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New Moon of Capricorn 2019 - Finally Letting Go

Chodesh Tov everyone! Happy, happy, happy New Moon of Capricorn. I hope that your holiday festivities have been delightful and filled with uplifting experiences. As we know last month's energy was filled with opportunity and this month is on an even higher level! Just as I did last month, I made a video for you. Watch it below and then follow afterwards to see the chart of the month, your horoscopes, and the letters of month. Enjoy!

Here is the chart of the month:

Next up your horoscopes for the month of Capricorn. Remember to always start with your rising sign (ascendant) first, and then go to your sun sign.

Aries - This Month of Capricorn is going to have you striving hard to make the goals you've been working towards a rousing success, Aries. It will require you to tap into your creative potential, and you may need to reassess your timing when it comes to specific input you want to provide. Your career has been going through a considerable evolution, and while you may be ready to bring new creative ideas forward, other people around you are still holding on the old ways of doing things. This month, be patient with the process. Your fire burns with an intensity that can burn through any obstacle, but if you don't hold back and trust the process, you'll end up burning down the whole project. Your creativity will be put to good use, you just have to be patient for the right moment.

Taurus - This Month of Capricorn will place a rather large magnifying glass on the recurring theme of questioning your world, your belief systems, and your personal paradigm, Taurus. It's no secret to you that you've been wondering why things are the way they are and asking yourself who it was that said life had to be lived a certain way. Much of this you will find comes from your upbringing and your family. You'll find a somewhat uncomfortable feeling this month between that questioning and how it affects the relationship with your family and parents. When you are ready to fully embrace this new part of yourself that is starting to take shape, you'll realize that you may not be who your parents want you to be, and that's okay. This month may not be the right time to push this new thinking out into the open, though. Continue to meditate on it and learn new things. A better time will come down the road.

Gemini - This Month of Capricorn will bring the seemingly never ending story regarding your finances and those of others back into focus, Gemini. While you may be ready to be fully free of this burden, if you are still seeing it as a burden, it means you have not entirely learned the lessons this time in your life is seeking to teach you. One of your greatest challenges is to keep yourself focused and committed to something for the long term. Your light and curious energy pulls your mind into other directions and can make you forget about the bigger picture of what long term effort and payoff entail. This month, remind yourself that there is a tremendously important lesson for you to learn when it comes to self-worth, personal security, and money. This time in your life won't last forever, but if you don't embrace and learn its lessons thoroughly, you will not be able to take full advantage of the goodness is to come later down the road.

Cancer - The Month of Capricorn is going to shine the light back onto the continuing story in your life regarding relationships and your role within them, Cancer. Discussions and worry surrounding money will be a catalyst for you to look at your relationships from a different perspective. Your sensitive and emotional nature can be very beneficial in helping you care for and nurture others, but it can also turn against you and push you to be emotionally needy. This can cause a lot of difficulties in your relationships and push people away. This month, do not look to your partner or any other relationship in your life to help you feel secure or define your self-worth. You have been asked by the universe to take full responsibility to be the cause of your own security by tapping into your own inner Light and shining it out on others. Don't worry about the feedback they do or don't give you. You already have that Light inside, all you have to do shine it.

Leo - This Month of Capricorn is going to feel like rat race for you, Leo. You have been working so very hard over the last couple of years, and sometimes it feels like you're not really going anywhere. Sure, you succeed and make great strides in achievements, but it feels like getting there requires super human effort and stamina. The truth is, you are actually going places, and you know it. The problem is that bright light you shine. Much like the Sun, your inner light shines out and illuminates others. It also reflects back to you from them, and when you get that rush of appreciation, adoration, and acknowledgment, there is very little that compares. However, you haven't been getting a whole lot of that lately, and this month, it'll be even less. Your task this month is to get the job done, work as hard as you can, and relinquish your need for acknowledgment and appreciation. Have certainty that the real payoff will be much greater and more fulfilling down the road.

Virgo - This Month of Capricorn might have you feeling a bit off, Virgo. You're no stranger to hard work, as we all know, and you have been putting in so much effort and dedication towards your creative projects and/or your kids. I won't lie to you, this month will have you feeling a bit burnt out and in need of rest. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, this is not the month to seek it. You have a lot on your plate that must get done, and while, yes, you do need to rest, the satisfaction that will come to you through the tireless work you'll be putting in will be so much greater than you think. As strange as it might sound, this effort will open your mind to a new understanding and lesson that you can put to use later down the road. However, don't go too extreme and work yourself sick. Finding small moments to recharge is possible. Just don't overdo it.

