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New Moon of Libra 2019 - Drawing Abundance through Empathy

Happy Kabbalistic New Year everyone! We have all arrived at a momentous window in time where we can not only influence the coming thirty days, but also the next twelve months! It is in these next two days beginning Sunday, Sept 29 at sundown, until Tuesday Oct 1 at sundown that we can set a pattern of positive consciousness that can transform how the entire Kabbalistic year will look. The sign of Libra is the scales because during these two days, our positive, spiritual actions are weighed against our negative, selfish actions, Based on how the scales balance out, the authorities in the upper worlds decide how our year will look. If we have proven that our spiritual actions have outweighed our negative actions, then support is granted to us to continue on that upswing. If we have proven the opposite, and we have not done enough spiritual work during the month of Virgo, then the coming year will be filled with the appropriate challenges we need that will ignite within us the desire to elevate and transform. It is during these two days that the Kabbalists commit themselves to profound prayer and specific spiritual meditations so that the energy of mercy is awakened in our world rather than the energy of judgement. In the next two days, we must be on our best spiritual behavior. We should avoid anger, hatred, gossip, jealousy, and all forms of selfishness. We are on spiritual trial for these two days and every thing we think, say, and do will influence whether this next twelve month cycle is filled with expansion and growth, or filled with chaos. We should even go so far as to not speak negatively of ourselves! Anything we say can and will be used against us in the spiritual trial. The kabbalists were very precise when they described the inner workings of these two days. The first day, sundown on Sunday to sundown on Monday, influences the first six Kabbalistic months: Libra to Pisces. The second day, sundown on Monday to sundown on Tuesday, influences the second six kabbalistic months: Aries to Virgo. There is so much more to this new moon that we can take of advantage of, but the best way to approach these two days is to be a beacon of Light no matter what. Be kind, loving, patient, tolerant, and treat everyone you meet with human dignity, NO EXCEPTIONS. This is an incredible opportunity we are given by the universe to transform the next twelve months! Let's take a look at the chart and try to understand what our spiritual work will focus on for the year to come.

As we always do, we start with the ascendent, which is in Virgo. It is in an almost exact conjunction with Mars, and coming off of an opposition with Neptune. The Sun, Moon, Venus, and Mercury are all in Libra making both positive, supportive aspects to Jupiter in Sagittarius and challenging aspects to the South Node, Saturn, and Pluto all in Capricorn. What we see is a year that is focused around productive action in order to manifest the varying goals that we will set for ourselves. Our minds will become very active, and we'll receive an influx of inspiring ideas that will push us to take action and make them real. As we begin taking these action to achieve these goals, we'll find ourselves running into relationships issues. Many times we have preconceived notions and ideas about people based on nothing more than a superficial understanding of who they are or what motivates them. But more often than not, these presumptions are based on nothing more than our own judgments and prejudice. If we are to overcome this, we must excercise empathy for others. If we don't, we can fall into conflict, arguments, fights, and overly aggressive behavior towards them. Walk in their shoes and make the effort to truly feel what they feel. With all the planets we have in Libra, we'll actually have a lot of support in seeing the world through the eyes of others. The true purpose of all this work to feel empathy for others is to help us reevaluate what our self worth and self-esteem are tethered to. Do we use our judgments and prejudices as a means to feel better about ourselves? If we had a deeper connection to our own Light, we would not need to judge others to feel more valuable. And conversely, while we need to always feel empathy for the other people around us, we must not fall into the other extreme and give up our own power within the relationship. Let's dive into that a little deeper.

Over this last year we went through a pretty rough summer. We were forced to let go of many things that once brought us security and comfort. However, now that those things have moved into the past, we are left with a certain emptiness inside. That is because we were holding on to all of those things in order to fill these empty spaces within our self worth that we weren’t filling with our own Light. Now that we have had to let them all go, it is up to us to look deep inside, identify those spaces of emptiness and lack, and work to heal them in a way that uses spiritual tools rather than material possessions, social status, or judgment against others. It’s so easy to ignore those holes in our self worth and to substitute external things as a means to make up for it. But once we have healed these spaces, we can come closer to practicing true empathy for others while simultaneously maintaining healthy boundaries. Once we have achieved this, those relationships that at first glance may have appeared problematic will become very important and supportive alliances, which will help us to stay productive and manifest all of the ideas and goals we will come to set for ourselves. Those alliances can also have a major impact on our prosperity and abundance.

