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New Moon of Aquarius 2020 - Messiah Consciousness

Happy New Moon everybody! We are back again at the beginning of another lunar cycle and this time, we have a lot to look forward to now that the heaviness that was in the month of Capricorn is behind us. The month of Aquarius is a very special month kabbalistically because it connects to a level of awareness where are are no longer controlled by the outside world and where all that we do is based in the consciousness of Love Your Neighbor as Yourself. Check out this month's video below and, as always, the horoscopes for your sign and the letters of the month. Enjoy!

Check out this month's chart below:

Check out the horoscope for your sign below and always remember to read for your rising sign first!

Aries - The Month of Aquarius will have you ready to shake off all the heaviness and either travel to a far-off land or hide away in your bed all day and recuperate. You may even feel conflicted about what you actually want to do. The fact of the matter is that there is still much to do to make your goals a success, and while this month may not be as heavy as last month, you'll still need to keep your eyes fixed on achieving those goals. Collaboration is your best friend this month, so work to lean on others in your group to help you instead of going it alone. If you can balance your need for discovery with your commitment to responsibility, you'll be able to take a trip, get some rest, and keep your goals pushing full steam ahead!

Taurus - The Month of Aquarius will provide you with many opportunities to reassert your boundaries and even establish new ones. Your sign is one of tranquillity and love of peace, but sometimes you can end up giving too much to your friends and maybe even end up feeling taken advantage of just because it's hard for you to say no. This month, you'll have to say no to some things and to some people in order to ensure that your needs are taken care of. You have some interesting new goals in mind that you'd like to test out, and you can actually gain some great insight by testing them now. If you're able to set boundaries and not give all your time away to others, you'll have time for yourself where you can discover something new and exciting to plan for your future.

Gemini - The Month of Aquarius will put its emphasis on your career and goals and the somewhat fogginess that surrounds them. You have probably felt yourself floating around without a lot of direction in this are of your life. Your partner or a close friend will come to light a spark of energy under you to try and find clarity. It may not feel pleasant and you may have to push back and set some boundaries, but if you allow this person to support you without being overwhelmed by them, they can help you get grounded and clear about what it is you want to do and where it is you want to go. Also, stay tuned in to their new ideas that seem outlandish. They may just be the key to stepping out of the fog.

Cancer - The Month of Aquarius will bring your focus onto bigger ideas that may have seemed blurry and confusing. You've always been a more practical person without a big need for philosophy or cultural exploration, but there are many ways in which these things can help expose you to new ways of understanding not just the world, but yourself as a in individual. With all the changes you've had to make this year, allowing yourself the opportunity to gain greater meaning and purpose out of it can help to empower you and even heal some wounds you may have suffered. You'll be quite busy this month, but in that business you may find someone who can help give you a totally different perspective on your experiences. Listen to their words as they carry tremendous wisdom and are message meant for you.

Leo - The Month of Aquarius will draw your attention to your close, intimate relationships and the way you give and receive within them. You're one of the most giving signs in the zodiac. You feel like a shining star when you can help someone, share with someone, and inspire someone. But all this giving can sometimes leave you feeling subconsciously lacking. Relationships are two way streets and require that you also receive from the other person. Don't let your lion pride get in the way of letting someone help you or do something nice for you. In fact, go out of your way to ask for someone's help or advice. You'll find a deepening of the connection between you and the other person, which you can then take and apply to all your relationships.

Virgo - This Month of Aquarius will bring its focus onto your family relationships and the ways in which you do or do not set healthy boundaries with them. You thrive off feeling helpful and useful. If someone is in need, you're the first one there to help. It is a fabulous attribute that makes you everyone's go-to when they're in need. Conversely, however, this can cause them to either take that help for granted or become dependent on you. Neither extreme is healthy, especially in family dynamics. This month, seek to deepen your intuition when it comes to what others are trying to communicate with you. Do they really need help with a particular task, or do they just need a shoulder to lean on? Hold back on giving advice, and instead, try to feel what they're going through. From there, you can determine what kind of support you can really give them.

