrew letter "Kuf" controls the sign of Pisces, and the Hebrew letter "Gimel" controls the planet Jupiter. Anytime we find ourselves becoming overly emotional, lacking in boundaries, or needing to speak up, meditate on the letters and allow their light to lift you up and give you the boost you need to move forward with your creator essence.

If we can foucus our energies on clarifying what exactly it is we want, we can come that much closer to expressing our needs more directly and with more love. As we do this, our relationships will elevate and our hearts will open. This is how we choose happiness this month.

With Light,


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