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New Moon of Taurus 2017 - Learning Spiritual Alchemy

Here we are at the New Moon of Taurus - THANK GOD. After all the energy that was injected into the cosmos during the month of Aries, this month is a welcome reprieve. The month of Taurus provides us with a much needed rest stop, a moment to step back and breathe. It takes all the fire and desire we worked up in Aries and gives us the ability to bring it into manifestation. For example, if you had the idea to travel last month, this month gives you the tools to plan it, and buy the plane tickets! We're going to Vegas baby!

Taurus is the month we get to sit back and appreciate what it means to enjoy the sensual pleasures in life: good food, good wine, good scents, and even good sex. In this month, everything tastes better, smells better, feels better, sounds better. If you're looking for a time to indulge, this is the time. And yes, the sex is better.

Hang on though! Don't get too carried away. While this month may be the time to plan those great ideas and indulge in our pleasures, it is not the time to gamble with them. Taureans are hard workers and like to put a lot of effort into what they possess. That means for all of us, this is a month of earning, not a month of spending. Sorry Amazon addicts :/

Taurus provides us with the opportunity of earning what we have through directing all the energy we gathered in Aries. Kabbalistically, it is known as the month of Light, which means there is a tremendous amount of energy that is present in the cosmos. This Light can draw blessings of prosperity, stability, and ultimately healing. The only way to instill permanence in the blessings that are headed our way, is to go through this process of earning. We must take the challenges we encounter and learn to transform them into opportunities. In Taurus, there is so much Light present that what looks good can turn out to be bad, and what looks bad can turn out to be good. The blinding intensity of this energy can overpower our sensibilities and mislead our judgement. So, what may look like a desert could turn out to be an oasis if we simply apply our efforts towards perseverance and steadiness. Essentially, we're discussing spiritual Alchemy: turning lead (challenge) into gold (opportunity).

Now, I know this sounds at little intimidating, but if we take a step back and let go of control, we can step into a realm of inner peace. The funny thing about Taurus is that in a tornado of chaos, they can be the most steady, immovable, and solid sources of support for those around them. They don't lose their cool easily because they have an uncanny ability to tap into this inner peace and hold on to it no matter what's happening around them. This does have a dark side, however, it makes them very weary and uncomfortable with change. They have a deeply embedded desire to maintain what they have at all costs, to fight for what is theirs, and never let anyone take it from them. This leads to possessiveness and controlling behavior. This month, we to have the ability to connect to the Taurean inner peace, if we let go of Taurean control and allow the Light to work its magic.

There are some powerful planetary energies that are running through this month that will give us the opportunity to allow the Light to take over. The most notable of which is the Mercury retrograde cycle. Mercury was retrograde as of last month, and in Taurus, he continues prancing backwards. He is well into the last few degrees of Aires and will be making two conjunctions to Uranus. The first of which will be April 27th while he is retrograde, and the second will be on May 9th when he is moving direct. During this period, he will be only a few degrees away from Uranus, which means that these two energies will be working closely together to bring us many unexpected surprises. The thing about Uranus is that as hard as you try to predict what he will bring, he represents unpredictability. Be prepared to face challenges that come out of left field.

These will throw you off kilter, and they will upset you. BUT if you are able to maintain flexility, a lovely sextile from Saturn is working to make sure these unexpected developments work in your favor. The key? Take responsibility, and stay way from any form of victim mentality. These surprises are here to allow us the opportunity to let go of control and let in the Light. If we are able to let go, we will see many constructive and even fortunate outcomes. Anybody looking for a raise?

But if you fight it...

Well, that's not scary at all; is it? lol

Bottom line, go with the flow, and let the universe guide you to new horizons that will uplift your spirit and bring you closer to your potential.

A few more interesting planetary aspects: The sun will make a supportive trine to Pluto brining power and strength to our endeavors. Venus has also turned direct and is pushing us forward in projects that may have been tabled last month. She will also help to bring back karmic debts that we need to pay. All the more reason to be flexible and open. As she retraces her steps through Aires, she will oppose Jupiter in Libra on May 19th, opening a window for a fortuitous opportunity between partners.

More to come on these aspects as the month progresses. Keep your eyes on the Astral Blog ;)

Wishing you a month of golden opportunities!

With Love,


P.S. If you would like to know how any of these aspects directly affect you, I offer one-on-one consultations. Just click the Book Online tab at the top to purchase a reading :)

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