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New Moon of Cancer 2019 - Surfing the Wave of Renewal

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

It's not often I'm at a loss for words about things, but thinking back over the last two or three weeks of the month of Gemini has ironically left me speechless. Not because I am unable to put into words the feelings that arose within me, but because it feels unnatural to speak them. Almost as if by talking about about them, I dishonor their truth as they sit inside of me. Most of the month was strongly influenced by the planets that were transiting the signs of Cancer and Capricorn. Our slow moving heavyweights, Saturn and Pluto, are taking their time and carving out new spaces and places in our lives where the foundation was shaky and infrastructure needed some renovating. As the faster moving planets, Mars and Mercury, sped through the opposing sign, Cancer, we began to feel the emotional pain that comes with the loss of things we hold dear and the stress of integrating something new to take its place. If we managed to face our feelings of fear, angst, frustration, and anger last month in a proactive way, we should have been able to move beyond emotional blockages that hinder us from from spiritual growth. This was all in preparation for what is to come this month, which is a power packed cycle that is full of changes and new beginnings. Whether this ride towards renewal is pleasant or difficult all depends on how open you are to change and how open you are letting go of the past and embracing the new.

Let's check out this month's chart:

Before we look at the details of the chart, I want to bring your attention to a moment in the past. Think back to the beginning of this year when we had the solar eclipse in Capricorn. This eclipse was the gateway through which things that no longer serve us passed out of our lives. Old structures, systems, rules, even attitudes towards other people have gone through a process of evolution or simply have broken down and been left behind. In order to embark on a new journey, many people have had to leave things in the past that they thought would serve them much longer than they actually did. So, for the last six months, we've been seeing an exodus of the outdated, which has left us feeling a bit empty handed. It feels like so much has moved out, but one question remains. What will move in? This month, we will begin the six month process of embracing the new things that will move in to replace those that are gone.

Looking at the chart, we find the ascendant in Scorpio and its ruler Mars newly entered into Leo making a conjunction with Mercury. Both of these personal planets are making a grand fire trine to Ceres in Sagittarius and Chiron in Aries. The new Moon is forming a total solar eclipse of the Sun in Cancer, and they are both at an opposition to Saturn in Capricorn. These planets are the key players in this month's chart and give us the indication of how our process of embracing and receiving that which is new into our lives will manifest.

The main question is, how emotionally ready are to you move on and move up? Often times we hug our past because it is familiar and brings us comfort and a sense of control. But the Kabbalists explain that if something is no longer meant for us, and we continue to hold on to it, it will eventually bring us chaos. The very things that used to bring you security can now jeopardize it. As we move through our lives in this physical world, we are told by our egos that the more stable we are, the safer we are. But just as old foundations of a house can begin to erode, so too can the foundations of who we currently are. The purpose of our spiritual work is to evolve to ever higher expressions of our divine essence. This divine essence is the aspect of ourselves that is no longer enslaved to what happens outside of us, meaning that even if there is a tremendous wave of chaos externally, we maintain a sense of control over ourselves and our reaction to it. We maintain ourselves in the drivers seat and behave as the Creator would. This ultimately requires that we come to the realization that everything that happens externally is all part of the process we must go through in order to get to the good. Essentially, even chaos serves a good purpose: to bring us back to our divine essence by giving us the opportunity to express it.

If we begin to let go our need to control that which is external, and in its place, begin to control ourselves and how we react to it, we can begin to work with this energy in a constructive way. All too often, we think that if we could just control everything happening on the outside, then we'll have that sense of security we so often yearn for on the inside. Yet, the idea of controlling that which is external is like trying to change an apple into an orange. You're simply working with the effect, not the cause. If I wanted to change an apple to an orange, I could, but I would need to go back in time and genetically engineer the DNA of the seed of the apple and transform it into an orange. The Kabbalists explain that our consciousness, how we perceive the external world, is the seed of our reality. This means that if we change our consciousness, we change the DNA of our reality, and the reality begins to transform around us. This is why I say that if we continue to try and control the external rather than how we perceive it, it's like trying to change an apple to an orange. It just won't work. Instead, we need to work to change our consciousness regarding the situation.

