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New Moon of Leo 2019 - The Creator In You

Welcome to Leo Season folks, and boy what a season it is! After the wild ride the month of Cancer gave us, complete with eclipses, Mercury retrograde, and the start of the Three Challening Weeks, this month of Leo carries a welcomed reprieve. But not before we get a little bit more spiritual work out of the way. As many of you know the months of Cancer and Leo contain what the Kabbalists refer to as the Bein HaMetzarim, or the three challenging weeks. From the 17th of the Hebrew month of Cancer until the 9th day of the Hebrew month of Leo, we experience an enormous influx of spiritual energy, which if not handled the right way, can bring greater difficulty and chaos into our lives, and subsequently, into the world. Luckily, by the time we get to the New Moon of Leo, there are only nine days left, but as luck would have it, they are the most challenging of the challenging days. The Kabbalists teach that these three weeks generally, and the month of Leo specifically, are actually supposed to be weeks filled with Light, growth, and success, but if we don’t have the awareness of what to do in this time, we’ll end up falling into the illusion of darkness this time period sets up.

Kabbalah teaches that our souls came into this physical world in order to transform from passive vessels that received without earning into sharing creators that overcome selfishness and transform themselves into the cause of their own happiness. As human beings in this world, we walk the globe searching for a sense of fulfillment, the Kabbalists teach that the way to attain this sense of fulfillment and purpose comes from attaining a connection to the Light of the Creator. This Light in its pure form is every sense of fulfillment you can think of: joy, success, security, prosperity, passion, and the list goes on, but in this world we asked to be given the illusion that fulfillment comes from receiving rather than sharing. We asked that this illusion be created so that we could share in the face of wanting to receive, thereby earning that Light. To put it in simple terms, lasting fulfillment does not come from what we get. It comes from what we share and from what we create out of that sharing. This month, with the over abundance of energy in the universe, we can easily be fooled into believing that we can feel a sense of fulfillment and Light by taking and getting what we want. The truth is that we need to go against our desire to receive and instead, share. By being in a constant state of sharing, we can push back against the intense energy coming into the universe and create a protection shield around ourselves that will stop us from being spiritually burned.

Let's check out the chart of the month to get a deeper understanding:

It’s very interesting to see the ascendant of the chart in Cancer. This means that we come into the month feeling a little sensitive, overprotective, and with our guard up. There is an opposition to the ascendant from both Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn adding to the stress we have been feeling from the last month and indicating that it’s spilling over into this one. Contrasting this energy is the stellium of planets in Leo: Venus, the Moon, the Sun, and Mars. These planets in the sign of Leo, are bringing us a wave of dryness and warmth that takes us away from the murkiness of the water energy we swam through in the month of Cancer. We’ll have an opportunity to lighten our hearts, feel more optimistic, have more fun, and activate the Creator within us. But as we said before, the only way we can have lasting fulfillment and joy without side effects is by doing the spiritual work of sharing and creating in the face of wanting to receive. So what is it we’re so desperate to receive this month that we actually need to be creating? The answer is simple: recognition.

Both the Moon, which rules the ascendant, and Mars, which rules the Midheaven, are in Leo. This sign is very well known for its need to be the center of attention, feel appreciated, and give to others so that they’ll get a pat on the back in return. All of this is done in an effort to receive positive feedback from other people and feel good about themselves. When Leos do this (and we’ll all want to do it this month), they cut themselves off from their true Creator essence. They can sometimes be so needy for people’s adoration and attention, that they’ll go to dramatic extremes just to feel loved by others. When they don’t get it, they start to feel depressed, anxious, and sometimes angry and destructive. But if we knew how to tap into our Creator nature and derive our self worth not from the feedback we get from others, but rather, in the Light we turn on in others when we express our Creator nature, we would avoid all the traps these fancy felines can fall into. You see, Leo is the sign that can not only recognize and shine their own Light out into the world, but they can also identify and inspire the Light in others to shine as well. When we tap into the sharing nature of our souls and shine it on others with an open heart and lots of love, we no longer are in need of their feedback because our Light is ready turned on. When we share, we turn on our Light and attain that connection to lasting fulfillment.

This month, we will have a tendency to seek approval, adoration, and appreciation from others, but we will be denied it and find ourselves disappointed. This is because people will also be seeking it from us! The trick this month is to reject our selfish need for others‘ approval, and instead, push ourselves to inspire other people to shine their own Light by shining our own. This month, shine love. Shine kindness. Shine appreciation for what others do for you. Create your own self worth by showing others how much they are worth to you. Only then, we will shrug off the heaviness of last month, and enter into the warmth of Leo.

Let’s see what work the month of Leo has in store for each of the signs. Don’t forget to always start with your rising sign, and then read your sun sign.

ARIES - Much of the stress and intensity that has come from the conflict between your home and career lives has made you feel heavy and uncharacteristically melancholy lately. While that feeling will linger through the first part of the month, you have an opportunity to shift it in the later part. As you focus more on assuming more mature levels of responsibility, by pushing away your reactive need for a pat on the back, you'll actually be able to access a powerful creative streak that will energize and inspire you body, mind, and soul. Use that creative energy to inspire those around you into creative action. Your energy is contagious when you're sharing it without agenda.

TAURUS - Now that the dust has settled and you have a moment to breath, you may be wondering what to do with all those feelings that came up last month. Whether you communicated your feelings in a way that was constructive or destructive will have a huge impact on how this month will pan out. The seeds that your words planted will grow, so learning to speak your truth to others in a way that authentic yet controlled can help to heal some of the strained relationships you may be dealing with now. If you can come to a place of forgiveness and humility, you can patch things up rather easily.

