New Moon of Leo 2018 - Accessing our Creator Nature (con traducción en español)

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

Here we are, once again, at the fiery, demonstrative, and open hearted month of Leo.  As I sit here at my desk writing this, I can't help but consider the ways in which those with strong Leo qualities in their charts have lead me to where I am today.  Truthfully, were it not for my close friend Hana, who passed away some years ago, I would not be here writing this article.  She was a tremendously loving, warm, and kind woman, who inspired me and believed in me.  We would study the mystical art of astrology as well as Kabbalah for hours on end.  I miss her very much, but I am so very grateful for the spark she ignited in me.  My two friends David and Cyd (Leo moon and Leo rising, respectively) have had a tremendous impact in supporting the growth of Astral Above and gave me the opportunity to participate in my first PodCast.  And my boyfriend, Esteban, who has his moon in the fifth house, the house of Leo, has inspired and believed in me beyond description to do this important spiritual work that many in this world need.  This is the essence and highest expression of Leo energy.  Being ruled by the Sun, Leos, and those with strong Leo placements in their charts, are naturally drawn to leadership.  They shine their light so brightly that it infuses itself into those around them, pushing them to be the creators of their own lives.  In fact, Leo is the sign of creativity, but when I say creativity, I don't just mean painting and drawing.  While that is one of ways for creativity to manifest, it can be so much more.  Creativity is the way in which we act as the creators of our own lives.  When we create a plan, project, or business, we are accessing our potential and through the creative process, making it manifest.  Leos can naturally tap into this energy.  It's easy for them, and when they elevate their consciousness, they shine that light of creative energy out into the world and lead others towards manifesting their own potential. This month, we are going to be challenged to take the reigns and become the creators of our own destiny and leaders in our own right.  

Let's take a look at the chart: 

There are several major points of interest in this chart.  

  1. There is a solar eclipse during this new moon. 

  2. The Sun rules both the month of Leo itself as well as the Ascendant, which happens to be in Leo.

  3. The Sun is in tropical Cancer in the twelfth house along with the moon, which naturally rules Cancer.  

  4. There are two sets of oppositions: one between the Sun and Moon in Cancer to Pluto in Capricorn, and another between the Ascendent to retrograde Mars and the South Node in Aquarius. 

Being that the month belongs to Leo and the Ascendent is placed in Leo, this gives us an indication that leadership, creative expression, and openheartedness need to be our go-to tools we use to access the maximum potential this month has to offer.  The solar eclipse is actually the first to happen on the Cancer/Capricorn axis, which will begin to unfold once the final lunar eclipse in Aquarius takes place during this month's full moon.  The solar eclipse ads an additional intensity along with a sense of upheaval and change.  We will be faced with situations where we must conquer fear and other emotional baggage by taking ownership and leading.  Accessing this leadership energy will require that we face conflicts, both internal and external, that we might prefer to avoid.  The opposition between the Sun and Moon in Cancer to Pluto in Capricorn, indicates that we will begin to feel deep and uncomfortable emotions from the past resurfacing.  We will have to face the ways in which we may have run away from certain responsibilities.  If there was ever a month in which we had the opportunity to see and fix our negative behavior patterns and belief systems, (aside from the month of Aries that is) this would be it.  And what makes it more intense is that we will have no choice but to face it and deal with it.  Pluto in Capricorn has been demanding profound transformation in the areas that we are destined to take responsibility.  Consider your past and the ways in which you may have ran away from these responsibilities.  The theme is our negative escapist tendencies and the ways in which we hide from those things that we prefer to avoid.  Pluto is the planet of what some call "shadow work."  In kabbalah we call it dealing with the ego and the ways in which our self-centered consiousness sabotages us.   

Here's a simple example: let's say there's a man who used to be a procrastinator.  We'll call him Jake.  He had a lot of tasks and responsibilities that were expected of him, but most times he put them off until the very last minute preferring to escape to the comfort of his couch and surf Facebook.  By the time Jake finally took action to complete those tasks, there was not enough time to deliver something of quality.  This pattern of behavior persisted for several years, until finally, in a moment of extreme pressure from those who were fed up with his mediocrity, he was given an ultimatum: either shape up or ship out.  From then on, he decided that he would never procrastinate again.  And up until this month, he really hasn't.  This is the month where he will be tempted to fall back into that escapist behavior and once again run away from his responsibilities.  If Jake can push back against that desire to escape, and instead, take responsibility to transform that negative behavior into something proactive, he will be able to fully cleanse himself from that negative behavior once and for all.