We all know that the changes we've been facing have been challenging and even painful. Yet, we must be aware, that these changes are the Creator's way of pushing us forward to a higher and greater expression of ourselves. To be more specific, we are moving away from the attitude that duty, obligation, sternness, and rigidity equal security. This is why all of those old structures and systems that once brought us security are being stripped away. As the solar eclipse in Cancer takes form this New Moon, we are going to be pushed to create new paradigms of what security actually means. Security comes from a knowing that the Light of the Creator is always with us, and that if we work to emulate it, we bring it into our lives. The Light is what brings us security. We will begin to place greater emphasis on emotional connection and support to others. We will be pushed to be more vulnerable, more emotionally available, and more sensitive to the needs of others so that we can learn what it means to nurture them in times of need. This month, focus on deriving your sense of security from how you care and nurture those around you, much like a mother would nurture her children. The more you express this Light, the brighter it will shine, and the more you will be aware of how secure and safe you already are.

Let's take a look at the horoscopes for each sign to see how this will show up for you. Don't forget! Always start with your rising sign, and then move to your sun sign.

Aries - If you think about it, even though you've been working very hard in your job, you can see that putting emphasis on your own personal goals is just not making you happy. While for the moment, it may make you feel accomplished and acknowledged, what you're really searching for is a deeper connection to your roots and a sense of family. Much of the joy your job once brought you is not as luminous as it once was. This month, you'll be asked to begin forming more intimate and vulnerable connections with those whom you consider family. A new period of familial support is about to take shape for you. Embrace it and appreciate it by opening your heart to them and giving them the same support you wish to receive.

Taurus - As you've been learning bigger and better ways to improve your carrier or business, your family and home life have become strained. At some point, you're going to have to bring your focus back to them rather than staying solely focused on your job or the courses you may be taking for it. Potential conflict exists this month between you and your spouse/business partner (or both) because you must allow yourself to find balance and bring focus back to your family. It will not be easy if you persist in remaining rigid and unreasonable. Bend like the palm tree and allow yourself the space to move freely between the areas of your life that need your attention. When any part of our garden goes unwatered, we must either tend to it, or it will wither.

Gemini - The new movie of your financial life starts this month. Much of what you once relied on has been tossed aside or dissolved right in front of your eyes. You had been relying too much on others for financial support, so now the universe is giving you the opportunity to nurture your own financial garden. The question is, how hard are you willing to work for it and how committed are you to going all the way until it is fully grown? There is no need to rush into anything, but keep your eyes open to creative ideas that come into your mind. You may also see ideas or opportunities from last month, that resulted in nothing suddenly sprouting from the earth. Keep your mind active and open. You are working in fertile soil.

Cancer - While many people may look at you see your sensitive nature as weakness, they are only seeing the surface of the powerfully strong person you have had to be for the last six months. Your neediness for the affection or approval from others has been proving itself to be fruitless and a total waste of your time. This is because the universe wants you to be empowered and gain access the your true Light that shines inside of you, not that which shines back from others. This month that Light will shine creatively either through creative pursuits or in your interaction with children. Allow that Light to shine brightly and fearlessly. For it is that very Light that will carry you through the next six months and elevate you into even stronger person.

Leo - While much of your focus for the last six months has been on your physical health, the message from the last two weeks asks if you are also tending your mental health. Stress, anxiety, fear, and overwork could be acting on your mind in ways that you may not notice. And let's face it, the monarch in you does not like to admit that they need personal time or even that they need to talk to someone to who can help them work things out. Take some time for you that is just for you and nobody else. Allow yourself time to recharge and rebalance so that you can have better focus and stronger creative output. Finding ways to ground yourself and nurture yourself will be a new area of focus for you over the next six months. Whether it be through spiritual meditation or speaking to a counselor, your mental health is just as important as the health of your body.

Virgo - We all know how much you enjoy feeling like you've completed all your work and how much it takes for your to slow down sometimes, but your friends and your community also need your attention and your first class advice. Truth be told, your friends have always known that you care about them and that you always have the right thing say when they need some direction. But for the last six months you have been doing so much work in the area of your creative endeavors (and children if you have them), that your friends may feel like they've been left by the wayside. This month you'll be asked to refocus your attention on another aspect of life that needs your help: your friendships. Open your heart back up to them and give them your love and support. You'll feel a breath of fresh air come in.