So, if we have done the proper spiritual work throughout this last year and this last month of Virgo, then we have already set ourselves up to be supported in this process of legging go of our anger, aggression, and criticism and learning to practice balanced empathy with others. If we have not, then we'll need to do more work in the coming year to ensure that we are supported in our spiritual mission.

Let's take a look at how this year will fare for the signs. Don't forget to always start with your ascendent and then move to your sun sign:

Aires - This Kabbalistic year will carry through much of the themes from this last year surrounding your career. You'll find yourself working hard to take yourself to the next level, but it is important to remember not to work yourself sick. Make sure that you are taking time to rest and recover. You'll also find yourself working alongside someone who can make your work life a lot easier if you allow them to help you. Don't get caught up in power struggles and leadership nonsense. If you learn to share responsibility and allow this person to help you, you'll find that you can grow and be successful at a much faster rate than you ever thought possible.

Taurus - This Kabbalistic year will draw you to express your creator essence in a way that is much more active and more focused on helping others. This may involve artistic or entrepreneurial pursuits, and even children if you have them! Don't get too blinded by what others think you should or shouldn't be doing. This year is about how you as an individual express yourself and your creative capacities. You'll also find that you'll receive a lot of support from a close confidant and that you'll be able to support them as well. This mutual exchange of supportive energies will help you break out of old patterns of doing things and open your mind to more effective ways of getting the job done. So strike a balance between focusing on your individual expression and integrating that with helpful hints from this other person. This will ultimately support you in the personal revolution that you are now experiencing.

Gemini - This Kabbalistic year will help you to be productive from home or with your family. You'll discover a more active energy when at home which will help you to tap into your creative abilities. Many times working with others one on one can truly inspire your creative juices, and this year, you'll feel this even more potent. Just be sure that you maintain a clear and precise idea of what you want to accomplish and create. Do not allow yourself to fall into confusion by dispersing your energies into too many projects. Your spouse or work partner can be a strong source of inspiration and support. However, do not rely too much on any one person. This year is about you taking the reigns and driving the car. No more relying on others to do the work for you. If you can do this, you'll discover how far you can really go!

Cancer - This Kabbalistic year will highlight your need to communicate with others more directly. Your sign is known for side stepping confrontation, but you'll be pushed to speak your mind in a way that helps clear the air and remove confusion. Don't fall into your first impression of what you think is going on. Most likely you'll be wrong if you do. You're being asked to confront in a way that is balanced, objective, and direct, but without anger and judgement. You'll also find yourself working to bring balance back into to your home and family life. If you successfully deal with conflict proactively, you'll find a lot of support from colleagues or employees under you that will help you feel more at ease and less stressed. This is all part of a bigger picture trend of you taking a more active approach with your life and handling difficult situations without falling into neediness or a victim mentality.

Leo - This Kabbalistic year will highlight your personal self worth and self esteem. You'll be called to be less critical of yourself and others by learning to derive your self worth from how you serve others rather than how others perceive you. You have a tremendous capacity for leadership, which must be used to help others find their own inner Light. Focus your energies on how you communicate with others in a way that inspires creativity and individual expression. As you uplift those around you, you'll find that your own inner talent to serve others is actually what lights you up, not the compliments and thank you's from them. As you do this, be aware of how much of your physical energy your expending. Make sure that you make and take time to rest and recover your flame. As you do, you'll find yourself in greater balance, which will actually expand your capacity to help others.

Virgo - This Kabbalistic year will focus on your individuality and place in the world as well as how you balance between serving others and maintaining your own needs. Your tremendous desire to help others can sometimes backfire. This year, ask yourself if those whom you wish to help are actually asking for it. Are they ready to receive your advice? If not, then you must let go and wait for them to be ready. Focus on how you can shift your critical eye to one of softness and acceptance towards other people. Interestingly, you can feel a strong sense self empowerment and balance when you take this approach, which can help to heal certain family relationships. Just be sure you are able to place human dignity before ambition or tradition, and a whole new world of inner strength will be yours.

Libra - This Kabbalistic year will focus mainly on healing your subconscious. You may find yourself wanting to be alone more so that you can be with just yourself, something that usually frightens you. Yes, this year you're craving time to get back to you. This alone time can be supported by many introspective pursuits: meditation, spiritual ritual, even therapy. You're working this year to heal unconscious pain that you carry with you. Beware escapist tendencies like alcohol or drug use. These can pull you in the opposite direction and slow down your progress. You'll find a lot of growth and healing talking to someone about things going on in your family life or things that happened in your childhood. This year, you can close the doors to those painful episodes by discovering how they were all part of a divine plan to bring you to where you are today.

