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Jupiter in Scorpio 2017 - Diving into our Deepest Desire

Here we are at the first major shift of energy that we will begin seeing over the next seven months. Over the last year, we had an abundance of fire and air energies in the cosmos. While this has given way to overheated debates, violent protesting, tragic natural disasters, and a renewed beat to the drums of war, it has also lead to quantum leaps in medical technology, virtual and augmented reality technology, and a great global awareness of how someone on one side of the planet can directly affect another. These developments will begin to take a deeper root as the outer planets shift from fire and air, into earth and water. If you read my last article on the New Moon of Libra, you will recall the three planetary shifts we will see this year: Jupiter enters Scorpio, Saturn enters Capricorn, and Uranus enters Taurus. As of October 10th, Jupiter entered Scorpio where he will remain until November, 8th 2018. In this article, I will outline what lessons this gas giant has in store for us, as well as how we can make the most of it.

If we were to sum up Jupiter in one word, it would be expansion. He governs all areas of growth in the cosmos. As he transits the sings of the zodiac, he takes what may have been stalled, and breathes new life into it. Think rain on the desert. He rules our higher mind, philosophy, belief systems and faith as well. Over the last year, Jupiter was in Libra, the sign of partnership, balance, and justice. During this transit, new relationships formed all around us. Those that were waiting to go the next level finally took that leap of faith. We saw a strong focus on what was fair and just in our governments, and we sought to gain a greater sense of balance and harmony in our lives. It certainly wasn't all roses and sunshine. Jupiter was making every effort to help us in these endeavors, but Pluto and Uranus were throwing so many wrenches into the mix that every time we tried to take these leaps in growth, some unexpected responsibility showed up and threw us off track. It was not an easy road, and for many out there, the goals of Jupiter may never have come to fruition. Growth sometimes can be easy, but sometimes it is arduous and painful. They don't call them "growing pains" for nothing! Pluto and Uranus were a rather large hindrance to any type of growth Jupiter was aiming for. Take the US government for example. Many wanted to see the parties come together and give Donald Trump a chance so that he could create a greater sense of equality and balance in the government. However, bureaucratic red tape and power hungry politicians (Pluto in Capricorn) along with violent opposition protests (Uranus in Aries) dealt quite a heavy blow to that endeavor. Luckily, as Jupiter moves through Scorpio he will make no major negative aspects to any of the outer planets. This is both great and alarming news.

Scorpio is the sign of deep emotional intimacy. It is the sign of will power, shared financial endeavors, real estate, hidden secrets, as well as death and rebirth. Scorpio is not a sign to be dealt with lightly. Anyone who knows a Scorpio understands this fact. When you take the universe's fertilizer (Jupiter) and throw it in the garden of Scorpio, everything grows, the good and the bad. Be ready to feel everything more intensely. Jupiter will take us deep inside to see what talents we have that can be used to make our lives more meaningful and more secure. He will ask us, "what is it you desire the most? Let's make that happen!" Scorpio does nothing halfway and certainly is not interested in superficial experiences. We will begin to feel dissatisfied with anything that is not 100 percent aligned with our deepest and most sincere desire. Scorpio is all or nothing, so if there is anything weighing us down from moving up and finding greater meaning, we will uproot it and throw it out. This applies to relationships, jobs, emotional baggage, clutter, and possessions. Let's say that you have been really unhappy in your job over the last several years. While you have been working this less than stellar job, you have been entertaining the idea of opening your own yoga studio. Jupiter will open your mind and avenues to making that yoga studio a reality. You will meet the right people, be turned on to the right resources, and taught how to make this deeply held, somewhat secret desire of yours a reality. This a where things can get a little unnerving. While most of us have positive and uplifting goals we want to achieve, many have much darker ones. Jupiter will open the same avenues for any deep seated desire, so take care to ensure that what you are chasing after is going to be aligned with not just your highest good, but with the highest good of your community and humanity as a whole.

Scorpio rules real estate so many people will begin buying or investing in property. We will most likely see an uptick in the housing and stock markets. If you are looking to get a loan and you are well qualified, you will most likely be approved. Albeit you may have to provide an obscene amount of proof that your are well qualified. Conversely, anyone who is even remotely risky will have a hard time getting approved. Also if you are looking to invest money, this is a prime time to start looking at your options. There will be a lot of opportunities to turn that dollar into thousands.

The area of sexuality is also under Scorpio's rule. We should be open to exploring our sexuality with our partners in a way that is healthy and nonjudgmental. Be open to trying new flavors, new materials, new scents, new positions. Of course, we must make sure that these explorations align with our values and self-respect. Under no circumstances should we allow ourselves to be forced or bullied into anything that makes us uncomfortable, but if it is within reason, give it a shot! Since we are on the subject of sexuality, it is very curious that the allegations against Harvey Weinstein were brought forward just as Jupiter entered Scorpio. While Scorpio is the sign of secrets, there is nothing more this sign hates more than secrets that are kept from him. We will most likely see more unearthing of deep, dark secrets under this transit, especially those that are connected with sexual misconduct, money laundering, and betrayal of trust.

Scorpio is also the sign of research and detective work. We will find ourselves looking at things with a much more skeptical eye than normal. We will want to see the truth in matters rather than glossing over them. This truth could present itself as the answers to particular questions. Questions such as, "What do I really want?" "Is this person being honest with me?" "Is this career path my true calling?" "Am I investing my time and money to get the greatest return?" We will not accept simple answers to these questions and will push and probe into them until we unearth its core truth.

The most spiritual way to utilize this energy, is to take the time and really see what things are blocking us from achieving our deepest desire. What pain from the past are we holding on to, and how can we heal ourselves from it so we can move forward with greater emotional freedom and a more open heart? Since Scorpio rules life and death, transformation, and regeneration, we can use its relentless intensity to go to the deepest seated pain we have and completely transform it to light. The sign of Scorpio actually has three permutations: the scorpion, the eagle, and the dove. In my next article, I will explain these permutations in greater depth, but for now, suffice it to say that when a Scorpio is able to transform his pain into healing, they soar high into the sky and become beacons of healing for others. This energy is available to anyone brave enough to face their pain.

It is a time of regeneration, renewal, and rebirth for all of us, and it is not a period to take lightly. If you are interested in seeing what area of your chart will be influenced by Jupiter in Scorpio, click here for a natal chart consult.

Wishing you every ounce of luck and prosperity Jupiter has in store for you!

With Light,


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