The New Moon of Sagittarius 2018 - Our Duty to See the Bigger Picture (con traducción en español)

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

"Dear God, please make me a bird, so I can fly far...far, far away from here." - Jenny Curran, Forest Gump

Forest Gump is one of my favorite movies of all time, and if you remember the scene with the quote above, you'll remember it was Jenny's prayer that she said with Forest in the corn field as she ran to hide from her abusive father. It's a powerful and provocative moment. As she says the prayer, the camera pans out, and a flock of doves takes flight into the air. The scene promptly cuts to Jenny exiting a police car while a voice over of Forest explains that instead of turning her into a bird, God decided she didn't have to live with her father anymore. As the movie goes on, we see Jenny's free spirit take flight, coming in and out of Forest's life like a leaf blowing in the wind. She sought freedom, exploration, experience, but most of all, liberation from the darkness she lived through in her childhood. This freedom came with its blessings and its curses, and while in the end she did find herself and settle down, the consequences of not dealing with her inner demons eventually caught up to her. Forest, on the other hand, lived his life simply. He always saw the good, found joy in small things, fearlessly traveled the world, and through a myriad of serendipitous circumstances mostly brought about by his inexhaustible generosity, came into great wealth both financially and spiritually.

Why did I decide to begin this month's article with this film reference? Sagittarius is the sign that immediately follows Scorpio. The sign of the scorpion can signify darkness, fear, angst, and painful experiences as well as the transformation we experience by going through those moments. The signs move in successive order in such a way that each proceeding sign's essence makes up for the excesses of that which came before it. In contrast to Scorpio, the following sign, Sagittarius, signifies faith, ascension, and enlightened awakening. Scorpio could be likened to Jenny's dark childhood and Sagittarius to the rest of her life she spent exploring, traveling, and experiencing. Similarly, Forest's childhood was also quite difficult: physical disabilities, a learning disorder, outcast, ridiculed, and bullied. His childhood could also be likened to the darkness of Scorpio and the rest of his life the light of Sagittarius. So, why then, in the end, did Jenny succumb to the consequences of her Sagittarian adulthood, and Forest did not? In a word: consciousness. According to the Kabbalists, the month of Sagittarius is an opportunity for us to elevate our consciousness to a space that allows us to see the dark parts of our lives through a wider lens. It uplifts us to a space where we can look back at that which caused us pain and come to a place where we understand the role it played in our spiritual evolution. While elevation is granted this month, the only way we will come to understand the challenges from our past as well as those of the present is by embracing them as part of our process and leaning on our faith and certainty that it is all for our highest good. You see, Jenny found freedom, but she explored and sought liberation in a way that was reactive. She was running away from her past and her pain. Forest, however, never sunk into the darkness of his challenges. His purity of optimism and generosity, allowed him to move through is life in a way that brought abundance and even miracles into his world. The outlook of Forest is the essence of the month of Sagittarius the work that we must accomplish.

This month I am going to do something new and fun! First, I am going to give us a brief overview of the chart and its meaning, then I will give each sign its horoscope for the month based on the chart!

The most important aspect of the general overview we need to look at is the ascendant in Capricorn conjunct its ruler Saturn. The second is the Sun, Moon, and Jupiter's position in Scorpio. The third is their square to Mars in Aquarius, and the final is retrograde Venus in Libra conjunct the midheaven. Saturn's conjunction to the ascendant in his home sign means that this is a month of taking full responsibility for ourselves and our actions which lead us to the situations we find ourselves in today. We will feel a strong pull to our duties and obligations, and the world will take on a more serious tone. It will be our duty to deliver results, and excuses will not be tolerated. Luckily, with the part of fortune also present in Cap, if we embrace this responsibility and take it seriously, we will reap great rewards. The sun, moon, and Jupiter in Scorpio show us that we will be given a final chance to experience a deep and profound spiritual shift in awareness. It will grant us the ability and consciousness to see our challenges as opportunities as long as we are willing to face them instead of run away from them. Jupiter is on the last degree of Scorpio, and this positioning gives us one last opportunity to transform all of our fear into light by bravely facing it. The square from Mars in Aquarius indicates the challenge that must be overcome if we are to find the liberation from this fear. Finally, retrograde Venus in Libra on the midheaven is making a trine to Mars. This means that if we go with diplomacy and seek common ground, we can alleviate the conflict and achieve that inner freedom and spiritual balance.