GEMINI - While last month tested your resolve and certainty in the decisions you have made, this month can show you just how on or off track you are. A lot of fear and uncertainty surrounding money and property has pushed you to deeply question your sense of self-worth. This month, you'll have an opportunity to creatively express your ideas in a way that can show you a different side of how self-esteem is built, a side that is rooted in what you create rather than how much money you make. Trust your ideas and do the necessary work to turn them into a reality. Their manifestation will show you that you are far more than a number in a bank account.

CANCER - This month is all about getting out of your shell and pushing away that notorious cancer neediness. Your capacity to nurture and love others is unparalleled, yet you never trust it enough. When you seek security in others, you overlook and conceal your inner capacity and strength to create your own sense of security. It's already there, so why do you need to look for it in others? This month, focus on the love and creative energy you shine onto others, and push away any neediness you may feel. It is through your proactive actions of loving and caring for others that you will feel the presence of the Light force and recognize that you've had it with you all along.

LEO - This month the spot light is on you my feline friend. And while normally you wouldn't have it any other way, there is still some lingering uneasiness. This last month you were doing some major introspection and trying to find the balance between your heavy workload and taking time to rest and recover your sanity. While in this month, you will still be walking that line and learning to balance your work/rest ratio, you'll be given some much needed opportunities to let loose and have fun. Enjoy the good times and don't excuse yourself from them just because you feel a little more home bodied. By being out in the world, your Creator nature shines the brightest and inspires it within others. And who better to inspire a creative consciousness in others than a vibrant creator like you?

VIRGO - One of your greatest attributes is your admirable work ethic. You have never once shied away from doing what needs to be done and getting it done impeccably. This last month you had to do a pretty heavy balancing act between your work commitments and the needs of your friends or community. This month, you're given an opportunity to take some time and take a step back. While working is important, you also need time for self care and rest. By not slowing down and never taking a break, you actually run yourself ragged and deplete your creative energy, something that is a crucial point of focus right now in your life. It may require you to force yourself to do it, but if you manage to make it happen, you'll feel rejuvenated and revived, ready to take on the next stage that is starting to unfold.

LIBRA - The extreme conflict between work and home came to a head last month and is still leaving a rather sour taste in your mouth. Your sign is one of balance, and often times, you can sacrifice everything to maintain it. This month, you'll need to rely on the guidance and love of your friends or community to help guide you in the next steps to take. But remember that your decisions are your own to make and should not be given over to others. Listen to their suggestions and advice, but remember to look inside and listen to your own truth and connection to the Creator. You have big aspirations that you want to follow that can allow your Light to truly shine into the lives of others. Stay committed and stay true to yourself, and they will become a reality.

SCORPIO - Over the last month you have received some pretty intense realizations and insights about why certain things are happening the way they are. Your sign does not always handle change very well, but once you make the shift, you find that an entirely new world opens up to you. This month, you'll have the opportunity to take that greater understanding and use it to inspire yourself in the next steps you take towards your goals and career. If you have embraced the change and allowed it to show you the new lens you must look at your life through, you'll not only gain recognition for achieving those goals, but you'll also get a nice bonus from it.

SAGITTARIUS - This month may or may not have been kind to your finances, but that was all based on how prepared or ill prepared you were for the unexpected surprises that arose. You're beginning to work more with others and be responsible not only for your money and assets, but also theirs. You're going through a huge year of personal growth, and this month will give you the boost you need to see the bigger picture and own the new you. It may require that you let go of old attachments of whom you used to be, but the next level you is far more influential and impactful in the lives of others. Appreciate and embrace it!

CAPRICORN - Throughout your entire life you have always had the mindset that you must be autonomous and self-sufficient. Yet as we know, the last several years have forced you into situations where you had no other choice but to rely on others. While this last month was a huge turning point in this story, the question now remains: what can you do with the lessons you've learned and how can you use them to support others? You have a powerful gift of helping others stay accountable, but if you use that to maintain a sense of control you're just falling back into old patterns. This month, use that gift to help others stay accountable for the sake of helping them be better. Support them with kindness and an open heart, and you'll find you've tapped into something you may have never known you had.

AQUARIUS - Much like your astrological sibling, Capricorn, you too have lived life believing that the only person you can and should rely on is yourself. But as we've said time and time again, you want to make an impact on the world and on humanity as a whole. And as you've learned over the last few years, if you want to have an active hand in the world's evolution, you must go through a personal evolution of your own. This means learning to open your heart and help others on both the intellectual level as well as on the level of the heart. This month, you'll have the opportunity to work with someone directly who will show you what an open heart looks like in practice. Pay attention, and learn from this person's example. It will show you how to take your mission to the next level.

PISCES - Last month probably threw some major revelations and changes your way when it comes to the aspirations you've been so diligently working to make a reality. It may even have strained friendships and made it hard to realize that people in your friend group or community are human beings with faults and shortcomings, just like all of us. You may have even thought about giving up and settling for something more simple, but this month asks you to push yourself to take action and tap into your creative energy. This will reinvigorate your passion for what you're working towards and put you back on track to achieving what you set out to achieve. Remember how many people you'll be helping and how much Light you'll reveal in the world.

The Kabbalists didn’t provide us with information on how to overcome the challenges of each month without giving us tools to help us achieve it. Below are the Hebrew Letters that we can meditate upon in order to activate the Light of our souls and from there, take an action of sharing that allows the Creator within to shine out. This month, the Hebrew letter “Chaf” helps us control the Sun, and “Tet“ helps us control the sign of Leo.

One of the most ground breaking shifts in our thinking is the realization that we already have everything we need within us that will bring us the fulfillment we’re searching for. All we have to do is turn it on and shine it out. And this month, gives us the gift of tapping into it. If you are interesting in learning what your Creator nature looks like, my Natal Chart consultation is an incredible tool to connect you with it. For more information click here.

Wishing you all the best this month!


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