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New Moon of Gemini 2017 - ...Another Door Opens

You know that old, annoying saying? "When one door closes, another one opens." I'm going to be honest with you. I'm the worst at throwing around overused turns of phrase. There's just something so simple and easy about using those little sayings to get my point across. Everybody knows what they mean and how to use them. I don't have to go into deep detail to explain what I'm trying to say. They're light, simple, and, often times, kind of fun. Luckily for me, we just entered the month of Gemini, and Gemini's LOVE word-play. After all, it is the sign of communication and a curiosity. Light, easy going, and fun is a perfect way to sum up these lovable people, and they are so easy to talk to! Mainly because they do all the talking. If you're a good listener and just don't have the energy to engage in a full-on conversation, sit down with a Gemini and let them have it for you. These are people that truly enjoy conversing. You will have to chime in from time to time. Throw in an opinion. Ask a question. As long as you're a little engaged, Gemini won't get too bored. The best is a, "did you know that..." kind of statement. Anything that will peak the Gemini's curiosity and get them thinking.

The last month was test of patience. How much were we willing to work for those things that make us happy and fulfilled. This month is about manifesting them, making them a reality. It opens up a new door and creates a turning point where we can move into the next phase and bring ourselves closer to our goals, but be ready to move quick! Gemini will come and go in the blink of an eye. So, take advantage of it while it's here, or you will miss it!

We have a tremendous amount of support for us this month as three planets are changing signs. Mars will move out of Gemini and into Cancer on June 4th. Venus has moved out over her shadow (the degrees of the zodiac where she went retrograde) and is moving forward in Aries. On June 6th, she moves into Taurus. And Mercury will move from Taurus to Gemini on June 7th. This means a brand new batch of fresh energy will be brought into our lives to move us forward.

I want to start with Mars because he is going to be a bit of a trouble maker this month. Before he moves into Cancer, he will move through the final degrees of Sagittarius and make an opposition to Saturn. Make sure to watch how you speak to people of authority. Be aware that just because you feel you have something to say does not necessarily entitle you to say it. Your words can pack quite a punch. This aspect will happen on May 28th. Luckily Saturn is in Sagittarius. So, there will be a desire to move on quickly should you overstep your boundaries, but it is still better to avoid the blunder all together. Also, know that it could put a stall on certain plans you were trying to make. Be patient, this aspect moves quickly. A constructive outcome could be an honest confrontation about a situation that you have been avoiding taking responsibility for. Once he passes Saturn, he will moving out of Gemini, which is a sign that allows his energy to flow via open and direct communication, into Cancer, which is a sign that makes his energy completely turn inward and become silent. When Mars moves into Cancer, I tend to imagine that Mars as a hairdryer and Cancer as a bathtub full of water. All of Mars's fiery energy is turned inward by the Cancerian, watery introspection. Essentially, we will become more sensitive and more reactive to that sensitivity. This will be a precursor to what we will experience when we get to the month of Cancer. The trick is to focus all of that Cancer energy towards what Cancers do best: nurture. Find the best way to nurture others and their sensitivities. Be there for you friends and family. Even be there for people you don't like. Think about what they need and what will make them feel safe and secure. Be the shoulder to lean on, and you won't lack one when you need it.

The best part about this month, other than the nifty turns of phrase I get to use, is Venus's ingress into Taurus. Venus rules Taurus. So, she is right at home in this sign. We can expect some of those good feelings from last month (good food, good wine, good sex) to be around this month too. It is a great time to redecorate, garden, go to the spa or the beach. If you are looking for some time to relax and just enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Venus will help us do that. It is also a great time to look into our finances and do some planning or investing, especially before the full moon on June 9th. Venus is the planet of money and property, and Taurus is the sign of money and property. Use this energy to do some wise investing in your financial health, and it will pay off!

Last, and certainly not least, Mercury moves into Gemini. WhooHoo! Just like Venus Mercury is also moving into his home sign. That's right! Two planets moving into the signs they rule. This is very good. Mercury in Gemini will help us with communicating all those grumpy feelings we get from Mars in Cancer when our feelings get hurt. He also will help us to stay curious and open to new ideas! A great aspect involving Mercury in Gemini, as well as the Sun in Gemini, is a Trine these planets will make to Jupiter in Libra. The Sun will trine Jupiter first on June 3rd, and then Mercury will follow ten days later on June 13th. Keep your eyes open to the people around you. Asking the right questions to the right people can open up new opportunities for you. With Venus in Taurus, it could even mean a boost to your wallet if you speak the right words. Just be sure not to take things personally with Mars in Cancer. You never know if that bridge you just burned was your ticket to an upgrade.

Keep your heart open, your mind curious, and your bank account organized. This month brings a breath of fresh air. You do NOT want to miss it!

Have a great month!

With love,


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