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New Moon of Leo 2017 - Leading with Unity

There are so many things to say about Leo. In fact, there are so many things Leos have to say about Leos, and so many things Leos love to hear others say about Leos! While the stereotype of the all-eyes-on-me mentality can be true for Leo people, they are so much more complex than that. Being ruled by the Sun, Leos consider themselves providers and leaders in their own personal kingdom. Just as the sun provides energy for all planets in our solar system, they will do anything and everything in their power to ensure the safety, comfort, and security for all people in their world. They are capable of taking upon themselves a level of leadership that many struggle to achieve. Gifted with natural creativity and drive, Leos are born creators and artists. When this creativity is channeled properly, Leos are capable of building great wells of sustenance that benefit millions of people. Just like the Sun, they yearn to provide energy to everyone they touch. This is why you find so many Leos in leadership or celebrity positions. Through their high status, they are able to share their gifts with many people in order to provide them with this sustenance. The sustenance can take the form of money, joy, security, entertainment, even spiritual elevation. When this energy, however, is not channeled properly, it can manifest as egocentricity, pride, control, and complete burnout. This month, there is a tremendous amount of fire energy in the universe, which will make us particularly vulnerable to this burnout. However, with the right approach, we can actually channel all of the active energy into our lives which can reinvigorate not just ourselves, but everyone around us.

The first thing we need to look at is a striking group of planets all in Leo. We have the Sun, the Moon, Mars, Mercury, and the North Node. This many bodies in a fire sign is an indication that we will feel unusually energized. This can manifest as you personally feeling wired, or everyone else around you appearing wired. With all of this energy, we will be overwhelmed with action inside and out. Mars is actually conjunct with the Sun and Moon, which gives an even stronger heated and fiery energy. Throw in Mercury, and our day-to-day becomes a furnace of activity. The Kabbalists explain that the first nine days of the month of Leo are the most negative days of the year. This is actually a period that began in the last two weeks of Cancer and is culminating in the ninth day. This year, that day falls on August 1st. This day will be the climax of this challenging energy. It is important to note, that "negative" does not necessarily mean "bad." What it indicates is an over abundance of cosmic energy and very little support in handling it. It is like we are on the beach, at high noon, on the hottest day of year, in the peak of summer, and being completely naked and without sunscreen.

Sorry for the intense metaphor, but it is important to understand the energy we are experiencing first, before we begin understanding how to handle it. Go back to the beginning of this article. The energy of Leo is an energy of giving, endless giving in fact. The problem arises when we either give with the wrong intention or refuse to allow others to give to us. With the overabundance of Leo energy, we will feel like we have to give until we have nothing left, and even then, we will feel like we need to give some more. Not only that, but it will feel more arduous to admit we cannot do it by ourselves than it will to ask for help. This will lead to anger, frustration, and total burnout. The most likely way this will manifest is that we will be placed in positions where we will feel overwhelmed by what is in front of us and refuse to ask for help. We will feel as if we are required to do it all ourselves. Leo is the sign of leadership, and as such, it can push us to feel as though we are the only ones who can get things done. One of Leo's greatest challenges is admitting that he or she cannot do it alone. This month, the Leo energy, coupled with Mars, will double down on that feeling. This much energy overload can create strife, arguments, and outright fist fights. The truth is, though, we must ask for help, and it's the way in which we will build protection from burnout.

This month we will all want to be leaders, but leadership does not mean that we are meant to go it alone. Think about the President of the United States. This office position requires an entire cabinet of advisors to be appointed in order to assist the President in leading the country. Now, I'm not saying we need an entire group of personal assistants to help us, but I am saying that when we ask for help, we lower our ego and allow the Light to flow more softly. It is the ego that tells us we have to go it alone. It is the ego that tells us we can't ask for help. This ego is what blocks us from being able to access the abundance of creative energy that resides in this month. Asking for help does not make us subservient. On the contrary, it makes us a prime example of how we bring about unity. When we ask for help, we unite people together. Just as a good King would unite his kingdom in working towards a greater good, we must unite others around us to achieve a common goal. Leo does have tendency for drama. So, make sure that when you do ask for help, you do so with humility instead of hysterics. Our actions of humility and openness to the support of others will create a protection shield. This becomes our cosmic sunscreen.

There are so many things to talk about this month that I am going to save the rest for my next post. The great thing about the month of Leo is that while it contains the most negative day of the year, it simultaneously contains the cosmic day of soulmates, the full Moon in Aquarius. Taking upon ourselves the task of leading through unity will prepare us for the awesomely delightful energy we have just a week after August 1st. In the meantime, take a deep breath, and humbly lean on your friends, family, and coworkers. Unity with them means unity and protection for yourself.

With all my love,


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