Now, let's look at all the signs. I recommend reading each horoscope by your rising sign first, then moving on to your sun sign. They both give you valuable insight, but usually reading a horoscope form the ascendant tends to be more accurate. Let's go!

ARIES - The new levels of responsibility you have been feeling in your career are starting to feel heavier over the last year and even a little burdensome. During the summer it had you feeling sluggish and uninspired, but a second wind now has you excited and ready to make new strides forward. A group project that you have been working on has you feeling as if you are the only one putting energy into it while everyone else sits back and takes it easy. This month will finally bring you the help you need, but you'll need to let go of that rebellious and independent side of you and simply ask for help. Working together with a partner will assist you getting this new project off the ground.

TAURUS - You have been feeling the pressure of change over the last few months, but for now, that is starting to ease up. Finally you have a chance to take that class or study that new technique you've been needing to brush up on, which will help you take your career to the next level. Your focus on career may unexpectedly open up a vulnerability in a partner that you may not have realized was there. Take some time and give them a little TLC. As you open up the lines of communication and give of yourself to them, you'll find a deeper connection and a solidification of your bond.

GEMINI - For the last year you have been focused on shared resources and the investments of other people's money. While you may feel like you are the only one giving support, you have also been learning key tools that will help you take your career to the next level in a few years. Even though the efforts you are having to make will not ease up this month, you can find a lot of benefit in spiritual study or reading a book on philosophy. From there, you can apply what you have learned in a creative way and proactively inject renewal and excitement into your endeavors.

CANCER - Over the last year, your close relationships and partnerships have been a source of growing responsibility and to some degree burden. This month you'll be asked to take a closer look at how you relate to others as well as how you view and use relationships, especially with those that are closest to you. You have often sought security in relationships, but that security has proven to fall flat. An injection of energy into your creativity is just what you need to inspire Light from within instead of seeking it in someone else. Arguments about money or shared responsibilities could dampen your creative streak, but finding a quiet and simple space at home could prove to be a fair compromise.

LEO - You're always up for a good time, but lately, all it's felt like is work, work, work. This month your focus will be on restructuring your day to day schedule so that you can work more effectively and efficiently. Your strong leadership quality can help you create new protocols and systems so that others can benefit from them and ultimately make your life easier. A yearning desire to hide away at home could bring up a conflict with your spouse or a partner, but clear, humble, and honest communication of what you need as well as listening to their needs will help smooth over any ruffled feathers.

VIRGO - The burden of responsibility that your creative endeavors has placed on you over the past year has been quite palpable, but this month you'll see solid results and even a bit of fun at the same time. You're never one to shy away from hard work and dedication, and the fruits of your labor are really starting to sprout. New and beneficial information and/or ideas will come your way that will help you down the road, but putting it into practice might cost you more time than you're willing to invest. The truth is that this invested time can yield good monetary results, so if you're willing to sacrifice a little, you'll get a lot back in return.

LIBRA - Your family and home life have been requiring much more of your attention for a while now, and this month you will be called to give them support and take on a new responsibility in this area of your life. This is giving you a new perspective on your roots and as well as a clearer vision of where you come from as hidden secrets bubble up to the surface, particularly those that deal with finances and property. Even though you want to be putting your energy towards enjoying yourself with your friends, the strain this will put on your finances, is not worth it in the long run. Use your talents of diplomacy, and be a support system for those who need you. It will all pay off in the end.