The next aspect to think about is the Ascendent in Leo opposite retrograde Mars and the South Node in Aquarius.  If you saw my Facebook/YouTube video on the current Mars retrograde (click here to watch if you didn't), you'll remember that the Mars/South Node conjunction in Aquarius is all about separating ourselves from that "toxic group-think."  Now that we have an opposition to the Ascendent this month, we are going to come face to face with that negative group mentality, and we will need to take it upon ourselves to be leaders rather than followers.  Let's apply this aspect to Jake's situation.  

Fast forward a week from today, and Jake is now a full seven days into the month of Leo.  His task list is stacked, and he has his plan in place to get it all done.  Suddenly, in walks two of Jake's colleagues who begin to gossip about Jake's boss.  They tell him that they saw bossman sitting in his office playing computer games instead of working on this major project that his department is supposed to complete within the next few weeks.  In the back of Jake's mind, he feels an upwelling of resentment, anger, and judgment.  He hears a voice say, "well, if my boss isn't going to take this seriously, why should I?  I should just go surf Facebook for the rest of the day instead of working."  In this moment, Jake has a choice.  He can either take the lead and become the creator in the situation, or he can fall into the gossip of his colleagues and let the project fall to the wayside.  If Jake takes leadership and acts as a creator in this project, he will find a deep, inner transformation that will take him to the next level.  If he does not, then he will suffer the consequences that will come.  He also could influence those around him to change their behavior and tap into their own creator essence.  Once his light begins to shine forth, he has the capacity to uplift and inspire his colleagues.  

Kabbalistically the month of Leo holds within it, the most negative day of the year.  The Ninth day of the Leo will fall on July 22 in 2018.  Many of us who are practitioners of Kabbalah will spend the day fasting and meditating in order to disconnect ourselves from the intensity of this day.  Now, for those of us who do not practice Kabbalah, don't worry.  You don't need to fast or spend the day in meditation.  However, it is good to be aware that on this day, there will be a tremendously intense energy that will flood into our world and may cause us to get burned.  Imagine it is a day where you go to the beach and you are wearing no sunscreen.  The best way to spiritually protect ourselves is to be in a constant state of sharing and giving.  Let go of all anger, pride, jealously, and negative speech.  This will help boost your spiritual ozone layer so that the intense energy does not burn you.  Once the afternoon of July 22 sets in, the energy shifts into the polar opposite.  It becomes intensely positive.  In fact, the full moon of the Month of Leo is considered to be one of the most positive days of the year.  

The Kabbalists gave us tools we can use to control the energy of each month. These tools are the Hebrew letters that control the sign and planet that rule each month. According the Zohar, the Hebrew alphabet is not just any normal set of letters. It is the physical manifestation of spiritual vibrations of energy. When we gaze upon the letters, their vibrations activate the Light of our soul. Once this Light is activated, we are given the power to overcome any negative influence, thereby taking our power back. This month, the Kabbalists teach we can use the Hebrew letter "Kaf" to control the sign of Leo and the Hebrew letter "Tet" to control the Sun. Any time we find ourselves falling into pride, resentment, or escapism, meditate on these letters simply by gazing upon them. Allow their Light to enter your consciousness and activate the Light of your soul. From there, you can clear your mind and move forward acting with your divine essence. Save and use the image below throughout this month to take your power pack, and reconnect with your true, inner Light.

Once we get closer to the full moon eclipse, Mercury will go retrograde, and there will be a whole new set of aspects that come into play.  I will discuss those aspects in my next video on this eclipse.   So, keep your eyes open! ;) 

Wishing you a deeply transformative and proactive month where your true Light of leadership will shine forth and inspire everyone around you.  

With all my love,


PS. If you are interested in learning how this solar and/or lunar eclipse cycle will directly affect you (and it will), register for a natal chart consultation here.  