Libra - The Month of Capricorn is going to be quite impactful for you, Libra. The story that has been unfolding in your life surrounding the opposing needs of your family and your career will come back into focus. You may sometimes feel the burden your family places on you to be heavy and unfair. You yearn for balance in life, but with so much of your energy needing to be placed on your home and your family, it can lead you to feel resentful towards them. You may wonder why you can't have more time for your own career, goals, aspirations, and even time with friends. Balance is what you're supposed to learn this lifetime, but balance is not always external. There are going to be times in our lives where to we must put greater focus in one area, while another is set aside. Balance, however, is always achievable internally. If you can curb your expectations and keep an eye on the bigger picture, you can achieve internal balance and discover a support system for yourself that you may not have known existed.

Scorpio - The Month of Capricorn will have you honing those newly refined communication skills, Scorpio. There are going to come some fantastic opportunities this month and in the coming twelve months to put your mind and your mouth to good use. As a water sign, it has been difficult for you to express those intense and passionate emotions in a way that does not come on too strong, but over the last few years, you've learned how to improve those skills. A desire to begin putting them to use in your career will come up this month, but you may find you need some more practice before jumping into the deep end. It would require a level of excellence that you are meant to achieve, but probably haven't fully earned just yet. Your siblings or coworkers may have some great ideas as to how you can improve your communication skills even more. Ask for their help, and they'll be happy to oblige.

Sagittarius - This Month of Capricorn will continue the story of your finances, Sagittarius. The great efforts you have had to make over the last several years to get them in order and learn how to manage them on a new level of responsibility is still very present in your life and in need of additional attention. You may have a strong need to wet your travel whistle and go on a much needed excursion, but this month is not the month to do that. And if you do travel, it will most likely be for work. You have been laying a sturdy foundation from which you can take off and land, and this foundation needs more of your time. Keep your focus on being financially responsible and conservative this month, and you will find yourself very well prepared for the incredible metamorphosis you will soon be entering into in 2020.

Capricorn - This Month of Capricorn is crucial for you this year, Cap. You have had to let go of so much of who you are and what you think you're meant to do in the world in order to make room for a brand new person. As you have slowly but surely shed those layers of pessimism, scrutiny, limitation, and doubt, you are now coming into a phase in your life where the fertile soil that you have tilled will begin sprouting new growth. A new you is being born, and with all births there are birth pains. You must be fully willing to relinquish your old patterns, belief systems, and doubts if you want to allow the fullness of the new you to come into being. Break your limited thoughts and your limited perspective and allow a space for hope and for dreaming. You may have to confront some darkness within you or within your life in order to prove that you've let it go. But I know you're up to the challenge. There is no mountain you can't climb.

Aquarius - This Month of Capricorn will take you deeper into the recesses of your inner consciousness, Aquarius. You've been doing a lot of inner work for the last few years and trying to seek out those spaces within yourself that limit you and stop you from connecting to other people on a deeper level. You may have even found yourself isolated and wondering what it is that must change within you if you want to impact the world in a bigger way. You have learned so much about yourself, and you're probably ready to step out and make deeper connections with others. But there is a word of caution. While you may feel ready, there is still a lot more internal work to be done if you're going to get there. So, don't take your foot off the gas just because you think you finally get it. There's a new, more impactful you that will soon begin taking shape, and you want to have a shiny new mentality by your side when it does.

Pisces - This Month of Capricorn will bring back to light some of the issues you have been having with friendships over the last few years, Pisces. We all know of your world famous intuition and the power you have to intuit what others need before they realize they even need it. And this gift is something unique to you, but not to others. Because of this gift, you often place unspoken expectations on your friends and community to selflessly give to you the way you selflessly give to them. And while the need for balance in any kind of relationship is crucial, so is the communication of what will help maintain that balance. You're learning to communicate differently nowadays, and in this month, rather than running away into daily tasks and work, speak up! Tell your friends what you need. Once you do, you'll be shocked to find that people are far more helpful and giving than you may have anticipated.

Below you find the powerful letters of this month. The "Ayin" helps us control the negative energies of Capricorn, and the "Bet" helps us control the negative energies of Saturn. Save the image below and use it all throughout this month to tap into the consciousness of limitlessness.

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With Light,


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