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New Moon of Aquarius 2018 - Loving Like the Trees

Here we are the New Moon of Aquarius! This is an exciting time where we are able to push forward all of the initiative we took in Capricorn. Aquarius, contrary to popular belief, is an air sign. That's right! The sign is the water bearer, not water itself. When we examine the constellation, we see a man pouring out water from a vase. The man represents the individual, and the water represents the energy of truth and spiritual elevation. Aquarians are naturally connected to the far beyond future. They have the gift of true foresight and are able to bring that future reality here and now. Kabbalisitically, we are all here working towards what is called "the final correction" or "g'mar ha tikkun." This is a time where humanity will ultimately overcome our ego and bring about an era of peace and prosperity forevermore. Aquarians see this future and fight for it now. Many times they are labeled as eccentric, out there, weird, or unusual, but that is only because they are living and connecting to a future reality that most of us cannot see. They are extremely intelligent and often considered geniuses. As an air sign, they seek to understand the world objectively and without the hangups of emotional dramas. They are friendly and interesting to talk to and make incredibly loyal friends. They are right at home when in group gatherings. They often times come to lead those groups into a new level of its development. Many Aquarians are humanitarians and fighters for social justice and equality. They love and embrace the fringe areas of our society. While they love to be in groups, they cannot bear being just like everyone else. "Normal" is not a word they would ever want used to describe them. Their uniqueness is what defines them and what sets them apart. So, we could say that Aquarians are a bit of a paradox. They love people and love to be in groups, but they yearn for uniqueness in their identity. They are also difficult to connect with emotionally. As great as they are at meetings and parties, it is incredibly difficult to emotionally bond with them one on one. This is their greatest challenge: to open their hearts and learn that emotional vulnerability is key to developing and maintaining lasting relationships with the people they so passionately wish to fight for and protect. That is because deep down, Aquarius yearns for emotional freedom. They do not want to be plunged into the depths of others' emotional tar pits, because they fear they may never escape. During this month, we will all face this challenge. We will need to find the balance between objective commitment towards duty and deepening the emotional bonds that will ultimately make us successful.

We are in a very interesting time in the calendar where the new moons of each month are actually located within the proceeding tropical sign. Don't worry about the technicalities or why this may not make sense, but suffice it to say that work from the previous month is spilling over into the month that follows. This month there are SIX celestial bodies in Capricorn: Saturn, Mercury, Pluto, the Moon, the Sun, and Venus. There are also two powerful bodies still in Scorpio: Jupiter and Mars. Also, the full moon will provide us with a total lunar eclipse. This month is super charged with energy and highly concentrated. The many planets in Capricorn continue to push us into new areas of responsibility, duty, and obligation. This may sound heavy and overwhelming, but don't worry. Jupiter and Mars are making lovely sextiles to these planets which gives us a boost in energy, drive, and force. The lunar eclipse will occur in Leo, which means that we will need to assess leadership methods and who should be the leader in general. In this month, we will see an emphasis on how groups of people are managed and how we can bond with our group mates to achieve a specific goal. Over the last month, we saw many many people speaking out against destructive behavior from those who are at the top. This month we will see people coming together to force the hand of those who are in leadership positions to make much needed changes.

The problem arrises when we forget that we are working with other human beings who are just as fallible as we are. Just like Capricorn, Aquarius is ruled by Saturn, and as such, can be ruthless when bringing judgement to those who they think deserve it. We have to make a constant and conscious effort to inject the energy of mercy to balance out our insatiable desire for justice. The emotional disconnectedness of Aquarius combined with the ferocious energy of Saturn in Capricorn and Mars in Scorpio can make us lacking in kindness and understanding. Be aware that people in your inner circle will need you to be open and caring with them, rather than distant and focused on work. It will be challenging to redirect our energy towards the pain of another person, but if we are able to do it we can affect an even greater change: one on a soul level. When we refocus ourselves on our intimate connection with others through listening, empathizing, and nurturing, we are able to reconnect a person's soul with the Light force and help them heal. Often times we are so focused on fixing what caused the pain that we forget to heal the pain. Just because we remove Harvey Weinstein as the head of a production studio does not mean that the women he hurt have been healed. While it is important that those who do wrong answer for their actions, it is more important to give support and love to those who have been hurt. On the other hand, it is also important to note that those who have made mistakes can change, and we must be open to giving them that chance. This does not mean that they shouldn't face the consequences, but it does mean that we need to give them the opportunity to make things right and make their own personal transformation. We have to remember that our personal transformation is what is most important. What is happening outside of us will always happen unless we work on what we need to change. If we are seeking justice, we must balance it with mercy and love.

This month also hosts a powerful holiday called Tu B'Shvat, which is the new year of the trees. Each kingdom, inanimate, vegetable, animal, and human, has its own new year, and for the trees (vegetable) it is the full moon of the month of Aquarius. What makes trees so spiritually unique? These beautiful lifeforms grow against gravity and are constantly seeking the light. They push against the pull of the physical world in order to touch the source of creation. They also balance out the gasses in our atmosphere and filter the air we breathe. Everything they receive is for the intent to share with the universe. They embody the energy of what Kabbalists call the central column, or the balance between our desire to receive and our desire to share. On this day and this month, we can connect to the energy of balance and harmony by pushing back against the pull of our selfish desire of focusing on justice and instead refocus on loving and healing the person in front of us. With the help of this energy, we can gain a higher connection to our ultimate purpose: peace on earth and endless blessings.

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Wishing you an amazing month filled with patience, love, and kindness.

With Light,


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