Scorpio - This Kabbalistic year will be a year where you manifest one or many of your personal aspirations and dreams. It will be tireless work and require you to spend time alone with someone, but the relationship will be pleasant and quite revealing. You'll learn a lot about yourself through working together with this other person. Just beware of your direct and somewhat sober style of communicating. You'll need to soften your approach if you want to keep this person working in harmony with you. Also, make sure you keep your creative energies focused on real world goals. Do not float off into space imaging what could be. Stay practical but not limited. Dream, but don't be unrealistic. If you manage to shift the way you think and speak to being more soft and gentile and keep your focus sharp, then the cooperative energy you generate will be tremendously productive and be very good to your bank account.

Sagittarius - This Kabbalistic year will bring your career and goals into focus. You have accomplished quite a lot, but there is stills so much more to go! You'll spend much of your time working towards making next level advances in your aspirations, and you'll align yourself with many people who want to work with you and support you. Do not lose track of staying in touch and keeping your family relationships nourished. It is easy to lose track when so many successes are coming your way, and your family still needs your support and love. Also, be sure you don't get too aggressive in your approach and that you don't get over excited and begin to mishandle your money. Keeping yourself balanced and allowing the process to unfold in its time rather than rushing through it, will help you not to make costly mistakes in the process.

Capricorn - This Kabbalistic year will focus on the expansion beyond all the ways in which you used to feel limited. You'll feel a strong need to learn more, grow more, experience new things and travel to new places. This is all in an effort to show you that you are more than you previously believed you were. You will also find new career opportunities with work associates and partners who can help you network and reach new heights, or just simply feel a greater sense of balance and harmony. You also will find a lot of personal growth when you spend time alone and allow yourself to rest. In these moments, you'll be able to tap into a renewed sense of direction and personal awareness. The walls that have been coming down over the last year are now opening your eyes to a brand new and exciting world. Make sure you're not putting up new ones, and keep your heart open to others.

Aquarius - This Kabbalistic year will continue a previous theme in your life revolving around how you support and are supported by others. You'll find yourself wanting to help others to grow and learn. When these opportunities come up, make sure that the person is ready for you to help them. You have a powerful mind and a truly kind heart, but even with the best intentions you can't make someone receive what you want to give them, even if it's help. You may find yourself working with a mentor from your community who can give you the same support that you wish to give others. Listen and take notes from this person. They have tremendous wisdom to impart to you. If you take them seriously, they can be a powerfully influential channel to help you make your dreams a reality. Just be sure you don't put rules and rigid thinking ahead of kindness and service. As you open up your heart to other people in service to them, you'll open the gates to manifesting your dreams..

Pisces - This Kabbalistic year focuses almost exclusively on how you can create and maintain healthy boundaries between you and others. Your kind and empathetic heart yearns to help other people when they are down, but many times these people don't value your help and take it for granted. You must learn to verbalize and express what it is you need in relationships so that other people know where you stand as well as learning when to say no to people who can't reciprocate what you share with them. As you begin to perfect this approach with others, you'll actually find yourself being truly supported by them. They can also help you achieve new goals and take your career to a new hight of prosperity. Just be sure you maintain your resolve to conquer pessimism and doubt about what you can achieve. This year, if you ask and hold strong to your truth, people will have your back and will help raise you up.

Every month we are given tools by the kabbalists to take control over the prevailing energy. These are the Hebrew letters. They are powerful conduits of spiritual energy that empower us not to fall into the negative trappings of the sign and planet that rule each month. This month, we were given the letter "Pei" to control the planet Venus and the letter "Lamed' to control the sign of Libra. Whenever we feel ourselves falling into judgement, anger, criticism, or an unwillingness to dig deep and heal our spiritual wounds, meditate on these letters simply by gazing upon them. As their vibrations enter through your eyes, they will activate the light of your soul and give you the strength to act with your higher consciousness. If you want to learn more, check out the video I made a while back explaining how the Hebrew letters work. Click here.

As we move through the next thirty days, we should maintain the elevated spiritual consciousness that we had on the first two days. The entire month is filled with opportunities to make powerful shifts in our thoughts, words, and actions, which will subsequently result in powerful and positive shits in our lives.

Wishing you the happiest of kabbalistic new years!

With love,


PS. If you're interested in seeing how this kabbalistic new year will directly affect you and how you can extract only blessings based your natal chart, check our my New Year Consciousness reading here.

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