Luna Nueva de Leo 2018 - Accediendo Nuestra Naturaleza Creadora

Aquí estamos, una vez más, en el ardiente, expresivo y abierto mes de Leo. Mientras estoy aquí sentado en mi escritorio escribiendo este artículo, no puedo dejar de considerar las cualidades de aquellas fuertes personas con Leo en sus cartas natales que me han  llevado a donde estoy hoy. A decir verdad, si no fuera por mi amiga Hana, que falleció hace algunos años, no estaría aquí escribiendo este artículo. Era una mujer tremendamente cariñosa, cálida y amable, que me inspiró y creyó en mí. Estudiábamos el arte místico de la astrología y Kabbalah durante horas y horas. La extraño muchísimo, pero estoy muy agradecido por la chispa que encendió en mí. Mis dos amigos, David y Cyd (Leo Moon y Leo ascendente, respectivamente) han tenido un tremendo impacto al apoyar el crecimiento de Astral Above y me han dado la oportunidad de participar en mi primer PodCast. Y mi novio, Esteban, que tiene su luna en la quinta casa, la casa de Leo, me ha inspirado y creído más allá de toda descripción para hacer este importante trabajo espiritual que muchos en este mundo necesitan. Esta es la esencia y la expresión más alta de la energía Leo. Al ser gobernados por el Sol, los Leos y aquellos con fuertes posiciones en Leo en sus cartas, naturalmente se sienten atraídos por el liderazgo. Brillan con su luz tan intensamente que se infunde a los que los rodean, empujándolos a ser los creadores de sus propias vidas. De hecho, Leo es el signo de la creatividad, pero cuando digo creatividad, no solo me refiero a pintar y dibujar. Si bien ese es uno de los medios para que la creatividad se manifieste, puede ser mucho más. La creatividad es la forma en que actuamos como creadores de nuestras propias vidas. Cuando creamos un plan, proyecto o negocio, estamos accediendo a nuestro potencial y a través del proceso creativo, manifestándolo. Los Leos pueden aprovechar esta energía de forma natural. Es fácil para ellos y cuando elevan su conciencia, brillan esa luz de energía creativa en el mundo y llevan a otros a manifestar su propio potencial. Este mes, vamos a tener el desafío de tomar las riendas y convertirnos en los creadores de nuestro propio destino y líderes por derecho propio. Echemos un vistazo a la tabla:

Hay varios puntos importantes de interés en esta carta

1. Hay un eclipse solar durante esta luna nueva. 2. El Sol gobierna tanto el mes de Leo como el Ascendente, que sucede en Leo. 3. El Sol está en Cáncer tropical en la duodécima casa junto con la luna, que naturalmente gobierna a Cáncer. 4. Hay dos conjuntos de oposiciones: una entre el Sol y la Luna en Cáncer a Plutón en Capricornio, y otra entre el Ascendente retrógradamente en Marte y el Nodo Sur en Acuario.

Siendo que el mes pertenece a Leo y el Ascendente se coloca en Leo, esto nos da una indicación de que el liderazgo, la expresión creativa y la apertura del corazón deben ser nuestras herramientas de referencia que utilizamos para acceder al máximo potencial que este mes tiene para ofrecer. El eclipse solar es en realidad el primero en suceder en el eje Cáncer / Capricornio, que comenzará a desarrollarse una vez que el eclipse lunar final en Acuario tenga lugar durante la luna llena de este mes. El eclipse solar anuncia una intensidad adicional junto con una sensación de agitación y cambio. Nos enfrentaremos a situaciones en las que debemos vencer el miedo y otro bagaje emocional asumiendo la responsabilidad y el liderazgo. Acceder a esta energía de liderazgo requerirá que enfrentemos conflictos, tanto internos como externos, que podríamos preferir evitar. La oposición entre el Sol y la Luna en Cáncer a Plutón en Capricornio, indica que comenzaremos a sentir emociones profundas e incómodas del pasado que resurgirán. Tendremos que enfrentar las formas en que podríamos haber escapado de ciertas responsabilidades. Si alguna vez hay un mes en el que tenemos la oportunidad de ver y corregir nuestros patrones de comportamiento negativos y sistemas de creencias, (aparte del mes de Aries), este sería el momento. Y lo que lo hace más intenso es que no tendremos más remedio que enfrentarlo y enfrentarlo. Plutón en Capricornio ha estado exigiendo una profunda transformación en las áreas de las que estamos destinados a asumir la responsabilidad. Considera tu pasado y las formas en que pudiste haber escapado de estas responsabilidades. El tema son nuestras tendencias de escapar negativas y las formas en que nos escondemos de aquellas cosas que preferimos evitar. Plutón es el planeta de lo que algunos llaman "trabajo en la sombra". En Kabbalah lo llamamos tratar con el ego y las formas en que nuestra conciencia egocéntrica nos sabotea.

Aquí hay un ejemplo simple: digamos que hay un hombre que solía ser un procrastinador. Lo llamaremos Jake. Tenía muchas tareas y responsabilidades que se esperaban de él, pero la mayoría de las veces las posponía hasta el último minuto y prefería escapar a la comodidad de su sofá y navegar por Facebook. Para cuando Jake finalmente tomó medidas para completar esas tareas, no hubo tiempo suficiente para entregar algo de calidad. Este patrón de comportamiento persistió durante varios años, hasta que finalmente, en un momento de extrema presión por parte de aquellos que estaban hartos de su mediocridad, se le dio un ultimátum: te bajas del barco o te subes. A partir de ese momento, decidió que nunca pospondría nuevamente. Y hasta este mes, realmente no lo ha hecho. Este es el mes en el que tendrá la tentación de volver a caer en ese comportamiento de escape y una vez más no lidiar de sus responsabilidades. Si Jake puede