Libra - The Month of Aquarius will have you feeling energized and running all around town. You'll have a big focus on your task list, especially the one that you have for your house and home. You have a lot of things you want to tie up and cross off the list, including creative ones! Don't get too wrapped up in the tizzy of trying to check everything off. You run the risk of not getting enough rest and then getting sick as a result. As every good Libra should, seek to maintain balance and learn when to say, "No, now's not a good time. Let's pick back up tomorrow." Also, be careful with your words this month as they pack a particularly strong punch. The more stressed you get, the sharper your words become. Balance in everything will help you get everything done in an orderly, timely, and healthy manner.

Scorpio - The Month of Aquarius will send a jolt of energy into your creativity and merry making areas of life. It's a fantastic time to test out new creative ideas and share them with other people to get feedback. You'll also feel a need to apply these ideas to your home, but make sure you run them by your family first. They may find it a little too out-of-the-box, so it's important that you communicate clearly what your vision is. They can also help you rein in your excitement so that you don't end up blowing all your money on something not everybody is keen on. With you it's all or nothing, but this time, it is highly recommended to delve into the grey area so that you don't wast your resources. And when it comes to having fun, enjoy yourself, but don't get too out of control.

Sagittarius - The Month of Aquarius will have you feeling restless, energized, and maybe even a little aggressive. You've had a lot of responsibility on your shoulders for a while, and this month you'll want to shake it all off and fly off into the sunset. Your energy is better spent channeling it into something productive and helpful, especially as it applies to your family and home. Rather than trying to get away from it all, inject that restlessness into something that can help you build a more stable foundation for the future. Watch your words this month as they can be charged with that same aggression, and pay attention to new ideas of doing things. Your way is typically the best way to do things, but this month be open to novel ideas from others that can help you be even more productive down the road.

Capricorn - The Month of Aquarius will highlight the way you do or do not communicate with others. You don't usually like talking about how you feel or what you need, but this month you'll feel so uncomfortable with what you're feeling that you'll have no choice but to talk to someone about it. Don't fear being vulnerable with someone, especially a sibling or other relatives. They understand you more than you think. This time of year usually brings out doubts in your mind about self worth and money, so talking to someone close to you can help you work out those deeper issues and come to a place where you embrace a greater level self-satisfaction and emotional release.

Aquarius - The Month of Aquarius is all about you, obviously! You are a pioneer when it comes to your approach. You are always looking ahead and seeking to find new ways of doing things that can help pull us all into the future. You place a lot of value in your ideas and intellect, but what about your heart and compassion for others? You have an incredible capacity for compassion for the collective, but what about those closest to you? This month, don't be surprised if a fight with a friend over money sparks a new question within you: what is my real value as a person? The more you can come to a place of being open hearted and forgiving, the more you will learn how vulnerability is a tremendous asset that builds deeper bonds with others. This awakening will help you establish a more solid foundation of self worth, which sill come to serve you in the future.

Pisces - The Month of Aquarius may have your head spinning. You have been masterful at attaining the goals you set out over the last year, but now you find yourself back in a state of confusion. There are a lot of arrows pointing in different directions, and the biggest question for you is: where do I go from here? The answer to your question does not lie in anything external. This month you need to dive deep into your piscean spiritual practice and reconnect with your soul and your own personal desires. A spiritual cleansing ritual would be perfect to help you wash away the energies you've absorbed from others. Begin making spiritual goals your goals, you'll discover greater clarity on what your next steps should be.

As with every month the Kabbalists gave us the Hebrew letters we can use to take control over the prevailing sign and ruling planet. This month, we can use the letter "Tzadi" to control the sign of Aquarius, and the letter "Bet" to control Saturn. Any time we find ourselves expressing intolerance or anger towards others, use these letters to reconnect with your soul and its spiritual purpose this month: to elevate into Messiah consciousness and attain the level of Love Your Neighbor as Yourself.

It is the powerful energy of this month that can help us connect to and feel what it is like to live in a Messiah consciousness. It is only when we achieve this individually and collectively that the world can be totally transformed and we can live in Heaven on Earth.

Wish you a fabulous month!


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