Libra - You've been doing a lot of cleaning out in your home, and whether that's due to a simple or not so simple push from your family, it has been quite freeing for you to let go of so much baggage. You may have even been on trip down memory lane or a quest to understand your roots and ancestry. The eclipse in Cancer will begin to open up new doorways where you can set new goals for yourself that are rooted in this renewed foundation. It may take some time for the answers you've been looking for to crystalize and become clear, but if you keep searching, you'll find exactly what you're looking for. All it will require of you is an open heart and a fearless conviction.

Scorpio - For the last six month's you've been asked to restructure how and what you think about your life and world around you. Things are changing so rapidly that your mind is having a hard time keeping up, but that doesn't mean you don't have the ability to roll with the punches. This eclipse will mark a turning point in your life where all the pieces will start to come together and a higher meaning will become clear to you. While you may not have fully understood what all these changes mean for you, you have always intuitively known that there is something coming down the line that is worth all this hassle. In the coming month(s) you will be exposed to new and higher ways of understanding not just your brave new world, but what your purpose is in it.

Sagittarius - How does it feel to be free of all that junk? Over the last six months, you've cleaned out a lot of closets, either literal ones or figurative ones. Letting go of all that heaviness was crucial so that you could make a space for new prosperity to enter into your life. It will require that you work with and nurture a mature relationship with another person. This may mean you have get a little more vulnerable and close to someone than you might like, but if you take it upon yourself to nurture that relationship, it will be incredibly lucrative for you. The only thing it requires is for you to let go of your fear of poverty and vulnerability and just jump in. It will be well worth it in the end!

Capricorn - This month is a crucial time for you and your personal, transformative journey. So many times in life you have feared vulnerability and emotional connection with others. Having been let down so many times, I can't say that I blame you, but this time the universe is asking you to open your heart and learn to trust others again. The deep, inner work you have either chosen to do or have been forced to do through challenges, has prepared you and brought you to a place where you can now truly learn to trust others again. Take your time and don't rush. You'll know when the time is right and who the right person is. Your heart is ready to be open again.

Aquarius - The deep internal work you've been doing for the last couple of years has been quite revelatory and brought you to a more profound understanding of how you can evolve into a more empowered person. Now that you must start your work with others, this eclipse will open up a space where you can truly serve the hearts of other people instead of just their minds. You now have the tools you need to work one on one with others and help them in a way that is far more impactful than simply giving them new ideas. The key is not to get frustrated with people who may not understand things as quickly as you do. Make an effort to foster patience within yourself when connecting with other people. Continue to open your heart to others and you will see even more profound change in your state of mind and physical wellbeing.

Pisces - You have been clearing out a lot of outdated aspirations and have been replacing them with newer and more emotionally fulfilling desires. This month marks the beginning of making those more fulfilling desires a reality. You will need to be brave and vulnerable in your quest to fill your heart's desire, and you may come across opposition from those who say it is not practical or achievable. Be balanced when listening to voices of disapproval. While you cannot allow it to dampen your spirits, there is valuable advice hidden within it that can help you be more methodical in your approach and make these dreams a true reality.

This month the Hebrew letters the Kabbalists gave us are the "Chet" to control Cancer and the "Tav" to control the moon. Use these powerful meditative tools any time you feel yourself falling into a negative spiritual consciousness. If you are not familiar with how these letters work, check out my IGTV on Instagram: @astralabove. I have a video entitled "The Power of the Hebrew Letters" that explains how these powerful Kabbalistic tools work.

As we move into this new chapter of change, we must know with absolutely certainty that the Light of the Creator is with us and is supporting us in our transition. It is this certainty that can help us pass through any challenging situation and come out from the other side an elevated and transformed spiritual being. If you are interested in seeing how these eclipses will bring new opportunities to you, click here to register for a consultation.

Wishing you all an amazing month!

With Light,


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