SCORPIO - The accumulation of duties and tasks that have built up in your day to day life are starting to make you feel mentally heavy and even blocked. You often tend to bite off more than than chew, but learning to say no to things is also a healthy way of maintaining balance and ensuring that those commitments you make are kept. A bit of family drama may stir up feelings of frustration and anger, but this is only because you subconsciously hate to tell them no. Learning to set healthy and respectful boundaries between you and others will give you the space you need to breath a little lighter.

SAGITTARIUS - Last year you made a promise to yourself that you would take your finances and money more seriously and move them to the next level. This month will put your resolve to the test and ask you to put in more work in not only to earn more, but to spend less. Your focus should be on the long term benefits of saving and the pitfalls of frivolous spending. Subconsciously, you may feel a fear of losing your freedom to these new responsibilities, but if you maintain a focus on the aspirations you have for the future, that resolve can be strengthened and rewards reaped down the line.

CAPRICORN - You have always prided yourself in your ability to embrace duty and obligation by taking your goals and responsibilities seriously, but over the last year, it feels much more heavy a burden than you are typically used to. Your sober and matter-of-fact approach makes you reliable, which is why so much has been placed on your shoulders. You have a deep passion for the things you aspire to and those passions will be awakened this month. The only problem is that they may put a strain on your finances, which in general may not be as healthy as you would like at the moment. Fortunately, you are due for recognition of all your hard work this month, so the payoff should be on its way.

AQUARIUS - For the last year now you have had to deal with the way in which your subconscious pessimism has had you focused on what is lacking instead of appreciating what you have. Saturn is asking that you take up the mantle of responsibility to work to make things better for yourself rather than waiting on it to be taken care of on its own or by others. If you assume this responsibility, you will be gifted with a new insight of your own ability to bring great things into this world. This will have a tremendously positive impact on your career and goals, should you embrace it. The only issue you may run into is that rebellious streak you carry. Rather than rejecting authority and responsibility, seek to understand it from a different point of view.

PISCES - When it comes to your aspirations, hopes, and dreams you often see them as too high a summit to reach. When you say you aspire to something, you'll tend to pull it back and make it more practical. This month asks you to dream a little higher and reach for a new peak that is beyond what you think is practically possible. You are gifted with the ability to bring any aspiration you have into this world, even those that seem completely outlandish. All it requires is some deeper learning, a commitment to do the work, and a willingness to let go of your subconscious need for freedom. Look for a colleague or partner who can assist you with their resources. They will be a key player in helping you get to that next level.

The Kabbalists gave us tools we can use to control the energy of each month. These tools are the Hebrew letters that control the sign and planet that rule each month. According the Zohar, the Hebrew alphabet is not just any normal set of letters. It is the physical manifestation of spiritual vibrations of energy. When we gaze upon the letters, their vibrations activate the Light of our soul. Once this Light is activated, we are given the power to overcome any negative influence, thereby taking our power back. This month, the Kabbalists teach that we can use the Hebrew letter "Samech" to control the sign of Sagittarius, and the Hebrew letter "Gimel" to control the planet Jupiter. Any time we find ourselves running away from our challenges instead of seeking to understand their deepr meaning and purpose, meditate on these letters simply by gazing upon them. Allow their Light to enter your consciousness and activate the Light of your soul. From there, you can clear your mind and move forward acting with your divine essence. Save and use the image below throughout this month to take your power pack, and reconnect with your true, inner Light.

As we move through this months challenges with a sense of responsibility to our spiritual work as well as our daily work, we will come to a place where we move through them as Forest did his: with a hopeful heart and a generous spirit. It is with this energy in our consciousness that we reveal great miracles for ourselves and in the world. The Kabbalists refer to the month of Sagittarius as the month of miracles, because it is during this time that we are afforded the ability to generate miraculous outcomes in the face of any challenge. All we need to do is turn on the Light of our soul.

Wishing you endless miracles and an uplifting new month.

With all my love,


P.S. If you would like to see how this month's energy will affect you directly, you can register for a consultation with me here.


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